Top 1% PLR Business Courses

Top 1% PLR Business Courses

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If you need to acquire business courses to resell on your website, you’ve come to the right place. I am a top 1% instructor on Udemy, and I have 130+ of my own courses that I can sell to you so you can use those courses on your website.

Here is my Udemy teaching profile.

These PLR Business Courses Are Proven And Tested For Quality

I constantly improve my courses based on student feedback. Some of these courses have been getting improved for years.

This process of constant improvement is one of the core reasons for how I become a top 1% instructor, and it benefits you because you can rest assured of getting great courses.

PLR business courses

PLR Business Courses – Pricing

1 course: $500 for lifetime license and updates.

5-100 courses: $400 per course for lifetime license and updates.

100 courses: $25,000 for lifetime license and updates.

How To Start The Purchase Process

  1. Browse my list of courses and select the courses you want to acquire.
  2. Email me at and let me know which courses you would like to acquire.
  3. I’ll reply within 24 hours, confirm the availability and how updated the courses you chose are.
  4. After we agree on the list of courses, I deliver the content within 24 hours after the payment is made.

Benefits Of Licensing My Courses

  1. Since I keep updating and improving the courses, you get lifetime updates. Plus, your courses never become outdated. In fact, they get better over time.
  2. I serve as the contact person for you, providing support to you, and also to your students.

Learn More About My PLR Business Courses

Here is a video on how the licensing process works and more background information. For even more information, please take a look at this PLR business courses page.

White Label Courses

Another option to license my courses is to completely white-label them. This option allows you to edit any part of the course. You can edit out the instructor, add your logo, change the price, course title, or any other part of the course. Here is a full article that discusses the option to white label courses.

Email Me To Get Started

Email me at and get the process of acquiring the courses started.

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