Mobile app monetization with ads: How to make more money with mobile app ad mediation

Mobile app monetization with ads: How to make more money with mobile app ad mediation

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To start making much more money from your ads, sign up here.

Click on the sign-up button, go through the sign-up process, install the 4-lines of code needed, and update your app in the app store. After that you will monetize the ads you publish on your app much better than before.

Most mobile app (Android and iPhone or iPad on iOS) entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to making good money with ads. Most app entrepreneurs don’t understand why the monetization is so poor. Let me explain that first.

You see, no matter which mobile app ad network you use, they typically struggle with having low fill rates. Fill rate is a term that means how many of the possible ad impressions on the app actually have a relevant ad that gets placed there. And the industry secret is that no single mobile app ad network has a fill rate that is near 100%. In fact, most of the mobile ad networks struggle to have fill rates that are even close to 50%.

This is where a company like AdToApp comes in. They have what is called smart ad mediation. AdToApp is a smart mobile app ad mediation company that aggregates over 20 of the top mobile app ad networks, and in each screen impression of your app, queries those mobile app ad networks in order to bring you the highest bidding ad. This can result in your app generating double, triple or even better earnings and revenue from the same users compared to the revenue your app would generate from using just one of the available mobile app ad networks.

Usually, AdToApp charges a 10% fee for using their service, but if you use the link provided at the top of the video description, you will only be charged 5%.

Plus, if you end up installing and using AdToApp, I will partner with you, and help you promote your app, and get you more downloads. Of course, after I help you get more downloads, you will make even more money from those downloads, and your earnings will compound to be hundreds if not thousands of percent more than what your Android or iPhone app generates in revenue today. And the great thing about increasing your app earnings and income this way is that you can do this as early as today if you are on Android, and as early as the Apple review team approves your iPhone or iPad app update for the Apple App store.

So are you ready to start making double or triple more money from the ads you currently serve on your apps? Get started today by registering with AdToApp, installing their SDK, updating your app in the app store.

Here again is the promotion link that you should use to register.

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