Five Key Factors that Will Make Your Restaurant Successful

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Owning a restaurant is a dream many entrepreneurs hope to realize in their professional lifetime, and with half of all adults having worked in the restaurant industry at one point or another, it’s no wonder there are many individuals that want to make their mark in the dining sector. If you’re considering a restaurant venture, take these factors into consideration.

1. A Clearly Realized Concept

Unfortunately, food isn’t all that makes a restaurant, and you’ll need to craft a unique and memorable concept for your restaurant business if you hope to attract and retain customers. That means your atmosphere – including decor, lighting, and service- should all convey a clear theme. Your goal should be to garner repeat customers, and turn those customers into great word of mouth advertising. If they don’t know how to describe your restaurant, your restaurant advertising opportunity is lost.

2. A Short but Sweet Menu

Offering every food type and meal you can think of isn’t going to do your business any favors. By and large, the most successful restaurants are those that offer a succinct menu of the items they do best. The longer your menu, the more ingredients you’ll need. When restaurants are forced to source larger numbers of ingredients, quality suffers, and the overall taste of your food may suffer as a result. It’s also important to remember that with more choices offered, customers take longer to peruse your menu. Each minute they spend taking up a table without eating is a minute wasted where you could have another customer seated – leaving you losing out on more money.

3. Capital to Spare

Don’t make the mistake of dipping your toe into the restaurant sector without having more than enough capital to fund your aims. Running a restaurant is expensive, and starting this venture without capital to spare is a surefire way to fail. Most restaurants don’t actually see a profit until months or years down the line. There are a variety of ways to secure the financing needed to get a restaurant off the ground. Some choose to take out a home equity loan that uses their personal home as capital. Others prefer P2P lending from a site like, but this can come with costly interest rates. Traditional bank loans can be extremely difficult to secure, especially if you’ve never run a successful business before. Still others borrow from friends and family, and the recent trend of crowd funding has become much more popular in the restaurant industry.

4. Serve Alcohol

Restaurant owners that forgo an alcohol license can find it significantly hurts business. The revenue created from alcohol sales within a restaurant generally makes up a significant portion of the establishment’s overall profits. Restaurant owners forgo this offering for various motives: securing a liquor license is too expensive, permits are hard to come by, or personal reasons.

Whatever the case, there is much to be said about investing the money into an alcohol permit. If your restaurant is in a highly populated area, you’ll likely find competition has driven up the price and decreased the availability of alcohol permits. In these cases, it’s usually a good idea to use a brokerage service that has a compilation of permits available, like the liquor licenses here.

Using a professional means avoiding any legal consequences and finding the often expensive permit you need at a fair price.

5. Highly-Trained Wait Staff

Finding stellar staff should be priority number one once you’ve got your menu in place, vendors selected, and venue prepared. Restaurant patrons expect the utmost in customer service, and it’s in your best interest to arm your staff with the training and skills they need to make a great impression each and every time someone is seated. Pay better wages to attract better wait staff, take customer feedback into consideration, and treat your employees with respect to ensure a symbiotic relationship that sees your restaurant thriving.

Running a successful restaurant business is no simple task, but there are general guidelines that can improve the chances of realizing your profitable aims.

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Interview with the CEO of Inpex, a cause marketing company

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I recently interviewed Talia Schwartz, the CEO of Inpex, which is a cause marketing agency based in New York about her business. Here is the interview.

1) How long has your cause marketing company been in business? What was the inspiration for starting this business?

INPEx is a family run business that was founded by my father, Mal Schwartz, over 30 years ago.  We are one of the leading cause marketing companies, and essentially started this industry 30 years ago. As he was growing up, his parents owned their own printing and direct mailing business. My father learned from them the value of owning your own business, doing something that provided tremendous value to your clients, and working hard every day to support your family and make a good life for your children. Combine that with what can only be described as a good soul, and the cause marketing agency was born – way before its time.

2) Unpack cause marketing for me. How does it help brands? What is it exactly?

Cause Marketing encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate business and societal benefits. The key differentiator from “philanthropy” or “charity” is that, in cause marketing, the company works with a cause in a way creates BOTH social impact AND strategic business benefits for the brand. This can take place in many ways.

Most people are familiar with donating at the register – that is one form of cause marketing, called a “transactional campaign.” However, there are many other ways that companies and causes work together for mutual benefit. For example, our client Zoetis, created the Zoetis For Shelters Program to offer significant discounts on life-saving vaccines to thousands of local, independent animal shelters across the country.

