How to Get a Loan for Your Business

How to Get a Loan for Your Business

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You have a great small business idea, and you are excited to get started. You’ve waited for inspiration to strike and now you have the opportunity to quit the daunting every day 9 to 5 work routine and live out your dreams. Friends and colleagues support you, they may even be on board to help you get this incredible idea off the ground. But how will you finance your work, or continue it? For the lucky few, they have a considerable savings – for others, they will need a business loan.


It may seem intimidating to begin to gather all the necessary documentation in order to procure a business loan, but with the right knowledge and dedication, you will get the funds you need. The following advice will help give you and your partners the confidence that you need to grow your ideas well.

Understand The Types of Loans Available

Unfortunately, for the overwhelmed new business person, there are various types of small business loans available. You may need to open a small business line of credit, or seek out accounts receivable financing. Working capital loans and small business loans also have their key differences. When you choose the lender from which you will seek business funding, explain your needs to them and they will help you make the right decision based on the information you have.

Make Sure Your Paperwork is Prepared

Before you approach a lender, make sure that your financial ducks are in order. A lender will analyze financial documents such as your cash flow, balance sheet, gross margin, debt-to-equity ratio, accounts receivable and payable, and more. You should ask your accountant to have one last look through with a fine-tooth comb in order to anticipate any issues.

It also helps to have sufficient collateral to ensure that the bank can truly protect their investment. It should be enough to cover your small business loan principal. Checking out resources such as can help you understand everything that you will need for your meeting with a lender.

Understand Your Credit and Risk Level

Along with your financial documents, lenders will check your credit score and risk level. Like collateral, this will speak to your ability to pay back your loan and the strength of your business’ current state. Any outstanding loans, cash flow, your credit report, and any assets will be taken into account to calculate the risk of your business being lent money. They will also look at how long you’ve been in business to gauge your experience.

Review Your Reputation and Online Presence

It may seem insignificant, but many lenders and future investors will take your business’ online presence and reputation into consideration when deciding whether to give you the necessary funds. Check your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to see whether your websites are up-to-date and professional. Look into reviews left on Yelp! and other websites as well.

Your Idea Matters


There are many things that a lender is going to look for in your company, such as financial information, credit, and overall risk. However, they will also need to hear about your business ideas and history. Develop a powerful pitch that both highlights past successes and your business’ future prospects and plans.

Your business idea is your baby, your brain-child: represent it well and make sure it is will-taken care of. Getting the funds that you need for a growing business plan will help you grow even more and become a larger business. Whether you stay local or have dreams of being national, start your business out right and grow well.

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