5 Must Read Books for Every Ecommerce Entrepreneur

5 Must Read Books for Every Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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As someone in eCommerce, whether you’re just starting or an old hand, you’ve probably enjoyed reading a multitude of blog posts, listening to podcasts, and even watching the odd video or two. While they are plenty helpful, they’re not going to provide you with the in-depth look you want to find, nor are they are inspirational as a book could be. There are certain books that every entrepreneur needs to read, they’re going to change the way you think and the way you approach life.


  1. Elon Musk

He is pretty much the closest thing to Tony Stark we have in real life. This book is a glimpse into how his mind works, and while this isn’t the story of a man who shrugged off rags to achieve riches, what it is, is an inspiration about how one person can change the world. He sees things differently than the rest of us, and that is part of his recipe for success.


  1. Steve Jobs

The man who wrote the book, Walter Isaacson, sat down and interviewed Steve Jobs over the course of two years. He also spoke with his family, friends, colleagues, competitors, and adversaries. Now, we think of the late Steve Jobs as the titan of Apple, it’s easy to forget that he started the company in his garage. That company is now the world’s most valuable and despite getting knocked down and kicked out, he came back stronger and better than ever. This is an inspirational book that will help you stay the course as you chase your dream of making your business a reality.


  1. Lead With A Story  

One of the biggest lessons for eCommerce entrepreneurs is the importance of leading with a story. If you can’t do that then you become another website on the internet, another faceless brand that means nothing. However, when you lead with a story you can transform your brand into one that speaks to its customers. It provides you with the opportunity to stand out and separate yourself from the competition. Paul Smith tells you how you can do this.


  1. Zero To One

Peter Thiel walks you through what he’s learned in his path to success. He should know about launching successful businesses because he’s done it multiple times. What can you learn from him? Just how important innovation is and how in this you can give your business a unique edge in the market.


  1. The Startup Owner’s Manual

This is exactly what it sounds like – a manual that you can turn to every step of the way. You’ll learn how to breathe life into your idea and develop your business. Steve Blank and Bob Dorf have provided you with four key steps to help you attain success.

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