This beloved program saves shelters about $4,500 a year, freeing up funds they can use to help more pets find loving homes. The program builds tremendous good will in the pet welfare community and with pet adopters/consumers and also creates a sustainable revenue stream for the company. INPEx is very proud to say that our Tech~Touch ® system has helped this Cause Marketing Forum Halo Award-winning program save animal shelters over $20,000,000+ to date all while creating strategic business benefits for the client.

Cause marketing partnerships and programs offer companies the opportunity to build emotional connection with consumers and employees. Studies have long proven that cause marketing can increase brand loyalty, influence purchasing decisions, create employee engagement value, and attract and retain Millennials.

Check out our blog Power of Local and sign up for our eNewsletter to receive the expert guidance you need to make cause marketing work you’re your company.

3) Tell me how you help companies?

At INPEx we are masters of the strategies and technology needed to connect brands to people’s hearts, in thousands of neighborhoods, consistently – without breaking the bank. We call it Tech~Touch and local activation at scale, and our clients call it measurable ROI, triple-digit growth, and social impact. It means something unique to every company – what sets us apart from other cause marketing agencies is that our solutions are always custom and tailored to the specific needs of a company, brand, or nonprofit cause. No two solutions are the same, but they all make the world a better place AND create return on investment for our clients.

4) What is your ideal client? Can any big brand benefit from this? Who is ideal?

With a customized, strategic approach most companies can benefit from cause marketing because, more than ever, consumers and employees are demanding that companies find ways make positive change in the community.

As you can see from our client list, we tend to work with large companies that are interested in optimizing their return on investment by scaling up the activation of their cause-related programs to thousands of neighborhoods across the country and around the globe. In the past doing so had typically been very challenging logistically and was cost prohibitive. INPEx has solved those problems with our Tech~Touch system which continues to deliver triple-digit growth for our clients.

5) Can you talk of a case study of a client who achieved great results with the help of your business?

Jockey International has a foundation called Jockey Being Family that is committed to helping strengthen adoptive families for successful futures through various cause marketing programs and philanthropic events. Jockey Being Family came to INPEx with a desire to find an affordable and feasible way to rapidly scale up their Jockey Being

Family Backpack Program from a regional pilot project to a national program with the ability to serve 50,000 adoptive families each year.

So, INPEx provided a multi-phase tactical plan and new strategic approach to overcoming the logistical and financial challenges Jockey had faced with on-boarding adoption agency partners nationwide, managing the fulfillment process and achieving national program scale.

A Tech-Touch® portal-based approach was implemented with multiple stakeholder interfaces, effective automated workflows, and reporting (the Tech) and is supported by a team of our experienced relationship managers trained in the nuances of large scale, local community focused, cause based programs (the Touch).

Within two months of launching our Tech-Touch portal we’ve achieved national program expansion, secured registration and participation from adoption agency partners (304% increase) in all 50 states (178% increase), and doubled mission delivery with a 111% increase in backpack and post-adoption resources parent tote orders.

Talk about scaling up. And this year, we are on track to double it!

6) Walk me through the process of how you work with a company to help them?

While some clients come to us knowing exactly what they want to do – whether it’s taking a headquarters-based program national, or creating a custom portal to engage their nonprofit partners or employees – most of our cause marketing clients begin by engaging INPEx to create a Strategic Action Plan (SAP). Our SAP process uncovers the unique nature of our client’s unique opportunities, needs, and goals and yields a deliverable chock full of baseline research, creative analysis, and a recommended scope of work with implementation options.

Programs of the size and nature that we specialize in, especially the ones rooted in thousands of local communities, need this essential strategic and proactive approach that illuminates how to structure and execute a realistic program that will motivate people to participate and lay a strong foundation for success and ROI. For a little more context, check out my blog post The Reality of Cause Partnership Activation: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

7) How can people reach you if they want to learn more?

They can reach out to me directly at if they want to discuss our services or chat about ways INPEx may be able to help them start cause programs or scale up existing cause programs. Our blog, Power of Local, has a ton of great content and we have 9 cause marketing case studies from our clients that can serve as inspiration and give real life examples of cause marketing and employee engagement success stories. We are

always happy to chat!

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Interview on a cuddling website for hiring a professional cuddler

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I recently conducted an interview with Adam Lippin, who is the CEO and founder of Cuddlist, which is a professional cuddling website.

