Interview with Jeff White, the Bob Villa and overall guru of Grout

Interview with Jeff White, the Bob Villa and overall guru of Grout

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I recently interviewed Jeff White, creator of the GROUT-EEZ grout cleaning product about his unique product and business. Here is a link to check out Jeff’s incredible grout cleaner, and here is Jeff’s website that is the one stop shop for all things grout. Before you read the interview, here is a video to help you get a sense of what Jeff’s product can do:

1) How did you get started in the grout business?

I started in the tile and grout cleaning business back in 1997 after I met someone at a business expo who was in the business in San Diego. He told me about the need for tile and grout cleaning in both residential home and commercial buildings. It didn’t take me long to decide to learn from him the proper technique’s, equipment and chemicals it took to get the job done the right way. Since then I have also learned how to refinish natural stone like marble, granite, travertine  and slate floors and counter tops.

2) What made you come up with GROUT-EEZ?

I came up with GROUT-EEZ about 10 years ago when the grout cleaner I had been using for years had to change its formulation, because it was made in California and their EPA laws were getting more and more strict and the cleaner just wasn’t working anymore. I then tried every grout cleaner I could get my hands on and nothing was working. It was about this time that I met up with a chemist friend of mine and told him what I was going through. I needed something that would work the way my old cleaner worked, but I also wanted it to be safer to use.

3) What was the process of creating GROUT-EEZ?

We put our heads together and since I was in the business I knew what a good tile and grout cleaner should do and how fast it should do it and he knew the chemical business.  We played around with different formulations and tested and tested and tested for about 2 years and probably 20 different formulations,  It was around 2007 that GROUT-EEZ was born.

4) What are the results of GROUT-EEZ when comparing with other solutions?

When you compare GROUT-EEZ to any other grout cleaner the results are clear. Most grout cleaners are acid based. Acid has a place in grout cleaning, but acid alone won’t cut through grease that’s likely in the kitchen and acid won’t cut through make-up and hair spray that is very likely in most bathrooms. GROUT-EEZ is a 2 in 1 cleaner that is acid based but it also has a great grease, make-up and hair spray cleaner built in. GROUT-EEZ flat out works better than any other cleaner I have ever used. It has been used in our service business for over 10 years now.

5) Why are you offering GROUT-EEZ to the public now?

Back in 2007 when GROUT-EEZ came to life I never expected to do anything with it other than use it in my service business. Over time I came to realize that most of my clients would hire me to clean their grout only after trying every grout cleaning product they could find themselves. They would make the homemade cleaners they heard about on youtube or Pinterest. They would go to the flooring or hardware store pick up 4 or 5 different bottles get home get on their hands and knees and start scrubbing. If anything ever worked for them, even a little bit they would do about a 6 to 10 sq. ft. area and call it quits. (How can you blame them).
My clients would always ask me why my cleaner worked so well and the crap they bought never did anything. That’s when the light bulb went off and I decided to sell to the public.

6) What makes GROUT-EEZ easier than other products?

There really isn’t any scrubbing necessary when it comes to GROUT-EEZ. You just apply it directly to the grout lines, let it dwell for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how dirty the grout is. Then lightly agitating the cleaner into the grout lines to loosen the dirt and grime. The last step is to mop away the dirt and cleaner with any type of mop.

7) What are your long-term goals for the business?

I would like to find a way to get GROUT-EEZ into the hands of anyone who has struggled with getting on their hands and knees to clean their grout. I’m making it my mission to show homeowners the easy and proper way to clean their floors without getting on their hands and knees. In the near future I want to get GROUT-EEZ on the store shelves of flooring stores and hardware stores, so folks who don’t shop online also have the opportunity to use the finest grout cleaner on the market.
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