How to grow a UK postcard mobile app with virality inside the app

How to grow a UK postcard mobile app with virality inside the app

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I recently came across an interesting UK (United Kingdom) based app that focuses on creating post cards out of photos. Here is the link to the UK post card app so that you can also take a look at it. What was interesting about this app that I want to share on this blog is one way that this app can grow virally. And that is to build in virality inside the app. And if your product isn’t an app, use the ideas in this blog post to think about how to build similar virality into whatever your product may be.

How to make a product be shared virally from inside itself

In a product like this UK based postcard app where you can take pictures and share them as postcards, there is a very good opportunity to make the app be shared virally from inside the app. The way you do that is when someone shares a photo and sends it as a postcard, make sure that the person who is receiving the app is made to also download the app in order to get the postcard. That way, one person who is creating the postcards can get many friends to also download the app. And if those friends like the app, and start to create and send their own postcards, then they too invite many of their own friends to download the app simply by sharing the postcards that they made.

How to make things go super viral

If people are sharing the postcards, that is great. But let’s consider one way to make the app go even more viral. What if the creators of the app made a feature where you could see all the people who are sharing postcards? That would make almost a leader-board of people who are sharing that users could see. And users would begin to compete with each other for who is sharing more. That would give them extra incentive for sharing the app, creating more sharing to more friends, and amplifying the basic virality of this product. That way, this simple UK-based postcard app can go super viral.

More About The UK Postcard App

Here are some of the features of the app that you can use once you download the app.

  • Create personalized cards with your own photos.
  • Collage your photos with artistic templates.
  • Post virtual cards to Facebook.
  • Send real cards as postcards.
  • Pan and zoom your photos in frames.
  • Edit your photos using a wide range of image filters.

I encourage you to give the app a try so that you can see for yourself how to make a postcard app like this go viral right from inside the app by encouraging sharing with friends.

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