1) How long has your company been in business? What was the inspiration for starting this business? has been in business since December 1st, 2015. The inspiration for starting this business is that I believe that we are  ”Sex Obsessed and touch Deprived” and there  is a great un-met need for healthy non-sexual touch in our culture that can help cure personal and societal ills. So Cuddlist offers people a chance to hire a professional cuddle partner.

2) What services do you offer?

3) Tell me how exactly cuddling helps people?
  • Increases Oxytocin – often called the “cuddle hormone” – is a neurotransmitter that acts on the limbic system, the brain’s emotional center, promoting feelings of contentment and reducing anxiety.
  • According to Happiness Weekly, a full-body hug stimulates your nervous system while decreasing feelings of loneliness, combating fear, increasing self-esteem, defusing tension, and showing appreciation. At a meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Phoenix, it was reported that ”a brief hug and 10 minutes’ hand-holding with a romantic partner greatly reduce the harmful physical effects of stress.” – See more at:
  • Extended and long hugs can increase the release of serotonin which eventually increases happiness and promotes a joyful mood. In his TED Talk, Neuroeconomist Paul Zak, recommends at least eight hugs a day to be happier and enjoy better relationships. – See more at:
  • Soothe Anxiety and the Nervous System – According to the Daily Mail, hugs help us to balance the nervous system as well. The galvanic skin response of someone receiving or giving a hug can change the skin conductance. The effects in the moisture and electricity of the skin helps regulate the nervous system.
  • According to an experiment carried out by researcher Beate Ditzen, the release of oxytocin reduces cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that promotes pain and negativity in your body. The Huffington Post reported, “Stimulating touch receptors under the skin can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, effectively reducing stress.” One study from the University of North Carolina found that women who hugged their spouse or partner frequently (even for just 20 seconds) had lower blood pressure.
  • The more you connect with others — on even the smallest physical level — the happier you’ll be.
  • Neurologist Shekar Raman, MD, said in the “A hug, pat on the back, and even a friendly handshake are processed by the reward center in the central nervous system, which is why they can have a powerful impact on the human psyche, making us feel happiness and joy… And it doesn’t matter if you’re the toucher or touchee. The more you connect with others — on even the smallest physical level — the happier you’ll be.”
  • Strengthen Your Immune System 7. Thymus Gland – cuddling and hugging strengthens the immune system by stimulating the thymus gland, which regulates and balances the body’s production of white blood cells, which keep you healthy and disease free. 8. A 10-second hug a day can lead to biochemical and physiological reactions in your body that can significantly improve your health. According to one study, this includes: Lower risk of heart disease, Stress reduction, Fight fatigue, Boost your immune system, Fight infections, Ease depression .
  • Get Better Sleep
  • Cuddling can help in reducing and even curing insomnia. People who have sleep disorders can be helped by a nurturing cuddle. Cuddling soothe your nervous points, relaxing them and giving you a good peaceful sleep.
  • Decrease Food Cravings
  • A loving hug at night can help decrease these cravings.
  • 10. Cuddling can reduce late night cravings. Some people have a habit of attacking the refrigerator at night due to digestion problems. A loving hug at night can help decrease these cravings.
  • We need twelve hugs a day for growth.
  • Virginia Satir, a psychotherapist, said “we need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”
  • With all of that evidence piling up… it may be time to pull out all the stops to get the amount of cuddling you need to be healthy and happy.

4) Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is anyone who could could use more touch in physical intimacy in their lives.

5) Can you talk of a case study of a client who achieved great results with the help of your work?

Martin: Chicago IL: I have been having life challenges: anxiety, stress and feelings of being depressed. When I met my Professional Cuddler, I was given a long welcome hug, back rub, oil fragrance, spoon cuddling, face to face cuddling. We breathed deeply as if napping together. Touch therapy was a wonderful gift I gave to myself. Truly transformative.

6) Walk me through the process of how you work with a company to help them?

Everyone is the perfect fit for someone. Our Cuddlists are just as unique as our clients. Take your time to ask questions, and communicate what you’re looking for in a cuddle and snuggle partner to find the perfect Cuddlist for you. Remember to have fun and listen to what sparks your curiosity! They will be direct and honest with you about what they have to offer you with their cuddle therapy.

7) How can people reach you if they want to learn more?

