Best New York And Boston Startup Events

Best New York And Boston Startup Events

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Some of my favorite startup and networking events are the UltraLightStartup events hosted by Graham Lawlor. This is a monthly event series in NYC and Boston. In this article I will explain why I personally like these events, and how you can get the most value out of them.

Great Startup Pitches

Each event is structured to have eight start-up companies pitch their business. The start-ups are very carefully chosen. There is a fee to apply to pitch at these events so only very serious companies get to present. The companies are usually interesting technology or mobile businesses with significant traction.

Great Investor Feedback

At each event, there is also a panel of four top venture capital investors. And after every pitch, the investors give feedback about whether they would invest in such a business, and what they might do if they were the CEO of that business.

Having the four investors give feedback to eight companies is a great opportunity to listen to a very good variety of intelligent opinions on a wide variety of businesses. For me, that makes for a great place to learn.

Great Networking

At each events, there about 150-200 people in attendance. Most of those people are entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, or other professionals. Before and after the event there is a great opportunity to do some networking and hand out your business cards and meet other intelligent people who may be looking to start a business.

Here is a brief video with tips on how to best network with others and promote your business at the same time.

Additional offline marketing strategies

Event marketing and handing out your business cards is a fantastic way to promote your business. But there are additional offline marketing strategies you can use to promote whatever it is you are promoting.  You can do flier marketing, door to door marketing, and even word of mouth marketing.

Here is a list of my best business books to help you start and grow your business as well as Udemy course coupons to my top online courses.

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