Advantages Of Paid Facebook Marketing

Advantages Of Paid Facebook Marketing

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I realize that most people want free marketing. But paid marketing can also be effective if it brings you high quality leads that convert to customers. The great thing about paid Facebook marketing is that for once, your and Facebook’s interests are aligned. Facebook will eagerly sell you traffic and even give you the tools to succeed because it wants their paid ad program to work out for you so that you keep buying more ads from them. To help you find potential customers, Facebook gives you great targeting tools. With those targeting tools you can pick out the exact characteristics of your ideal potential customer.

Facebook knows a great deal about people. They know what things we like, our hobbies, our jobs, our age, where we live, who our friends are, what we regularly discuss, and much more. So if you ever need to target a certain kind of person with particular interests, hobbies, or any other attribute, Facebook’s paid marketing product probably has the best targeting tools in the world for that.

Different businesses have to evaluate and experiment whether Google AdWords or Facebook paid ads may work better for them. To illustrate the contrast between Google AdWords and Facebook’s paid marketing, let me explain how Google AdWords helps you target people.

With Google’s paid ads you can also target by location, but Google doesn’t know as much about people as Facebook does. Google’s real strength is that when people search, by typing their search into Google, they literally tell Google exactly what they want at exactly the time that they want it. That combination is extremely powerful. Let’s focus on that for a second.

When most people need to buy something, they tend to schedule some part of their week to focus on the shopping. Even if they know that they need to buy some item, most of the time they are busy doing other things like work, errands, enjoying family or leisure time. Most of the time is not the right time to shop for the product that they actually need. That is why when people type searches into Google and tell Google what they need at the exact moment, it is such a powerful combination. Facebook doesn’t have a way to hone in on the timing and the intent like Google can. Instead, Facebook’s strength is that it gathers many pieces of information about each person, and you can choose what information is relevant for signaling that a particular person may become a good potential lead.

For example, if you sell something to parents, you can target them on Facebook. You can even target just female parents (moms). You can even target parents who are of a certain age. So if your product is something that young moms tend to buy or appreciate, then Facebook’s paid marketing may be a great option for you.

Keep in mind that this is just theory. You must test this out in the real world to see if the theory holds up in practice, and you are able to reach the type of people who are ideal for your business.

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