Is the Marketing Industry’s Award Culture a Good Thing?

Is the Marketing Industry’s Award Culture a Good Thing?

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If you’re running a business, whether it’s big or small, you should probably already know how important keeping your team motivated is. One of the best ways to do this is by motivating them effectively. You’d be surprised how many business owners and managers simply fail to keep morale high by missing important chances to motivate the team. In this article, we’re going to look at a number of different ways to do it, along with why it’s so important…

Why rewarding is important for motivation

You can’t keep people happy unless they know they’re valued. It’s as simple as that. And rewarding them is one of the best ways of doing this. While some rewards could be as simple as a compliment, busy workers will often want to feel more valued than that. It’ll keep them happy, and that’s good for you, too.

A happy team is a productive one

The higher your team morale is, the more motivated your team will be. That means they’ll be more productive and more motivated to work towards business goals. Rewarding your team and keeping them motivated is win-win for your business. Many old-fashioned workplaces simply treat their staff as slaves but this is NOT the way to get the best out of them. Make sure they know they’re valued, reward them, and they will work harder for you. That will, in turn, increase productivity and hopefully make your business more money in the long-run. What better reason could there be?

How to reward your team

Now you know how important rewarding your team is, you’re probably wondering how the best way to do it is. Thankfully, you’re in the right place. Let’s have a look at some key tips for rewarding and getting the most out of your team:

Set goals and targets

You can’t expect people to know what they’re working towards unless you make it as clear as possible. You want everyone pulling in the same direction and working with the same goals in mind. One good tip is putting big posters and reminders of exactly what your team needs to do and what their priorities should be. Make sure your team leaders and middle-managers are good motivators and keep their sub-team members working in the same direction.


Goals and targets are one thing, but they work even better when combined with incentives…

Offer incentives

One good way to make your team super-motivated towards those goals is to make sure they know they’re going to get something worthwhile when they hit their targets. Offer prizes, rewards and other incentives for the team members who do the best, or when anyone hits their target. Goals are one thing, but people need a reason to work towards them. Not everyone is as easily motivated, but make sure you offer them something worth working towards as an incentive for doing well.

Reward good performance

Aside from specific target and goal-based incentives, you always want to make sure people feel as valued as possible in your workplace. Some team members might not work in the right department to continuously hit sales-based targets. Make sure everyone who is doing their job well gets rewarded occasionally. Some of the best rewards can be surprised ones, and this can make your team feel extra valued.

Treat your entire team

While rewarding individual team members for their performance can be good, you don’t want people to feel left out. When your entire business does well, try taking the whole team out for dinner or making sure everyone gets a piece of the reward pie. Don’t keep rewarding the same people, make sure every member of your staff feels valued and like they’re in the right place.

Keep everyone involved

Again, this ties into the previous point. It can be easy to reward salespeople and other members of staff that make a clear contribution to your bottom line, but only rewarding them can affect the morale of other members of staff. If you’re receptionists or HR workers are doing a good job, it can sometimes be a bit harder to spot how they’ve affected your margins. But they’re all important people in your business, so make sure they are all involved in the rewards and feel valued.

Host an awards show

One fun way to change the pace and rewards of all sorts of members of staff is by hosting your own awards show. You can pick out different awards for different departments and make a fun evening of it. A few trophies and other prizes can be less expensive than you think. Remember, make sure everyone is nominated and spread the prizes around. When you do this for a second year, try and reward team members who didn’t win the year before. You don’t have to treat this as a serious thing with only the best-getting awards – try making up some fun awards to get everyone involved. This award website can make your event extra special.

Attend local events

Don’t just keep everything in the house. If there’s something fun happening in your local area, take your team to it. You might be able to try some team building events or other fun activities. Team building exercises are great because not only do they reward your team, they help them bond and improve relationships. All of this can improve morale and help your business grow.

Provide training and support

Don’t just reward people with money and prizes, offer them ways to improve themselves by providing or paying for additional training and qualifications. People will appreciate this, and what they learn could also make them better at their job.

Share your profits

The number one way to motivate people is with money. It might be hard to accept, but it’s true. After all, people go to work for money. So if your business is doing well and making money overall, try spreading your profits around in the form of bonuses. When someone gets that bonus each year, they’ll be happy, motivated, and more likely to stick around. Sharing some of your profits could help you earn more in the long run.

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