Launching A Startup: All The Tech You Need To Sort Before Opening Day

Launching A Startup: All The Tech You Need To Sort Before Opening Day

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If you are getting ready to launch your new startup, you might want to sit back and consider everything mentioned in this blog post. After all, you need to be 100% sure that your business is ready for the public before it opens. And that means sorting out all your tech right now before opening day. So what exactly does your new business need before you declare it officially open? Read on to find out more!

Social Media Accounts

You should try and create a buzz about your new startup before it is even open for business. The best way to do that is on social media. Sign up to the likes of Twitter and Facebook to create professional accounts for your company. Start following people and sharing content straight away for maximum impact. Eventually, you might share an awesome piece of content that goes viral and gets you a load of new fans and followers! The more people know about your business, the more people will want to check out exactly what it is that you do once you open. You should also continue to use these social media accounts once you are open. Social media marketing is a big deal nowadays and can help your company’s name spread far and wide.

A Smartphone App

Many people now use their smartphone to browse the internet. Because of this move away from desktop and laptop computers, many companies are creating their very own apps. This then allows customers and clients to contact you and order from you while they are out and about using their phone. If you don’t have an IT department in your company, you can always hire a custom application development firm. They will work closely with you to design and develop the best app for your needs. Once you’ve created your app, be sure to tweet about it and share the news on Facebook to get people to download it. You should also add a link to it on the Apple and Android stores on your homepage.

Online Security

You should always strive to keep your company, employees, and customers safe online. Especially when they are on your website. The best way to ensure your customer and clients’ online safety is by using secure payment services. Companies such as PayPal are highly trustworthy and will ensure any money sent between you and customers will be safe and secure. There are various other ways to ensure that your office’s computer network is kept safe at all times as well. The best thing you can do is download the latest anti-virus software. You should also make sure that all your computers’ firewalls are always up to date. These security measures can help to prevent any cyber-attacks hacking into your system. You’ll prevent them stealing sensitive data and information.

Business Email

Have you ever received an email from a company that uses Hotmail, Gmail, or AOL instead of an email address with their own business name? It looks very unprofessional, doesn’t it? You should always get an email address with your company’s name in it to ensure that your business looks the part. It’s very easy to do and most of the time your website hosting company will be able to provide you with one. If you are working with a freelance technology consultant, they should be able to set you one up as well. This is a very cheap and effective way to help your business look completely serious and professional.


It’s impossible to think of a company that doesn’t send out a newsletter these days. They have now become a key part of online marketing. You can set yours up using companies such as MailChimp. Sending out a newsletter is a great way of keeping your customers up to date. You can also use it to announce any new products or services that you launch. Remember to always add links back to your website and social media accounts in your newsletter. That way, readers can easily get to your site and follow you on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Technology is continually updating, so there could be even more tech that you will need to adopt for your business in a couple of years’ time! And you will notice the difference if you do keep up to date with all this tech. It’s there to help your business. By adopting all the above services and products, you will certainly find that your company’s productivity increases. And sales will go right through the roof!


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