How to get customers for an employment law solicitor business

How to get customers for an employment law solicitor business

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I was recently contacted by a UK employment law solicitor business in UK, and wanted to share some thoughts on how to grow this kind of a business, and what other types of businesses can learn from, and use to grow their businesses.

My recommendation to start getting publicity in your local area. This may be contacting local bloggers, or contacting local radio shows. Whichever show doesn’t necessarily invite you to appear on their platform it also never hurts to ask them for their rates on how much it would cost to pay for advertising.

But don’t just jump into advertising. Before you pay to advertise, do any kind of SEO which we have not talked about yet, or even begin your outreach campaign for that matter, what you absolutely must do is create an amazing pitch for your business that inspires genuine interest, make your business look credible and authoritative, and if you do SEO, create what is called a linkable asset.

A linkable asset is essentially something of interest or value or authority that makes sense for another website owner to link to because it gives something to their audience or readers. To make your business or part of your business into a linkable asset, the business owner must have professional design, authoritative content that shows off their expertise in their specific business niche, and ideally have some sort of social proof to display, which would further convince others that their company is a good one.

In the case of this particular website, my advise would be to improve layout and design. The current design is quite outdated, and can be easily fixed by using a WordPress template and some professional images. Additionally, the ratio of text to other content (images and video, of which there are currently none) is not very good. Making the site easier to browse would make it more appealing for potential customers and other website owners who might potentially link to your website.

Note, I understand the value for SEO in having lots of text, but there is a way to have lots of text (or less text) and include more videos and photos, all of which would be even better for SEO.

Luckily, all of this is easy to fix. Additionally, here are a few resources I have available that might help you for SEO. Here is a list of my online courses that I recently made available for just $9 each. Some of the courses cover linkbuilding for SEO and other advanced SEO and social media marketing strategies.

Also check out this additional free resource I have on YouTube, which is a very comprehensive video on SEO that covers a few advanced topics:

And here is a YouTube tutorial on how to do some advanced social media marketing:

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