Visit for more info

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Marketing for lawyers to promote a law firm or an individual legal practice

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I was recently talking to Joseph Mitchell who is a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, and I decided to create blog post with a few tips on how to promote a law firm or an individual legal practice for a lawyer.

One of the first topics of conversation when discussing marketing for a lawyer or a law firm is to focus on Google SEO for their website. And that is a fair thing to do since ranking in Google for search terms like personal lawyer in whatever city name that the lawyer is in, can bring in many customers from Google search.

But the SEO marketing conversation really shouldn’t stop there. One of my favorite things to do is to try to completely dominate the Google top-10 results by having my listings on other sites rank in the Google top 10.

For example, sometimes YouTube videos show up in Google search results, sometimes Yelp listings show up in search results, sometimes Amazon listings show up in search results, and sometimes listings from a slew of other authoritative sites. Here is my tutorial on YouTube on how to dominate the Google top 10 search results with as many listings of your own as possible.

Some additional marketing strategies I would use if I was a lawyer promoting my practice is, of course, networking and business card marketing, possibly some display billboard marketing (although unlike just about all the other marketing strategies I advise on where I personally have extensive experience, I don’t have much experience doing billboard marketing). I would also slowly grow my presence on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to brand yourself online for instances when people will be doing research about you. Additionally, I’d ask many friends and past clients to give me reviews on Yelp and LinkedIn.


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College Admission Essay Help

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I recently had the pleasure to meet with Chris Hunt who runs a college essay help website called through which he provides mentoring and coaching to high school students who are working on their college essays and are hoping that a top flight essay will help them get into a college of their choice.

This is a service that is great for many top students who are competing to get into some of the most competitive universities in the country, and gives them a tremendous edge over other students competing to get admitted into the same universities.

I had a chance to ask Chris about his business, and why he started it. He talked about his passion to help the brightest young minds in the country, and how his service gets doors open to them. That chance to make a difference for America’s movers and shakers of tomorrow is what prompted Chris to start this business.

So if you have a child who is in high school, and your family is wondering how to get the edge over other kids, the college essay is one of those things. According to Chris, all the students he helped ended up getting into the colleges of their choice.

Check out his website and his service and see whether it is right for you.  And if you are a writer, think about this kind of a business as a possible business choice for you to generate more income for yourself through your writing.

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Twitter followers: how to get more Twitter followers (buy or free) & sell on Twitter

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In this video tutorial you will learn how to sell products and get many new followers daily on Twitter with a very strong strategy that uses two Twitter tools that will help you achieve more with your social media marketing.

Use this link to sign up for Social Quant.

Use this link to sign up for SocialOomph.

Want to learn how to get 1,000,000 or more people to learn about your business? After I achieved this, I made a marketing course about it. Check out my course with marketing strategies on how to reach 1,000,000 people which covers advanced SEO, advanced social media marketing strategy, and more. The following link has a coupon code at the end which will give a very big discount to the course.

In this video tutorial, you learn a Twitter marketing strategy which lets you automate your Twitter marketing, promote your business, and get more Twitter followers. But that isn’t even everything. The best part about this strategy of using SocialOomph and Social Quant together is that by using Social Quant, you will get very highly targeted Twitter followers who have a high chance of becoming clients of your business at some point.

Additionally, when you use SocialOomph the way I do, you will also get very high quality free Twitter followers because you will be using the right hashtags, and those new followers will find you because your tweets are related to their interests.

Using Social Quant and SocialOomph together will automate your Twitter marketing. Actually, with SocialOomph you can also automate your other social media marketing because it can post updates to Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you start the process with SocialOomph and Social Quant together, you will be getting more new followers every day, and you will be automatically posting many tweets to your content and your products, and get all your new Twitter followers to see those tweets with promotions of your products and content. And guess what, every day you will have more Twitter followers to promote your product to. So as weeks and months and even years go by, you will get tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of new Twitter followers, a big percentage of whom will be highly targeted people to whom you will be able to sell your products! And that is how you can effectively sell on social media.

Of course, if you want to sell on social media, you must also build a loyal following and trust. You accomplish that by mostly posting high quality content and links to helpful products.

Do you buy Twitter followers? When you buy Twitter followers, are you buying high quality followers or random bot followers?

If you buy Twitter followers already, or want to buy Twitter followers, consider how much better it would be to spend that money on SocialOomph and Social Quant so that you can get free Twitter followers who follow your account because your account is relevant for their interests.

