Keeping Your Employees Connected is Important to Productivity

Keeping Your Employees Connected is Important to Productivity

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Finding creative techniques for motivating your employees is usually a hard thing to do. Sure, you can keep them motivated and engaged with benefits such as unlimited PTO, free lunches, and social events, but if you are looking for a less conventional strategy, try to embrace more tech in your workplace. There are different ways technology can be of assistance when it comes to boosting engagement and establishing a motivated workforce:

Gaining a Better View of Performance

Everyone wants three-sixty-degree performance management, but only a few have it. The utilization of talent management software is crucial to achieving a 360-degree view of your employees’ performance. Its main aim is to assist managers to attain a wider perspective of their workers. Seeing more implies being in a position to do more for them. Talent management software will facilitate continuous feedback and solicit criticism from peers in addition to assisting employees and managers to identify their weaknesses and strengths. In turn, this will help in creating a competency framework for both the organization and individual development.

Enable Real-Time Feedback

Although performance reviews often come around on quarterly or annual basis, it’s imperative that feedback be ongoing. According to a survey conducted in 2016 on 600 employees, it is important for employers to encourage continuous feedback among their workers for increased engagement.

Automating the process of performance review with the HR software can enable real-time feedback among employees and between employees and employers. Instant feedback mechanisms such as the use of SMS can improve motivation and engagement significantly. Real-time feedback can also enable employees to offer recommendations and suggestions directly to the management.

Out of Office Participation

Organizational meetings are often essential in order to remain connected with other team members. Group texting and the use of mobile apps can make it possible for you to collaborate with others in a meeting while on the go. End-to-end messaging and the use of personalized mobile applications will also allow your employees to update documents and make any corrections in real time, so they do not have to go back to the office to make the changes. Through SMS services, an employee can inform another employee to carry out a task on their behalf if they happen to be out of office.

Monitor Productivity and the Progress of Employees on Goals

Through the use of productivity software, business managers can track the progress of their employees during various phases of goal completion. That way, they can make reinforcement or offer coaching to keep deadlines and performance on track. This strategy results in higher productivity for the business since the organization will be filled with a workforce that is learning new skills on a continuous basis.

In any organization, employees want to feel appreciated to work harder. The incorporation of technology such as productivity software and SMS services can help bridge gaps in communication. With the employees working as expected and the business well-aligned from top to bottom, you’ll be in a position to create a workforce which is productive, engaged, loyal, and goal-oriented.

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