Refresh Your Working Space 5 Great Ideas

Refresh Your Working Space 5 Great Ideas

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Refresh Your Working Space 5 Great Ideas

To a lot of people, office equals prison, however, there is not a single reason why this should be so. In fact, such mindset can be extremely dangerous, seeing as how most working people in 2018, spend more time in their office than they do at home. With this in mind and with haste to improve this situation, here are five great and frugal ideas to quickly and efficiently improve your office space.

  1. Organize wires and cables

In order to make your office substantially less messy, you need to start addressing the issue of wires and cables running everywhere around the office. This is not only unaesthetic but also quite impractical, seeing as how it can make a serious problem once you have to move or replace an already existent piece of equipment. Luckily, making cable organizers and holsters is a simple DIY method, which really doesn’t take much time or resources. In fact, it can be done by something as useless and mundane as empty toilet paper rolls. Moreover, some people use bread tabs to keep thinner wires organized as well. Both of these techniques allow you to write the name of the device in order to keep it much better organized.

  1. The flow of air and temperature

One of the things that directly changes the atmosphere in your office is the quality of air. By this, we mean the flow, freshness, and humidity of the room, as well as its temperature. First of all, try opening your windows to let some fresh air in, whenever you can. If it’s too cold or too hot outside, use the opportunity to do so before people arrive at the office, as well as after they leave. It might also be a great idea to invest in an air humidifier and air freshener. Finally, you need a quality air conditioning unit. While there is no temperature that suits absolutely everyone, some studies suggest that the optimal office temperature is around 22 Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

  1. Pay attention to the exterior

You would be surprised just how much the first impression matters when it comes to the way in which we perceive the place. This is why a pleasant exterior can make your employees in a better mood as soon as they reach your premises, which will later reflect on their overall productivity. Keep your parking neat, your logo visible from the driveway and your exterior inviting. According to niche-experts behind Hoselink company, the best way to achieve this last part is to invest a bit in the exterior shrubbery or even create a garden that envelops the approach to your office.

  1. Office gym instead of a break room

Even though most studies heavily emphasize the importance of physical exercise for your ability to perform well at work, a lot of people choose to ignore this fact since this course of action seems more convenient to them. Sure, there are a lot of exercises you can perform at the desk but people refrain from doing this in fears of appearing silly in the eyes of their peers. Luckily, by making an office gym on your premises or even replacing your breakroom with it, you can achieve much more.

Needless to say, to some people, replacing the breakroom with a gym may seem like a horrible idea, however, it all depends on the gym. Making a low-cost-high-appeal gym is actually not that hard and some of your employees might prefer working out in a company of their coworkers, rather than do so while surrounded by complete strangers at the gym. As for the gear, you can go with anything from standard gym machines, to simply covering the floor with mats, getting a couple of boxing bags and ordering some skipping ropes for cardio.

  1. Chalkboard painted wall

Instead of going with the traditional idea of a whiteboard dominated office, why not simply go for a chalkboard paint on a single wall at your office and use it as an alternative. In this way, you are combining two outstanding interior design ideas: a chalkboard instead of a whiteboard and painting the accent wall. In this way, the entire office environment looks more inviting and work-friendly, seeing as how even the decoration elements can be of assistance in planning and taking notes.

Another thing that people do is use this trend to replace an office calendar or schedule table. With different hues of chalkboard paint, they make a calendar page made of squares and then proceed to write down all the plans for the following month (or any given period of time) for everyone to see. Needless to say, this method is highly visible and perfect for any later attempts at editing.

In conclusion

If there’s one thing you could notice about the above-listed five ideas, it is that they are completely frugal and work-friendly. In other words, even though they are adding to the overall appearance of your office space, their main focus is the productivity, the pragmatism and the morale of your employees.

Moreover, they also offer you room to adjust the implementation of the idea for your budget. For instance, instead of a small and modest garden, you can go with something lavish and even add a luxurious fountain situated in the middle. Instead of a simple office gym, you can go with all the expensive workout machines. Still, this is a choice that is completely up to you.

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