Where To Get Business Help And Advice

Where To Get Business Help And Advice

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Between my apps, YouTube channel, courses, business coaching, publicity, and guest writing about business on large websites and various other media, I have reached around 1,000,000 entrepreneurs. After dealing with so many hopeful entrepreneurs, I understand exactly what holds most people back, and I am happy to offer solutions that I think will help entrepreneurs the most.

Join My Entrepreneur Community

The single biggest reasons entrepreneurs fail is that they don’t have a support network. Without a support network, entrepreneurs are never able to get good advice, make mistakes, get discouraged, and quit. This is heartbreaking because this is such an avoidable phenomenon. Here is the page to learn more about how our entrepreneur community┬ácan help you as you start your business.

Try My Mobile Apps To Learn About Business On The Go

If you don’t want to get business help by joining a community of entrepreneurs just like you, and want to work on your business privately, I created mobile apps for entrepreneurs that help you write a business plan, learn about your marketing and your fundraising. The apps are great because you can use them on the go, no matter where you are.

The apps offer business help in 3 ways:

  • – Tutorials on different parts of business planning, fundraising, business ideas, and marketing.
  • – Expert business advice to answer your questions via text chat by me, right on the apps.
  • – Tools to help you write your business plan, marketing plan and a fundraising plan right on the apps, and download them to your email.

If You Prefer Learning By Reading, Try My Two Business Books

Many people who get business help on my mobile (Android, iPhone and Kindle) apps love reading the tutorials so much that I wrote two business books packed with much more information. The first book is on starting a business and the second book is about marketing a business.

I wrote the business book on starting a business after doing tremendous research. Once 300,000 entrepreneurs used my business apps, I took all the questions all of them ever asked on the apps, and organized them into chapters and sections for the book. That way the book addresses any issue or questions that entrepreneurs might need help with, or advice. Here is the business idea book.

The marketing plan book is the second book in this series. The marketing book is meant to be used along side the business book because once you start your business, you need to be able to successfully promote your business to grow it.

If You Prefer Learning By Watching Video, Try My Courses

If you need business help or business advice, and don’t necessarily want to read book or join a community of entrepreneurs, I created 15 video-based courses on topics like starting a business, promoting your business, and many other issues. Here is a list of my business courses.

Get One On One Coaching From Me

If you feel that you might want to get business advice from me by talking to me directly, and asking particular questions that you may have, I am happy to provide business help as a business coach. You can learn more about how I can help your business and give you business advice as a business coach here.

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