Growing Your Startup into the Future – Key Elements of Successful Leadership

Growing Your Startup into the Future – Key Elements of Successful Leadership

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Over the years, the paradigm of successful leadership has changed and what was considered a good leader in days gone by has evolved into a totally different understanding of just what a successful leader really is. It used to be that a leader taught by example and was the ultimate authority in any and all situations, but most especially if conflicts of any kind arose.

Workers would look towards their leader, their administrators, for answers, and not only did this put a huge amount of pressure on the boss, but it also gave the staff false expectations that were often let down when he or she couldn’t come up with a working solution. Today’s startup, in order to be successful, needs great leadership not great bosses.

Today’s Leader Should Be Team Oriented

While a leader still needs to hold the reins and be ultimately responsible for anything his or her team does, solutions are not a one-man-show. Today’s leader, as taught in business admin programs around the world, is a person who draws out the best in everyone on the team. In other words, a leader doesn’t tell the team the solution. Rather, the leader draws the solution out of the team. That’s one of the key elements of being a successful leader, having the ability to draw the very best out of each member of the team in order to work together towards a common goal.

Can You Learn to Be a Successful Leader?

Actually, some people are just natural born leaders. They always have the knack of being able to draw out the best in everyone he or she works with. Others need to learn leadership in programs such as through online MBA programs that teach advanced level business administration skills. Why online? Probably because most leaders are employed full-time and aren’t able to take an extended leave to study on campus for an advanced degree. This is especially critical for leaders in a startup because, quite simply, the team would surely fall apart in the absence of their leader! You can get an AACSB online MBA (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) at renowned colleges while continuing to grow your startup.

Summing Up Successful Leadership

While today’s leaders still need to be a shining example to the team, a successful leader knows that he or she is only as successful as the team they are working with. Because of this, the most important element of successful leadership is having the ability to draw the ‘good’ out of others. A successful leader knows it isn’t all about him/her and a successful leader rewards efforts. A successful leader also begins to mold other leaders from within the team and a successful leader helps the team find their own solutions. In the end, successful leadership is all about raising up a team that works well together, plays well together and is willing to set the ‘me’ aside for the benefit of the team. That’s a successful leader and yes, it can be taught.


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