For example, if you buy Twitter followers on Twitter, in almost all cases those will be bot followers who add nothing to your business. But if you buy Twitter followers (well actually get them free) after you combine SocialOomph and Social Quant, those followers will actually engage with your tweets and buy products. So you can actually buy Twitter followers and make a profit from it. Yes, there will be an initial investment, but that is because this is a strong strategy, which when done correctly, should pay for itself. So long-term, as you accumulate tens of thousands engaged Twitter followers, you will make more money than you spend on the two automation services mentioned in this tutorial.

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Why Use Devumi To Promote Your Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest

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One of the best companies to use to promote your social media is Devumi. They offer over a dozen different services to grow and promote your Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Pinterest, Vine and LinkedIn.

You can buy Twitter followers or YouTube Views with the same ease as Fiverr and cheap providers, but with REAL results and tons of extras to further promote and grow. RECOMMENDED!

Devumi’s Services (All of them):

Twitter Followers, with Auto Engagements and Sponsored Mentions Extras (Really Good):

YouTube Views, with Engagement and Social Promotion Extras (Real Views!!)

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How to get customers for an employment law solicitor business

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I was recently contacted by a UK employment law solicitor business in UK, and wanted to share some thoughts on how to grow this kind of a business, and what other types of businesses can learn from, and use to grow their businesses.

My recommendation to start getting publicity in your local area. This may be contacting local bloggers, or contacting local radio shows. Whichever show doesn’t necessarily invite you to appear on their platform it also never hurts to ask them for their rates on how much it would cost to pay for advertising.

But don’t just jump into advertising. Before you pay to advertise, do any kind of SEO which we have not talked about yet, or even begin your outreach campaign for that matter, what you absolutely must do is create an amazing pitch for your business that inspires genuine interest, make your business look credible and authoritative, and if you do SEO, create what is called a linkable asset.

A linkable asset is essentially something of interest or value or authority that makes sense for another website owner to link to because it gives something to their audience or readers. To make your business or part of your business into a linkable asset, the business owner must have professional design, authoritative content that shows off their expertise in their specific business niche, and ideally have some sort of social proof to display, which would further convince others that their company is a good one.

In the case of this particular website, my advise would be to improve layout and design. The current design is quite outdated, and can be easily fixed by using a WordPress template and some professional images. Additionally, the ratio of text to other content (images and video, of which there are currently none) is not very good. Making the site easier to browse would make it more appealing for potential customers and other website owners who might potentially link to your website.

Note, I understand the value for SEO in having lots of text, but there is a way to have lots of text (or less text) and include more videos and photos, all of which would be even better for SEO.

Luckily, all of this is easy to fix. Additionally, here are a few resources I have available that might help you for SEO. Here is a list of my online courses that I recently made available for just $9 each. Some of the courses cover linkbuilding for SEO and other advanced SEO and social media marketing strategies.

Also check out this additional free resource I have on YouTube, which is a very comprehensive video on SEO that covers a few advanced topics:

And here is a YouTube tutorial on how to do some advanced social media marketing:

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60 Udemy course discount coupon codes, $9 each

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This is a full Udemy discounts and coupon code page. On this page you will find some fantastic Udemy courses and top discounts for these courses. If you are interested in any of the courses, click on the links to visit the Udemy pages for those courses. Each of the courses have a number of free preview lectures that you can watch before you decide on whether you want to use the Udemy discount offered for each course to enroll in the full course. Moving forward I will also have Udemy discounts for courses made by other prominent instructors.

Business Plan Course Discounts & Coupons

How to write a business plan - part of the full course on how to start a business (cheaper with this link if you just want to learn about how to create a business plan).

Business plan course Udemy discount code


How to start a business: step by step guide – this course is based on research of 300,000 entrepreneurs, and the questions they had when they were trying to start their businesses.

Business course udemy coupon code

How to find your business niche - helpful if you are trying to figure out what is a good business to get into


How to write a marketing plan - don’t start a business without having a very strong marketing plan for your business

Marketing plan udemy course coupon

Udemy Discount Codes And Coupons On Amazing Marketing Courses


Marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people - my most loved and most comprehensive course with 14 hours of tutorials on how to grow your business in MANY different ways. This is an epic marketing courses with over 13 hours of content and over 120 lectures on SEO, social media marketing, and many more ways to promote your business.

