Best Amazon Kindle Business Apps

Best Amazon Kindle Business Apps

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There are many apps on the Kindle from Amazon, but this article will argue why a certain 4-app course is the single best product for business there is on the entire Kindle (books and apps).

Why These Kindle Apps Are So Helpful

The apps come as a 4-app course and help in 3 very distinct ways. First, they have many written tutorials that cover topics such as business planning, marketing, business ideas and fundraising. The tutorials come from questions that entrepreneurs just like you have asked before on our apps, and we are constantly adding articles and tutorials.

The second way the apps help is by giving you software tools to create a little business plan in a template, your marketing plan, and organize your fundraising plans.

The third reason, and this is the reason why the apps are most helpful product on all of Amazon, is that you can get live expert help right on the apps by chatting with an experienced entrepreneur. The apps have a 1-time fee (very cheap), but after that you can ask an unlimited amount of questions. And that is an incredible value that you can’t get anywhere else.

The business idea app

The business idea app is the first app in the 4-app business course on the Kindle. It is intended for people who are either looking for a business idea, or are wondering how to choose one idea from a few that they may have, and to help them understand which business idea may be best for them.

The business idea app also allows for the creation of a small business plan, and access to expert help so that you may get guidance in thinking through your business ideas.

Here is the business idea app on the Amazon Kindle.

The business plan app

The business plan explains how to write your own business plan, and has a tutorial for each section of a business plan. The tutorials explain how to identify your target market, what is a business model, and much more.

Additionally, you can not only plan your business, but use the step-by-step guide that is right inside the app to start your business.

Here is the Amazon Kindle business plan app. It is the second app in the 4-app business course on the Kindle.

The marketing app

The marketing app teaches you the fundamentals of marketing. Even if you have never promoted anything before, the app has the most basic tutorials, and takes you through multiple guides on how to promote your business via different social networks, online marketing and offline marketing. Once you become confident with how to promote your business, you can then create and organize your marketing plans right on the app.

Here is the Amazon Kindle marketing app. It is the third app in the 4-app business course on the Kindle.

The fundraising app

Of course, most entrepreneurs need to raise money. In fact, about 90% of entrepreneurs try to raise money at one time or another. And most entrepreneurs do not take advantage of all the ways in which they can raise money. The Kindle business app for fundraising explains how to get the most out of grants, loans, investments, and donations via crowdfunding.

The Kindle business app for fundraising also goes over how to do some creative fundraising in case the four options above do not work out for any reason. Here is the Kindle fundraising app. It is the fourth app in the 4-app business course on the Kindle.

Want More Help Than Just On The Apps?

In addition to these Kindle business apps, I have written two business books, created eight online courses covering different business topics, and provide one on one business coaching and mentoring to give your business the support it needs to be a success.

One of my business books covers how to go from business ideas to starting a business. My other book focuses on marketing, and getting clients. Advertising and getting customers will be one of your main focus points once you start your business. The marketing book teaches you how to get great exposure for your business by leveraging cutting edge marketing strategies.

My eight business courses cover topics like business ideas, business planning, raising money, and starting a business. Some of my other courses focus on marketing. Specific marketing courses cover SEO, advanced social media, and affiliate marketing. Here is the link to learn more about the online business courses.

And if you would like one on one help, you are welcome to hire me as a business coach and mentor, and together we will create a strategy to make your business a success, and I will even help you execute parts of that strategy. Here is a page to learn more about my business coaching services.

Want to start your own app business? Check out my book on how to start a successful mobile app business.

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