How to use promotions to get app downloads, increase product sales & get featured in app stores

How to use promotions to get app downloads, increase product sales & get featured in app stores

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In this tutorial I explain how to use an online marketing technique to use discounts to drive more sales of products, or get more app downloads, and ultimately make more money. It is a brilliant but simple strategy. And if you like this tutorial, here is my Amazon author page with the 6 books I wrote. Also, try my full marketing course with over 11 hours of content.

First, you have to create some kind of a discount for your products. If it is a paid app, you can make it cheaper or free depending on what can be done with your particular app. if it is a free app, you can create a discount for an in app purchase. The ideas is to have some kind of a promotional discount.

Once you have a discount or a promotion that you are running, you can post that promotion to many online discount and coupon websites. There are countless such websites, but about 10 of them or so will actually be big enough to be effective at driving downloads.

Once you are able to generate an increase and a spike in downloads, that will send s signal to the mobile app stores that there is something happening to your app, and the app store editors might notice your app and decide to feature it.

This strategy can help you increase sales of other kinds of products as well. This isn’t a strategy that is limited to apps. In fact I discovered this strategy as I was trying to increase the sales of my online courses. I can attest first hand that this strategy works.

This can help you make more revenue and profits by increasing product sales or mobile app (iPhone or Android) downloads. Give this strategy a try. Hopefully it works for you as well as it does for me.

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