How to promote and monetize mobile app games for Android and iPhone

How to promote and monetize mobile app games for Android and iPhone

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In this tutorial I explain how to promote, market and monetize mobile game apps for Android and iPhone.

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The biggest challenge entrepreneurs face when creating game apps is that the games are extremely difficult to distribute, and downloads are tough to come by. The bulk of downloads for game apps come from app store search and paid marketing if the game developers can afford to pay for marketing. The challenge with app store search is that most mobile app games rank for the same keywords in app store search. Because most apps rank for the same keywords, there is a huge bottleneck in app store search since most games compete for the same keywords.

The reason most app developers pay to have their games promoted is that paying for downloads accelerates downloads, and helps the games rank better in mobile app stores. Once the games rank better in the app stores, the apps begin to get natural downloads from search, and rank even better from the extra acceleration of downloads. But this doesn’t happen right away. Many of your competitors are also working hard to increase downloads so if you have a tight budget this strategy may not be for you because you will have to spend a lot of money before seeing significant results.

As you can see, the apps that win are the apps who can pay the most money to have their app downloads accelerated by paying, which boosts their ASO ranking.

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