Los Angeles based SEO consultant and agency

Los Angeles based SEO consultant and agency

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First, check out this funny SEO song:

I recently worked with a client who ran an SEO agency in Los Angeles. We talked about how to promote such a business, and I wanted to share some of the tips in this blog post.

Take a look at their website so you can follow along with my points on it.

What I like about the site is that they practice what they preach, and themselves do SEO and content marketing on their site. What I would have liked though is a slightly less magazine feel to the site, and a slightly more emphasis on them as an agency for hire.

If the site was positioned more as a direct agency or consultancy, it would have made sense to add more social proof to the home page, case studies, and other things to build authority for them as the best SEO agency or consultancy in Los Angeles.

What I would also suggest doing is focusing on local Los Angeles area search through Yelp, Google Business and local map, YellowPages.com, other local listing websites, YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO. You could also create a local meetup group for small business owners and teach them about SEO. Once you teach them, many people will realize that they can’t or don’t want to do it on their own, and they will want to hire you to do their SEO for them. Events can be a great way to collect payment revenue for attendance and at the same time have the attendees become leads for your SEO business.

Lastly, you must to linkbuilding for your website, and make it more authoritative in Google so that it ranks higher in Google search. Some popular ways to build links are asking business contacts, networking within your topic area and with other small business owners online and bloggers, appearing on podcasts (try radioguestlist.com) because someotimes the podcasts have a show notes page on their blog from which they can link to your site, and answering HARO (help a reporter out) queries. A pro move to build links is to befriend a journalist or an article writer so that they can link to your site whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you run events, you can post the links to your event pages that are on your site on the event websites, and get links that way as well.

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