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“Eventuality”: Promoting Your Event

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Promoting any event requires a lot of pre-planning. Whether it’s a live event, or a trade show, or you run a business organizing speed dating, the basics are the same, you need the marketing campaign to run along the right grooves, and you need to get enough people to fill the event so it becomes a profitable affair. But with the amount of modern tools to get people to events, do we even need to worry about attendance anymore? In short, yes.

The pre-production stage of any live event is all in the best few marketing methods available. Many companies would wage out an all-over attack on the senses by getting their promotional materials onto as many different platforms as they can. This can cause a sense of annoyance for the casual customer seeing the same ads pop up on their newsfeed, and can turn them off the event. By choosing just a few select channels to promote your event, and to the right target markets, it will prove to be a more effective approach in the localities of where the event is due to take place.

The supplementary materials for promotion can help to gather interest because of the personality it gives you. A video or vlog are a dime a dozen, but it’s an essential part of promoting a live event now. Even theatre productions have online trailers, which is mixing the message across different platforms. If you work with local sponsors, this can be a good way to get some funding to create a better quality of promotional material. But you can always take the rustic approach and work on a poster design or two. Using poster maker software now means that even the least artistically inclined among us can knock out a poster that carries some swag, and with the amount of online promotional materials, it is refreshing to see something in the flesh on occasion!

Marketing the event on the day itself is a totally different beast to the build-up prior. This is where your marketing campaign has to go into overdrive and the tweets need to be flying out thick and fast, and social media has become such a fantastic tool for real-time updates, making an event hashtag and adding photos and videos adds to the anticipation for an event. While you may be in overdrive getting your event ready at the last minute, there are programs like Hootsuite you can use to schedule your social media updates. As much as an event is about being there in person, there could be many that are unable to attend but are able to view it via their phones, which is why live streaming is such a popular method to take now, so if you are looking low in numbers on the day, you may make up for it by having people view it online. Although the feeling of a live event is totally dissimilar to viewing it on a computer screen, that obstacle can be overcome somewhat by having a team film the event to a high standard.

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Los Angeles based SEO consultant and agency

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I recently worked with a client who ran an SEO agency in Los Angeles. We talked about how to promote such a business, and I wanted to share some of the tips in this blog post.

Take a look at their website so you can follow along with my points on it.

What I like about the site is that they practice what they preach, and themselves do SEO and content marketing on their site. What I would have liked though is a slightly less magazine feel to the site, and a slightly more emphasis on them as an agency for hire.

If the site was positioned more as a direct agency or consultancy, it would have made sense to add more social proof to the home page, case studies, and other things to build authority for them as the best SEO agency or consultancy in Los Angeles.

What I would also suggest doing is focusing on local Los Angeles area search through Yelp, Google Business and local map,, other local listing websites, YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO. You could also create a local meetup group for small business owners and teach them about SEO. Once you teach them, many people will realize that they can’t or don’t want to do it on their own, and they will want to hire you to do their SEO for them. Events can be a great way to collect payment revenue for attendance and at the same time have the attendees become leads for your SEO business.

Lastly, you must to linkbuilding for your website, and make it more authoritative in Google so that it ranks higher in Google search. Some popular ways to build links are asking business contacts, networking within your topic area and with other small business owners online and bloggers, appearing on podcasts (try because someotimes the podcasts have a show notes page on their blog from which they can link to your site, and answering HARO (help a reporter out) queries. A pro move to build links is to befriend a journalist or an article writer so that they can link to your site whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you run events, you can post the links to your event pages that are on your site on the event websites, and get links that way as well.

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How to Successfully Maintain a Positive Company Culture

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Running a company is about more than just crunching the numbers. Too often, a business will have an underlying set of values that is not overtly expressed to their team. It has been found that an effort must be made toward creating a corporate culture which is positive, conducive to nurturing talent, and rewarding of team members’ efforts.

We are going to go over some of the ways that management and team leaders can achieve this.

Be Intentional

It will be of use to you to sit down and to write out the values that you want to instil in those who work for you. The bottom line is very important, but the manner in which that end is reached is of even greater importance. The less you leave to chance, the greater likelihood that your employees will know exactly what is expected of them. Communicate your expectations to your staff via memos and workplace training modules, and find opportunities to reinforce desirable behaviour.

Lead by Example

Your corporate philosophies will best be followed when your staff see you living them day in and day out. The more you spend time with them, the greater opportunity they have to observe you in different situations. When people see you as a person of integrity, they are very likely to trust you and to look up to you. Your leadership will be solidified by your consistent demonstration of what you say you believe.

Hire Based on Your Stated Mission

The philosophies and goals that you’ve outlined and have strived to live by must be exemplified in those that become a part of your team. You should be upfront in your advertising that you are looking for a certain type of person, so that you will attract those with the right temperament. By hiring those from the outset that will reflect your company’s goals, you will be setting yourself up for success from the start.

Host Special Events

A great way to create an enjoyable and upbeat company atmosphere is to go to summer corporate events together. These are an opportunity to take a break and to have some fun. There are a variety of activities that you can engage in, whether it’s a sporting event or musical entertainment. This is a chance to get outside while showing your employees that you truly value their contributions.

