Door to door sales and marketing

Door to door sales and marketing

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In this tutorial I give tips, ideas and strategies for how to do door to door sales. I actually go over real cases that users of my marketing apps have told me about. I give examples of two real case studies of door to door marketing that worked to generate sales.

The first door to door sales strategy was for a home painting business owner who went around affluent neighborhoods and knocked on doors of homes which had old paint jobs. He knew that the people living there can afford his services and also needed his service. So that door to door sales technique worked for him.

Another door to door sales strategy for a different business owner was to bring along his child. People had a harder time saying no when there was a child there. That isn’t necessarily a great strategy, but it is one strategy that a user of my apps told me worked very well for him a long time ago.

Additional offline marketing strategies

Event marketing and handing out your business cards is a fantastic way to promote your business. But there are additional offline marketing strategies you can use to promote whatever it is you are promoting.  You can do flier marketing, door to door marketing, and even word of mouth marketing.

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More offline marketing tutorials

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