How to Make the Perfect First Impression

How to Make the Perfect First Impression

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The first impression, in the world of business, is just as important as, say, the guitar is to the world of music. A customer’s first impression of a business is the make-or-break factor when it comes to them deciding if they will in fact be bringing their business, and subsequently their money, your business’s way. A strong first impression on your and your business’s part will indicate to the potential customer that you are going to be strong enough, and capable enough, to deal with the issues or needs that they seek to bring to you. In this day and age, making the perfect first impression extends itself way further than merely having a strong handshake and the gift of the gab — there are a plethora of different platforms that you could, and should be optimising in regards to impression, and you can find a few of them below.

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Your first port of call in the venture of finding the perfect first impression should be your business’s online presence. A business’s website is this generation’s shop window: everything that a customer wants to see should be displayed on it, and displayed in a way that shows you off in the best light. You should have everything made easily accessible for anybody who visits it without having it become overcrowded. If you provide too many pages, it will become overbearing and confusing, which is why you should stick to the basics when making pages available: Home, Search, About us, Contact us, Privacy, and FAQs; the layout of your website should be simple and solid. Also, you should make sure that the site itself is always accessible. If a customer can’t access it because it has gone down, they are likely to become disgruntled and impatient which could then lead them to the site of your competitor’s, taking the profit that was earmarked for you to them in the process; not only this, but it could result in your business’s brand being tarnished to that customer for the future as well. This is why you should outsource the job of monitoring your site to services such as UptimeRobot, for instance, who will watch your site for any signs of status problems and then alert you to them instantly via SMS or email.

But it’s just all about your online presence, even in this digital age that we are in the midst of. You also have to make sure that you are physically showing yourself to be a business that is not only professional and capable, but also one that is willing to go the extra mile. A innovative way to do so is to provide potential customers with custom gift cards. Doing so shows that you are generous, in regards to the fact that you are willing to offer gift and reward systems; a big business, in regards to the fact that you can afford to make such cards (even though they are very affordable); and creative, in regards to the way in which you are attempting to portray your brand. Also, a gift card with your brand printed all over it is a way to ensure that you stay in a potential customer’s life, for as long as they keep the card, at least. Do your customers know enough about what you do? If they don’t, then providing them with lasting evidence of it is a good way to promote it.

So, if you want to make a good impression with your next customer, remember that it takes more than just a solid handshake: it takes a solid website, an innovative idea, and many other aspects! More suggestions on how to do so can be found here.

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