Provide Examples to Follow

Along with providing the example of yourself, you may want to highlight staff members who have shown an unusual adherence to your desire of having a positive company culture. You can have a special award that you present and a recommendation process that involves other co-workers nominating someone observed going above and beyond in their day-to-day work. This will add the element of surprise and will provide the added encouragement of knowing their peers also appreciate them.

Know What to Avoid

A business owner can sometimes fall prey to the temptation of putting profits ahead of maintaining a healthy company culture. They may be desirous of hiring the bad-tempered person who is known to produce great results. They may also hesitate to discipline a manager whose attitude sours those of the people around him or her. The outcome may be that a single person’s productivity will not outshine their effect to the overall mood of your company.

In order to maintain a good environment within, all must be willing to play their part.

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Change Up Your Morning Routine and Improve Your Productivity

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Even small changes in your your morning routine have the potential to increase your productivity throughout your day. Research shows that self-control and energy are linked intricately, and needless to say, you’ll need both to finish your daily tasks.

However, energy is finite, and you will tire throughout the day, as your body acts like an individual muscle. The more tired we get, the more difficult we find exerting self-control to focus on our work, which in turn makes us perceive our tasks to be more difficult. This makes our morning hours the most important part of the day, and it’s crucial to use them wisely.

So, here are a few tools to change up your morning routine to improve your productivity.

-Preparation. Waking up and not being prepared for the workday will cause unnecessary stress, as well as eat up precious time and energy. Remember that your morning hours are the most productive, and you don’t need to waste them on figuring out what to wear for a meeting or how to get there.

Waking up, you should have your schedule laid out for the day and sufficient time to complete it. Start your morning the night before to limit the amount of tasks you need to complete when starting the day!

-Light. Flipping on your light switches or opening the curtains will help you wake up. This is because light sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to be awake and to stop producing melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone.

For the very same reason, don’t keep your phone near you when you sleep—the same goes for artificially lit screens such as televisions, iPads, and iPhones right before bedtime or during your sleep. You may even consider turning your alarm so that the light faces away from you. After all, you can only wake up rested and alert after a good night’s sleep.

-Rise early. There are an abundance of reasons to get up early in the morning. Our modern day working lives seem to naturally cater to early risers, who get a head start before the rest of the world wakes up. It’s easier to carve out personal time in the morning than it is to do so after work. Studies suggest morning people are be more proactive and agree with statements like “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself.” A proactive attitude leads to more productivity, and you’ll end up getting more things done.

You’ll also have time to eat a proper breakfast when you rise early, which will give you the energy needed to keep going. Studies have even shown morning people to be both happier and healthier, although the health component makes a lot of sense just by having enough time to eat breakfast, cater to your personal needs, and exercise.

-Exercise. Start your morning with some yoga, a run, or a brisk walk—really anything to get your blood moving—and you’ll start the day refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world. Entrepreneurs not only tend to be early risers, but also tend to use their morning hours to exercise.

There are numerous examples of successful people getting up early to work out, such as former FLOTUS Michelle Obama who starts her day at 4:30 a.m. to squeeze in some exercise before her kids wake up. GE CEO Jeff Immelt gets up at 5:30 a.m. for cardio work out, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey rises before dawn for a 6-mile run, and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz manages a bike ride with his wife before getting to work at 6 a.m.

-Be Positive. Now, when you are rising early and properly preparing for the day, have enough time for exercise, breakfast and personal time, you should already feel calmer and more focused to tackle the day’s challenges. But, you might want to add a simple morning routine to embrace the day fully, which is making a list of three things you’re thankful for. If your repeat this list every morning, you will start the day on a high note, which will help you set the tone for whatever challenges the day will bring.

Don’t forget, it’s the choices that we repeatedly make each and every day that determine the life we live, and to a large degree also the health we enjoy. And most importantly, as we spend the largest slice of our waking hours at work, it determines the work we create and the legacy we leave behind.

The personal time included in your new morning routine will also help you stay tuned with your inner self. Since all of us spend most of our time working, we all need to check in with ourselves regularly to make sure we are focusing our time and energy on the right causes. To end with an inspirational Steve Jobs quote:

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

Crush the GRE Test is an online resource dedicated to helping professionals pass the GRE Exam on their first try. They provide reviews of the best GRE prep resources and unmatched study strategies to fast track each student’s success. Learn more here.

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Becoming a Registered Nurse

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If you want the hands-on experience of helping people become healthier and happier, there is hardly a more rewarding career than nursing.  Those who seek to become registered nurses already carry within them the passion to help people against all odds.  Nurses must have patience, passion, and the fortitude to maneuver through physically and emotionally trying situations. If this sounds like you, then you may have a calling to become a nurse.  If you would like to become a nurse, there is no better time than to start now.  Below are the steps to becoming a registered nurse so you can begin your journey.

