Hi, my name is Alex Genadinik, and welcome to my blog!

I created many resources for entrepreneurs. I discuss them later on this page, but first, get to know me. Here is my video. 🙂

Now let me share a little bit about me.

I Created Some Of The Top Mobile Apps For Business

I am the creator of some of the top mobile apps for planning, starting, and growing your business with 400,000 downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle. The apps cover business ideas, business planning, marketing and raising money for your business. This blog covers similar topics. Here is a page that talks more about my business apps.

I Wrote 15+ Business And Marketing Books

I am an author of two business books. One is on going from business ideas to starting a business. And the other book is a marketing book about getting great scale with your business marketing. Here is the link to my marketing and business books.

I Created A Number Of Very Helpful And Informative Business Courses

I also created 8 business courses on Udemy covering topics such as SEO, social media marketing, starting a business, and similar topics. Here is a page with discounts and coupons to all my Udemy courses.

I Host A Popular Business Channel On YouTube

I have over 500 business tutorials on YouTube and recently crossed 1,000,000 views for my business videos on YouTube. YouTube is one of my favorite platforms. Follow me there, and subscribe to and see what I do next. Plus, the channel has a wealth of ever-growing resources that can help you with your business.

I Can Get You Publicity

I have a number of large media channels that I own, and I have many contacts who host radio shows, podcasts, and maintain popular blogs and websites. Learn more about how I can help you get press coverage, publicity and SEO help.

You Can Hire Me As Your Business Coach And Mentor

You are welcome to hire me as a business coach, or a marketing consultant. Here is the page about how I work as a business coach. This would be like adding rocket fuel to your business!

Contact Me

But I am not all about work. I love soccer, animals, and the outdoors 🙂

Email Alex at: alex.genadinik@gmail.com

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