Marketing strategies course coupon

Smart and savvy SEO that really does get you traffic - I share strategies I used to grow my business to reach well over 1,000,000 people (this course is a part of the course with marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people).

Advanced social media marketing - learn how professional marketers approach social media marketing and how you can improve to actually get clients from it (this course is a part of the course with marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people).

How to get publicity for your business - get a lot of traffic, improve your reputation and branding, and get clients by getting publicity

Facebook marketing to increase engagement 1000% - get more clients from your Facebook marketing efforts. Conclusions from industry research and my own findings.

Twitter marketing strategies to raise engagement 1000% - strategies that work to get much more out of your Twitter marketing

Advanced Twitter marketing with automation – learn how to automate your account 95% and get more followers, traffic from Twitter, and leads for your business.

Local business marketing - if you have a local business, this course has a great collection of promotional strategies that really work

Event management and marketing - learn to put on successful events and use that as a channel to make money or grow an existing business

event marketing Udemy coupon

YouTube marketing - learn to rank videos on YouTube AND Google search. See how I got 1,000,000 views on YouTube for my channel.

Offline marketing - offline promotional strategies for your business that work


LinkedIn marketing - get leads and sales from the specific strategy outlined in this course

Personal branding on steroids - position yourself as a celebrity as a celebrity in your niche and get more authority, sales, trust and recognition

Link-building for SEO - top and creative strategies to get authoritative and relevant links for SEO, which is still the #1 way to get your website to rank highly in Google

How I got 50+ radio show and podcast guest appearances in one year – learn my strategies for getting publicity on the radio and on podcast shows every week. Reach thousands upon thousands of people and generate leads and sales with my strategies.

Business card marketing and networking – learn to promote your business with networking and business cards.


Promote your business with fliers – learn to promote your business by creating and passing out fliers the right way.

Flier marketing course coupon

Udemy Coupons And Discounts On How To Make Money Online And Raising Money


22 strategies to make money online - this course should pay for itself if just one of the strategies works for you. It is a great collection of strategies

How to make significant money on Fiverr - learn strategies from top sellers on Fiverr

Fundraising strategies to raise money for your business – part of the full course on how to start a business

Affiliate marketing - generate more income from home or add a revenue stream to an existing business. This course should quickly pay for itself.

How to increase sales - a collection of sales tips and strategies that are sure to help you make much more money

How to make up to 1000% more money from customers – strategies to get your customers to have a longer lifetime relationship with your business, buy more products and services and spend more money with your business.

How to make money on Etsy - complete course on how to make your Etsy course a success, even if you don’t actually make your own products

How to sell with video - 5 different video formats that can help you sell more of anything

Udemy Discount Coupons On Mobile App Courses


Learn Android mobile app development - make your own Android apps or get a well paying job

How to create a successful mobile app business - (my best and most loved course) learn from my approach in which I got 1,000,000 app downloads and made it into a successful business.

Business Law Udemy Course Discounts


How to check for trademarks - make sure your business name, website or logo does not infringe on existing trademarks so you can be safe. Every business should do this, and this course saves money on not having to hire a lawyer

Business and start-up law - learn law associated with hiring, firing, online privacy, business registration, and more. US law only

Courses On How to Set Up Your Website


How to find a great domain name for your business - and even make money buying good domains and selling them

How to build a WordPress website in 1 day - yes, build your own basic website in just 1 day and get your business started

Course Discounts And Coupons On How To Write Books And Sell Them On Amazon And Kindle


How to write a book without writing a single word – especially if you have ideas and think you might not be a good writer or don’t have time to write.

How to become an Amazon best selling author - sell more books and improve your reputation and have something amazing to put on your resume

Course Discount Coupons On Other Entrepreneurship And Business Topics


How to find a voice that resonates with your customers – if you want your customers to like your business and engage with it, you need to approach them the right way. In this course you learn rather advanced strategies for doing that.

