How to Improve Water Draining in Your Commercial Property

How to Improve Water Draining in Your Commercial Property

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An issue that plagues business owners in many areas is drainage. Low-lying properties are especially prone to groundwater flooding, but even structures on higher ground can experience problems under certain circumstances. If water doesn’t appear to be draining properly from a commercial property, now is the time to contact an expert for advice.

Evaluating the Problem

Before any solutions are recommended, the drainage experts will evaluate a site’s current condition. That means the building itself, parking areas, and yard draining systems will be reviewed and carefully examined for defects. Once the drainage professionals complete their assessment, a comprehensive plan to deal with drainage issues can be developed.

Discussing Potential Solutions

In many cases, there will be more than one way to deal with a commercial site’s drainage issues. If a building site wasn’t properly sloped during construction, the drainage experts may recommend taking steps to correct the drainage. However, the issue can become complicated if draining water from one site will negatively impact another site. Experts will do whatever is possible to provide strategies that won’t run afoul of local laws or regulations. 

It’s also important to avoid situations that could lead to polluting the area’s groundwater supply. With clean water initiatives so common, it’s vital that business owners make sure the steps taken to drain water from their site doesn’t cause environmental issues. For example, it’s important to make sure the steps taken don’t allow chemicals or other dangerous products to enter the drainage system. The drainage experts understand the importance of these issues and will discuss any potential conflicts with the property 

owners prior to beginning a project.

Some commercial properties will benefit dramatically by installing gutters to guide roof runoff away from the building. Again, the experts will take the time to develop a strategy that won’t simply move the drainage issue from one property to another. Remember, the important thing is to move the water away from a structure’s foundation, as too much water can (and will) cause structural damage.

French drains have been used for years to direct water away from structures, but commercial properties face unique challenges that might prevent a simple French drain from functioning well. Now, there advanced strategies that use pumps to make those types of drains more effective. 

Of course, there are other solutions and combinations of solutions used to effectively drain commercial properties. Drainage professionals will always provide all the available options to ensure a business owner has the information needed to make an appropriate decision.

Ongoing Care Makes All the Difference

Regardless of the solution selected, a drainage system should always be properly maintained. In the majority of cases, that’s not a huge problem, as the solutions are designed to last for years with a minimal amount of care. However, routine inspections and maintenance will make it possible for commercial building owners to feel confident their investment won’t be endangered due to improper or inefficient site drainage. The drainage experts will generally recommend a maintenance schedule, so play close attention to those recommendations. 

Getting Started

Rather than waiting for drainage issues to worsen, take the time now to contact the experts. Drainage professionals will gladly discuss your commercial site’s drainage needs and develop a strategy to deal with them. Contact the experts today and find the answers to all your site drainage questions.

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