How to write a business plan & open an ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt or gelato shop

How to write a business plan & open an ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt or gelato shop

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In this video tutorial I explain how to write a business plan for a frozen yogurt shop, or an ice cream parlor, and then how to eventually start and open your ice cream shop or a frozen yogurt parlor.

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This is a very seasonal business, and one that depends highly on the kind of people (demographics) live in your area. You will get quite a bit of customers as a result of people walking by your store if there is a lot of foot traffic in the specific area where you open your ice cream shop. But that foot traffic may dry up during late Fall season until Spring depending on the climate of wherever you are trying to open your business.

When you start this kind of a business, it can be ideal and cost effective to take over an existing gelato shop or a frozen yogurt place. If you do that, it will save you money on a big part of the remodeling, especially the kitchen and various appliances.

You should also think about whether you want to have your own concept for the business, or open a branch of an existing franchise. A franchise can help you by providing a recognizable brand, and quite a bit of additional marketing. But your customers may find the feel of it cold and commoditized. If you open an ice cream shop of your own design and concept, its uniqueness will make people feel like you put more of your own heart into the ice cream and other snacks. It will also have more of a chance to become a neighborhood go-to place if if people feel like you are putting more of your own personal touch and care into it.

Keep in mind though, that an ice cream of gelato place isn’t an easy business to start. The costs are high, and the average amount spent per customer isn’t too high. So it is often difficult to become rich from this kind of a business.

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