Getting the Job Done: 7 Ways to Make Your Office Time More Productive

Getting the Job Done: 7 Ways to Make Your Office Time More Productive

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The modern office space is continuing to transform, changing with current and cultural trends. For example, the norm for office space has changed from cubicles to open-air, communal spaces, featuring standing desks and more. However, regardless of what is changing, there are some things that remain the same, including productivity.

The environment a person works in impacts their productivity. Keep reading to learn how to set up office space for superior levels of efficiency and productivity in workers.

  1. The Layout of the Space

While having quality pieces, like Teknion office furniture is important, the way this furniture is used in space matters, too. The space a person works in affects the way they work, along with the energy of the space.

Take the time to create a comfortable work area for each employee, making sure everything is neat, organized, and satisfactory to those who work there. Doing so will lead to higher levels of productivity and improve the efficiency of the entire staff. 

  1. Use Connected Technology

The ability to connect and get things one transcends any office space. Modern technology allows businesses to connect and collaborate faster and more easily than before. It’s possible for workers to hold conference calls with people around the globe and ideas can be shared and viewed instantaneously.

However, all this is impossible if the right technology is not in place. It’s up to managers and business owners to ensure that the technology needed is in place and accessible by employees.

  1. Ensure There are Specified Areas for Collaboration

When there is more emphasis on technology, which enables people to work remotely, it’s crucial to have collaborative spaces for the team to work together. This goes beyond just having conference rooms available.

Besides the space for collaboration, it needs to include interesting décor that helps entice workers to use it.

  1. Control Sound and Light

Nothing will hamper productivity more than distracting sounds from outside or a room with inadequate lighting. Having a space that’s quiet is essential to ensuring employees can be productive. It’s also important to have an area filled with light, both artificial and natural.  

  1. Avoid Using Work Areas for Storage

Many times, people use their desks for additional storage space. However, this can kill productivity. A work area needs to be open with plenty of room for workers to feel uninhibited. If things are cluttered and unorganized, it’s going to kill productivity.

  1. Ask the Right Questions

When a business owner is searching for new office space, it’s important to ask the right questions when looking at the options. Ask things beyond what’s on the contract and lease. Take the time to learn about the building, what businesses are nearby, foot traffic and more, as this is all going to impact employee productivity.

  1. The Color of the Space

The colors around employees are going to affect their brain function and mood. It can evoke both emotional and physical responses. So it is so important to choose the right colors, such as blue, which is proven to improve productivity.

Creating a Productive Work Environment

For business owners who want to ensure their employees are as productive as possible, it’s a good idea to use the tips here. Doing so will increase employee morale, too, which is a bonus.

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