Growth hack for Google SEO and YouTube SEO to get traffic to your website

Growth hack for Google SEO and YouTube SEO to get traffic to your website

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In this tutorial I show a strategy for how I use Quora and other similar websites to help me with YouTube SEO for my videos and Google SEO for my website and various pages on my website. Try my full marketing course with over 11 hours of content.

The strategy is simple. For YouTube, the strategy is about getting embeds of the video which is a ranking factor in YouTube. The strategy is also about getting quality views which is another ranking factor in YouTube. As far as Google search is concerned, what you must do is increase the number of visits a page gets, and to make sure that the people who visit the page have a good experience on it to signal to Google that the page is a good one, and that Google should rank it higher in search results.

This strategy has helped me rank many videos on YouTube and pages on Google. To be honest I have used it more to rank my YouTube videos so I have more experience with that, but the strategy does work for Google SEO and YouTube SEO so give it a try. I hope you get good results like I do. Just a small word of caution, this strategy doesn’t help with every video or web page you try to promote. You must experiment a little bit to see what ultimately works for you.

Quora is also great for simply driving traffic to your website or views to your video. So you can make money and get clients with this Quora growth hack even if your site or video doesn’t ultimately rank in Google search.

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