Facebook Marketing Costs

Facebook Marketing Costs

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Let’s go over a few ways to look at how much it really costs to promote your business on Facebook. Some of the costs are obvious, but some of the costs require a little bit more focus before their extent is fully realized.

Most people view Facebook as an opportunity for free marketing. But there is no such thing as free marketing. You must devote time and effort to creating posts, and creating the content for those posts. While many people see these as trivial, it isn’t trivial because it also makes your marketing efforts dis-focused if you are promoting your business on other platforms. And the time it takes to promote things on Facebook is taken away from other marketing strategies.

Additionally, one of the biggest costs isn’t what you lose in terms of time and effort, but the wasted time (weeks? months?) before you actually start to get clients from your marketing efforts. For example, if you decide to focus mostly on the marketing of your business page, and this does not result in sales, the real cost is all the missed revenue for your business. That is why I always suggest to plan your marketing strategies carefully to make sure that the ultimate marketing strategy you choose is one that can result in getting you clients.

In addition to unstated costs, there are very clear stated costs to Facebook marketing when you use the Facebook paid marketing option. You can buy traffic to click on your ad and go to your site, to buy Facebook likes, and to buy something called boosted posts which is the way to get all the people who liked your business page to actually see your updates. Most marketers try to use Facebook’s paid option to drive traffic to something they are selling or from which they can make money. The cost is typically only slightly less than targeting similar traffic with Google Adwords.

Additionally, here is a video on the advantages of paid Facebook marketing.

25 Strategies To Promote Your Business On Facebook

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