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How To Write A Business Plan And Start A Lawn Care Business

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Many people write to me and ask me how to write a business plan for a lawn care or a landscaping business. And, of course, they don’t just want to plan the business. They want to actually get started and grow their business. So in this article I will outline the important parts of a business plan for a lawn care business and what to look for as you start and grow this business.
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Marketing Your Business With Flyers: Ideas, Tips And Strategy

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Since this post is a bit long, here are internal links to the different sections for this page to make reading this page more convenient for you:

Book And Course To Help You Promote Your Local Business

I recently published a book on local business marketing that includes flier marketing and much more. You can get it on Amazon as a hardcopy or a Kindle version (if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read the book on the Kindle version of your smartphone).

If you prefer learning with video instead of reading, you can take my local business marketing course (it has a few free preview lectures – browse the full list of lectures to see if that course might be right for you).

Why Flier Marketing Is Still So Effective To Promote Your Business

There are so many cool ways to promote your business like social media marketing, YouTube, SEO (search engine optimization) and many other online and offline techniques. So, why is flier marketing still so effective?

The answer lies in two general truths. The first is that people still often prefer to have something in their hands that they can touch, feel, save on their desks or shelves and come back to when they are ready. They can save the flier in case they don’t necessarily need it right there and then, but think that they might make use of it later. The second reason flier marketing is still so effective is a little bit more practical. It is that YOU decide who gets the flier, and there are various levels of complexity for how you can decide on, and hone in on the most ideal people to whom to give your flyers. Precisely this hyper-targeting of your potentially ideal clients is what often makes marketing with flyers so effective.

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Demographics, Psychographics and Geo-targeting With Flier Advertising

What are these fancy terms? Let me define them for you.

Demographics: measurable attributes of your target customers like age, sex (not “yes please” but male/female), education level, income level, where they live and the affluence of that neighborhood, their political affiliation, and many additional concrete and measurable attributes.

Psycho-graphics: these are not measurable but still important attributes about your target customers. These are things like interests, hobbies, needs, fears, desires, hopes, insecurities, things they feel that they are lacking and need in their lives.

Geo-graphics: this is basically where these people live. For many local businesses, you must find customers who are local and live within a certain radius.

Now let’s explore how you can identify the demographics, psycho-graphics and geo-targeting of your most ideal potential customers to whom you will give your flyers.

Article Update: many people asked me for all the possible offline marketing strategies that can be used to promote their business, and I created a full online course that will teach you how to do offline marketing like a pro.

Here is a discount link to my full course on how to promote your business with flyers. This course teaches you how to make flyers that get people’s attention, and help you convert people into customers. Check out the full course curriculum and watch the free preview lectures to see exactly what you will be getting in the course. And if you want to browse listings of all my best courses, here is a list of 60 Udemy course discounts.

Flier marketing course

And here is a discount link to my full and very loved marketing course on how to reach 1,000,000 people. This course has 13 hours of video tutorials, and tips on offline marketing, advanced social media marketing, search engine optimization, and much more.

Marketing strategies course coupon

And if you are a first-time entrepreneur, check out this course on how to start a business, which you might also find very helpful as you work on building your company.
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How To Write A Business Plan For And Open A Store Or A Boutique

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Many people email me or ask directly on my apps how to write a business plan for a store or a boutique. Additionally, people don’t want to just plan this business. They want to start these businesses and eventually open a store or a boutique. In this article I will explain the challenges with planning and opening a store, and how you can overcome those challenges.
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When To Hire A Freelance Web Developer Or A Software Development Agency

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When people get business ideas, one of their first thoughts is how to get that idea built and developed. Naturally, since most businesses are on the web these days, the people with the business ideas begin thinking about hiring someone to create the website or mobile app for their idea. Usually, their choices are to make the website themselves, partner with someone to create it, hire a freelance web developer or a software engineer, or hire a web development agency. In this article I will explain the pros and cons of each approach.
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