Why Coffee Shops Need a Mobile Ordering App

Why Coffee Shops Need a Mobile Ordering App

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Lately mobile loyalty apps have become must-haves for coffee shops. What is behind this trend?

1. Create loyalty to your coffee shop with Your App in Customers’ Pockets

Having an iOS/Android app on your customers’ phones gives you the ability to always stay connected to your customers. Customers nowadays try to stay away from big crowds and long lines in front of stores, so make sure your brand app icon is saved to the phone screen of customers’ phones for convenient ordering. 

2. Make every customer a loyal one — Send SMS and push notifications.

Every business has customers that are loyal and we all want to keep them in these tough times. Be a constant reminder that you are still there for them. Your mobile app is an opportunity to keep sending SMS reminders and push notifications for your discounts, deals, and special menus.

Even more popular today are loyalty programs. Everything is going mobile, so if you want to keep your loyal customers it will be great to take the example from successful coffee brands such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and many more who have taken advantage of having mobile loyalty programs that lets you find out more about your customer’s preferences, purchasing behavior, and demographics. This leads you to create a personalized checkout experience.

3. Customers would rather pay and order from your mobile app

It is a trend for customers to use mobile apps for ordering their favorite coffee items and also to have the opportunity to pay through the app. So, is your coffee shop up to date with the latest trends? 79% of coffee online orders are placed in native mobile apps. Creating a branded mobile app where customers will be able to order and pay for their order with saved card on file, Apple Pay, or Google Play is one of the most popular trends for coffee shops around the world. The special features which help customers place an order on their iOS or Android phone, get a text message when the order is ready, and easily re-order their favorites boosts customer engagement. Having a native iOS/Android app makes it convenient for customers since they do not have to log in every time they want to order. Their personalized preferences and loyalty status are saved right on their phone.

4. Easily grow or franchise your coffee business with your ordering mobile app

Having an ordering app will allow you to expand your coffee business to different locations with ease. Even if you are a small business trying to grow or open new locations, your mobile ordering app will help you grow. It is very clear nowadays that branded mobile apps are getting more orders than web apps! You will see a steady growth of your orders made through a customer-friendly mobile loyalty app. As a result, your mobile app will allow you to attract franchise owners or investors if this is your expansion goal.

5. Benefit From Multi-Channel Marketing

As mentioned above, keeping a constant relationship with your customers can be easily achieved by sending them reminders on their phone. When you have a mobile app, you can use push notifications, SMS marketing and digital wallet (direct messaging) to remind your loyal customers and keep them notified about the discounts you have at the moment.
Today there are easy ways to create your own app with no 3rd party app commission and dependency (such as Doordash, Grubhub, Uber…). With Orda, your coffee shop gets your own iOS and Android mobile app integrated with Square. Your customers will download your mobile app on their phones so they see your brand every day on their home screens. You can send push notifications to stay on customers’ minds. Your Square Loyalty program is automatically integrated so customers can join your program and get rewards. You can launch your app for your coffee shop at getorda.com.

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