Why Personalising A Work Space Is Cheaper Than You Think

Why Personalising A Work Space Is Cheaper Than You Think

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We all know how the daily grind can feel from time to time. You drag yourself out of the house to go to work and nothing changes, leaving us feeling stagnated and bored. However, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to spice this up a little. It’ll improve your satisfaction in your workplace and can even increase your productivity. If you need motivation in the workplace, there are plenty of simple things you can do. So here are a few money saving tips on sprucing up your cubicle or uniform to make you feel better at work.


Bring something from home

If you have a cubicle to yourself, you can bring trinkets and photographs to make your workspace feel more like you. These can be of your hobbies or achievements, and have both a creative and sentimental touch.

Hang up collages on your cubicle walls if you can of photos of all the good times you wanna think about when it comes to grinding away at work. If this can’t go on the wall, they make great desktop backgrounds as well. Minimize your window every now and then!

For bonus points with your boss, you can even make a collage in the shape of your logo (if you have one) of all the employees at work and the products you offer! Testimonials can also be added in for that professional finish. This kind of collage is both personal, as you made it, and highlights the best parts of business.

Add elements to your uniform

These will most likely have to be subtle, but adding your own creativity in subtle ways is actually rather easy. This can be done easily via lanyards or ID cards that still look professional but have your own style to them. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, so try looking over the options from CustomLanyardsCanada.com for some completely customisable picks that also have a fast delivery. You can be the run of the mill employee on Thursday and have a sparkle by Friday!

You can also use makeup if you’re allowed. When you’re in a professional setting you need to look your best, and it’s often expected of women in the workplace to dab on some foundation. So go crazy with it! You’ll still have the sheen of a formal look but it can be changed daily if you have the time.

You can also branch out with your clothing choices if there’s no set uniform. You can break up the monotonous day with some snazzy sock choices beneath your trousers or skirts, and can give you a good laugh whenever you look down. On the other hand, so many styles exist to look professional yet unusual. The usual black blazer and trouser combo works wonders in any setting. When it comes to accessories, earrings in the form of studs always look work appropriate and fun. Plus you’ll take more pride in your work when you look good, and having a friendly face to greet you when you come in is a good facet for customer relations.

Hang up a calendar

Everyone has a calendar in some shape or form on their phone or computer. Get a little old school and hang up a calendar for you in your workspace. This is one of the best ways to keep on track and have a little creativity at the same time.

You can draw and stick whatever you want on a paper base. You can even find colouring calendars to spice up your five minute break! If you work from home, or in a setting that requires you to constantly work at a computer. It can save your eyes from the short sighted effect that technology can give us, and is a good wind down in the busy hours. It might not sound like much, and these may seem a little childish right now, but they are an excellent use of your time when tapping out emails becomes a chore. You can find a good selection at places like Amazon.com.

Use creative stationery

Everyone feels down on their productive luck from time to time. You just can’t find your motivation and you keep getting distracted. However, just because you’re being productive doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with how you’re doing it. Use novelty pencils and notepads in meetings to give yourself a motivational flair. If you’re worried about how that could be perceived then you can use large paper clips in different colors and mini post it notes to mark places in files and books.

Hanging up a memo board is another way to commemorate the good times at the office. Whilst posting notices for everyone around the office to see, you can leave affirming notes or cartoons for more personal office relations that can’t be seen by the public. It’s a good alternative to social media and is practical at the same time.

The old classic: bring your own mug

We can all agree that this is the staple of the workplace. Using your own mug in the staffroom means you’ll always have opportunities for a drink, and it can make you chuckle at the same time. Using a mug that you picked yourself is also a great conversation starter, and can make you seem more approachable if you’re in a higher position such as a manager.

You can even implement a ‘bring your own mug to work’ program. Get everyone to take part and you’ll have less arguments in the staffroom over lunch. It also means everyone has a chance to express themselves even a little and no one feels abnormal in using their own ‘brand’.

You can spruce up the place you work in in simple ways that won’t take an entire wage packet. Use a few of these ideas to get you started on personalising your work situation! It doesn’t have to be hard either with so many products out there to help you out!

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