Advanced Social Media Marketing Course To Get Large Scale Traffic

Advanced Social Media Marketing Course To Get Large Scale Traffic

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I am excited to tell you about my advanced social media course which is available on Udemy. Udemy is one of the top platforms for creating online courses, and it is a very reputable site. Here is the advanced social media marketing course on Udemy.

I think you will love my course on advanced social media marketing. I packed quite a bit of insightful information into the course, with many actionable and practical suggestions. Let me tell you a little bit about how the course is structured.

Part One: Social Media Marketing Basics

The first section of the course focuses on the basis to make sure that you have solid social media marketing fundamentals. I discuss what mistakes to avoid, and the common patterns for successful social media marketing campaigns. I end the first section by giving you a glimpse of some advanced social media marketing strategies like combining social media with search based platforms. Combining search and social media by taking advantage of both of these on particular social platforms, amplifies the results you get from each.

Part Two: How To Do Social Media Marketing Right

Since everyone asks about Facebook and Twitter marketing, in the second part of the course, I cover those platforms first. Then I get into other social media website which can give you large exposure in a number of different ways.

I consistently emphasize finding ways to leverage social media sites where a large part of the content discovery is driven through search. For example, on YouTube, many videos are discovered via search. Once people discover you, if your content is great, people can subscribe to your channel, and then become regular viewers, and share your videos. This pattern repeats across many social media websites, and can give you the best of both worlds: search and social media. Additionally, I discuss how to get your social media listings to appear in Google search results. So you aren’t just doing social media, your social media effectively also becomes a large part of your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

Other Marketing Courses

In addition to this advanced social media marketing course, I have a couple of other courses that focus on different aspects of marketing. One of the courses is a search engine optimization (SEO) course. Additionally, there is a separate course on affiliate marketing that teaches you how to make money doing affiliate marketing.

Alternative Ways To Learn Marketing

Don’t want to take a video-based course? No problem.  I created a number of iPhone, Android, and Kindle apps that help you learn marketing as well as help you to plan and start your business. Here is a full list of all my business apps.

And, of curse, if you feel that you may need help in a one on one setting, you can hire me as a business coach, and I will give you all the individual attention you need until you feel confident about how to effectively promote your business.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my marketing plan and strategy book. I packed an incredible amount of insight into that book, and I feel that it will transform you as a marketer, and make you a much more effective marketer, especially if you are new to marketing.

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