Everything You Wanted To Know About Budgeting And Profit Planning

Everything You Wanted To Know About Budgeting And Profit Planning

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The key to successful financial status lies in your ability to create a sound spending plan. In order for this to work, you need to know your income (expected profit) and your daily/monthly/yearly expenses. Sure, some major expenses like a lease on your office, your rent and utilities are easy to calculate but you also need to leave some room for some of the unexpected expenses or, at very least, create a reliable (and sizable) emergency fund.

The greatest problem, however, lies in proper profit planning, seeing as how most people nowadays have multiple streams of income, most of which, are not that consistent or reliable. This situation is made even more difficult by the fact you might be running your own company or a small business, in which case, there are simply too many factors to take into consideration, at the same time. That being said, there are several things you wanted to know about budgeting and profit planning.

Construct fixed overhead issues

The first thing you need to understand is that there are some fixed overhead issues that you can always count on. For instance, you can evaluate the cost of labor, utilities and supplies necessary in order to generate a certain amount of profit. In theory, by lowering the overhead, you would maximize your profit, yet, this is not always such a clean cut. For instance, lower quality of supplies (or even quantity per product made, in some cases) can diminish the popularity of the item and hurt your earnings in the long run.

Apart from this, lowering wages of your employees can be a dangerous practice, seeing as how it lowers the morale and increases the abandonment rate. Since there are certain studies claiming that happy employees are 12 percent more productive, this can turn out to be quite a problem. In fact, it’s even a reason enough to heavily invest in bonuses, which, unfortunately, gives you one more variable to deal with. Nonetheless, for the long-term health of your brand image, this is simply unavoidable.

Look for some help

Another thing you can do in order to help your company become more budget efficient is to find some professional help. Even individuals and households can benefit from professional accountants, let alone businesses. Moreover, a reputable accountant is capable of achieving more than just a great budgeting projection.

Investors and potential partners feel more comfortable dealing with businesses who outsource their accounting to professionals, seeing as how they can rest assured that, in this way, their funds are also in much safer hands. Even though most of the accounting is done online nowadays, it’s always much better to look for a local firm to collaborate with. For instance, a Sydneysider entrepreneur should probably look for accountants in Chippendale, rather than extending their search to the further regions of NSW.

Use viable examples

If this is not your first year of running a business or a household, you can easily take the figures from the previous year in order to make a projection (with some slight adjustments). If, however, you’re a newcomer to the industry, you’ll have to take the high road and find some other real-life example that you can base your projection off. For instance, you could look for previous financial reports of businesses in the same industry, nonetheless, focus on finding a business with the similar size of operations as you have.

You see, the profit doesn’t grow linearly all the time, in fact, in most cases, it grows exponentially. This means that a company twice your size may be making 10 times the money. The more relatable the example is, the better.

Knowing the benefits

Aside from the obvious, there are so many benefits to knowing how to do budgeting and profit planning. For instance, it becomes much easier to anticipate problems, at least those that are tied to your finances. You also get a much greater confidence in your decision-making, by knowing what kind of financial support you have to back you up. After all, knowing that you’re stable enough to make a risky play that could, potentially, pay off, is always a welcome addition.

Lastly, your clarity of the situation in the field raises so drastically, that you become a much more efficient entrepreneur, to begin with. All in all, there’s virtually no aspect of your business that doesn’t benefit from this kind of insight.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, both budgeting and profit planning are vital skills for an entrepreneur and a homeowner, regardless of the circumstances. Still, even with all the learning materials, apps and resources online, it’s unrealistic to expect that a layman can outperform a professional. Seeing as how nothing affects your lifestyle or business more than the ability to manage your finances, this function is more than worth outsourcing.

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