Basic business finances introduction – all entrepreneurs must understand these issues at least to some degree

Real estate careers – learn how to get into real estate, which is historically the best and most lucrative industry, consistently over many decades

How to improve your website’s usability and conversion – make more money without having to increase traffic by increasing conversion rates and usability throughout your website

How to start a WordPress plugins business – WordPress powers 20% of all websites online and this can be a very good and inexpensive business to get into

Bitcoin – learn about Bitcoin, which is one of the hottest online trends today

Start-up stories – interviews of successful entrepreneurs on how they succeeded in business

Software project management – learn how to correctly run and make your software projects more successful

Introduction to marketing – great if you are new to marketing

How to create ads that sell – learn about creating effective ads and headlines

Productivity tips for people starting a business but working a 9-5 job – squeeze more out of the time you have to work on your business

Entrepreneurship – I share my tips on what it took for me to become a strong entrepreneur

How to become a business coach – or any other coach and make money teaching people what you love doing

Masterminds – how to set up mastermind groups and make money from them

Free Udemy Course Coupons


How to get business help with Problemio business apps – 4-app series on fundraising, business planning, marketing and business ideas

Experiment with analysis on how to build a business in record time – learn to start an ecommerce business on Etsy, what mistakes to avoid and what to do right

Health And Fitness Course Discounts And Coupons


Boxing and kickboxing – learn how to do boxing for fitness and self-defense. Plus many beginner lectures recently added to help you get off the ground

How to improve at any sport – learn how to become faster, stronger, smarter and decrease chance of injury, especially if you have children playing sports

Calisthenics – complete body workout without the gym. Save thousands of dollars on gym fees by doing calisthenics

High intensity interval training (HIIT) – one of the most effective workout routines practiced today. I use this and it really works to give you a good cardio and muscle building workout that gets results

1-hour Yoga class – just like you would have at the gym, but at your own home, any time, and for only $1 instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the gym

How to lose weight – a basic no-frills course that gives you the information you need. Plus it includes my own case study of losing weight

How to become a personal trainer – if you ever wanted to become a personal trainer or make money helping others become healthier, this is the course for you

How to work up to doing a pull-up – learn how to work up to doing a pull-up, and then progress to doing many pull-ups.

Video Explaining all the courses and coupons and how these courses help people

Udemy Course Discount Android App

This is the link to the Udemy discount Android app.

My Android app that provides Udemy course discounts and coupons just launched. I will continue to work on the app to bring you a bigger and bigger selection of Udemy course discounts and coupons so that you can leverage elearning to improve your career, make more money, or simply have a healthier or happier lifestyle.

There are over 20,000 courses on Udemy, and you can learn just about anything on Udemy. What this app will do is find coupons and discount codes for more and more Udemy courses, and bring you Udemy course discounts for up to 97% OFF the regular price, and some coupons to make the courses free.

This app will help you make your continuing education affordable and enjoyable because the courses are all video-based courses. Since the courses are almost entirely video, it will take you a much shorter amount of time to learn something from the course instead of learning it from a book. And since this app gives you very steep discounts, your learning experience will also be much cheaper than even some books, and much cheaper than hiring a coach.

Go ahead and download our Udemy discounts and coupon codes app, and begin your journey to learn anything.

This version of the app is the alpha release. The alpha release contains disconts and coupons on 25 Udemy courses including:

- Discounts and coupons on marketing courses on SEO, social media with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and publicity
- Discounts and coupons on health and fitness courses on boxing, kickboxing and calisthenics
- Discounts and coupons on entrepreneurship courses that teach people how to write a business plan, how to start a business, business law, and other entrepreneurship concepts.
- Discounts and coupons on software development courses like Android software development and programming with mobile app marketing
- Discounts and coupons on philosophy online course

In the next versions of the apps we will add more online course categories to have Udemy course discounts on additional types of courses like the development category on Udemy. Within that category, some of the online courses cover topics like design, web development, mobile apps, game development, database programming, software testing, software engineering, development tools, and courses on ecommerce.

Another category of elearning courses we hope to bring you soon are discount coupons on more business courses. Some of the subcategories in the business course category are: finance, entrepreneurship, business communication, management, business strategy, sales, operations, business and startup law, data, analytics, home business, human resources and real estate.

Another Udemy course category is office productivity covering software from Apple, Google, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and other software from Fortune 500 companies.

Another Udemy course category is personal development. Some of the course discounts and coupons that we will bring you will be on personal development, leadership, productivity, personal finance, relationships and parenting courses, happiness, career development, religion, spirituality, personal brand building, happiness, self esteem, stress management and motivation.

Another Udemy course category where we plan to add coupons to bring you great discounts is the marketing category. The marketing category includes sub-categories with courses on digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing course that cover the biggest social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and others courses like business branding, analytics, marketing automation, marketing introduction and fundamentals, public relations, advertising courses, video marketing and mobile app marketing courses, content marketing, non-digital marketing, growth hacking, and affiliate marketing.

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