When To Hire A Freelance Web Developer Or A Software Development Agency

When To Hire A Freelance Web Developer Or A Software Development Agency

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When people get business ideas, one of their first thoughts is how to get that idea built and developed. Naturally, since most businesses are on the web these days, the people with the business ideas begin thinking about hiring someone to create the website or mobile app for their idea. Usually, their choices are to make the website themselves, partner with someone to create it, hire a freelance web developer or a software engineer, or hire a web development agency. In this article I will explain the pros and cons of each approach.

Creating The Product On Your Own

Before going out to hire a web developer or sign a contract with a software development agency, try to see whether you can simplify the initial version of the product so that you can create it on your own. Many people feel intimidated when it comes to having to create their own website or app, but in recent years the process of creating your own websites has been simplified dramatically.

Here is our tutorial on how to create your own blog or website in just one day, on your own and with minimal cost. Try to do things on your own when you start. It will be the cheapest and most flexible way to do things when you start, especially if at some point you need to make changes to the site or change business direction.

Partnering With Someone Who Can Create The Site

If you can’t create the product on your own, before going out and hiring a web developer or a software development agency, try to find a great business partner who is technical. It isn’t easy to find a great technical business partner. The process can take months. But if you do find a great technical business partner, it can be great for your business long-term. Here is an article about what to look for in business partners. And here is a video tutorial with some tips for how to find a business partner.

I recommend giving this a serious try before hiring a freelance web developer or a web development agency.

Hiring A Freelance Web Developer

If you do decide to hire someone to create your website, the cheapest option is to hire someone from a company like Elance or somewhere similar. There, the developers have a history of projects they did before. And you can see whether a particular developer.

The challenge is that paying a developer to create your website or app is expensive. It can range from a few thousand dollars to a few tens of thousands of dollars. And you have the risk that what you get at the end is not exactly what you thought you would get. Additionally, it is rare that a developer is good at both design and coding. So chances are that you may need to also hire a freelance web designer to supplement the work that was created by the freelance software engineer.

Hiring A Web Development Agency

Hiring a web development agency is the most expensive option, but it is also the option that is likely to get you the highest quality product. Web development agencies typically have a full team of software engineers and designers who are used to working together, and can create a product that looks good, and functions well. Agencies typically also do the most professional job of collaborating with you throughout the project to make sure that you end up with the product you wanted.

The risk with contracting a web development agency is that they are the most expensive option. Additionally, they know that once people are in the middle of projects with them, it is extremely difficult for people to leave them because they are already significantly financially invested. And the web development agencies can often take full advantage of that fact in the sales process.

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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