  1. Enroll in an Accredited Program.  There is a vast array of accredited programs available to those seeking to become an RN.  In fact, you can apply for nursing diplomas, associate degrees, or bachelor’s degrees.  Each program offers a different timeframe.  For example, a bachelor’s degree in nursing will take at least four years of full-time study because you will have to complete all other university requirements.  You will have to meet all grades necessary in general education classes on top of your nursing coursework.  Having a bachelor’s degree on your resume will show your employers that you have a well-rounded education that goes beyond nursing skills.  If you choose to get a bachelor’s, you may have an advantage to move up quicker into other roles such as advanced nursing, nursing consulting, or research.  Check out degrees in your state, such as California, Oregon, or RN programs in Pennsylvania.  Associate degrees, on the other hand, will take about two years of full-time study, which has the benefit of getting you out of school quicker.  This may be an appealing option if you are looking to save money or change careers quickly.

  2. Pass the NCLEX-RN Examination.  The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, or NCLEX-RN, is the exam that determines your candidacy to become a nurse.  Aspiring nurses are encouraged to register for their test as soon as possible to take it not long after graduation.  This will ensure that the information you learned in your education is still fresh in your mind.  All candidates will receive an Authorization to Test notification when the time comes to sign up for the exam.  The exam itself is computerized, and usually will include about 119 questions.  All parts of the exam must be completed within six hours.  If you do not pass, you must wait 45 days before you can attempt to pass the exam again.  The average pass rate in the nation is about 75%.  If you need additional help to pass your exam, do not hesitate to invest in more study materials or attend study groups so candidates can help each other.

  3. Get a License Issued in the State.  Before you can work legally as a nurse, you will have to obtain a nursing license.  It is required in every US state and territory, as well as the District of Columbia.  If you plan on working as a nurse in a particular state, consult the state board of nursing in that area to be sure of every step in the licensing process.  This is because every state will have different specifications, so you cannot know that one state will have the same requirements as another.

  4. Gain Additional Education.  After you become employed and gain experience, you may want to expand your skillset and portfolio to become more competitive among your colleagues.  Additional certification programs will prepare you for positions such as nursing management, or acute care. If you aspire to a certain position in nursing, then you will have to investigate whether it requires a master’s or even a doctorate in order to qualify.  Some positions, such as nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners, require master’s degree.  Professorial and research positions will often require a doctoral degree, and so on.

A career in nursing can be a rewarding endeavor. Consider the benefits of this path and decide whether becoming an RN is right for you.


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5 Way To Make Quick Cash Online Working Part Time

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As of the last year, a full 34 percent of working Americans (about 53 million adults) didn’t pull a steady paycheck from a single employer. Rather, they earned their living freelancing.

Freelancing doesn’t have to be complex, either. There are so many creative ways to generate income today, thanks in large part to the internet, which removes the obstacle of having to leave the house and go out to find work. Now, the internet brings the work to you.

In this post, learn five easy ways to make quick cash online by working part time.

Take Paid Surveys Online
Companies today are incredibly eager to connect with their customers. They are so eager, in fact, that it is hard to complete a transaction without getting surveyed about your experience!

But why take these surveys when you could be getting paid for taking company surveys instead?

It is easy to get started with this type of online work. In most cases, all you need to do is select a service, sign up and begin completing surveys.

However, just to safeguard yourself, before joining one of the many paid survey websites, we recommend reading some reviews from first.

Sell Products OnEbay
When eBay was first unveiled, it was an instant hit. Today, some sellers make millions selling on the global internet giant. One woman, who says she earns $25 million every year selling on eBay, estimates that the average person has at least $3,000 worth of items inside their own home.

And many people have branched out to resell other people’s items and even items they find at garage sales, antique stores or thrift shops. It is easy and free to get started.

Trade Stocks Online
Today, you don’t need a finance degree or a brokerage license to trade stocks. You can set up and fund an online account and get started right away. It is simple to get started by researching the top online brokers such as AmeriTrade, Charles Schwab, E-Trade, Fidelity and TradeKing and choosing one to invest with.

Trading stocks is a fun way to generate ongoing passive income in the form of profits and dividends. You can invest in single stocks or in mutual funds, which are collections of stocks from different companies.

Upwork is an online clearinghouse where people looking for freelance work and people who need to hire freelancers can meet and connect to work together.

It is free to open an online account and then you can search Upwork’s extensive database to find jobs that match your interests and expertise. You can bid on open jobs or search out flat-fee jobs. And Upwork helps with the administrative end of freelancing so you have some measure of safety to ensure you will get paid for your work.

Do Something on Fiverr
Fiverr is another international online portal where freelancers and employers can connect to work together.

The name describes the concept – what would you do for five dollars? But many jobs end up paying out much more than just five dollars as you add on optional extras to each five dollar job that the client can elect to add to their cart. All you have to do is create your free account and start posting the jobs you will do.

These five ideas will get you started working online part-time and you can see what you enjoy most and seek more of that type of work. Before you know it, you will be pulling in a steady part-time income from working online!

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Nobody Wants To Work A 72-Hour Week, Not Even Entrepreneurs

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Justin Rattner once famously said that technology for the sake of technology is a waste of precious resources. It’s what we get out of it that counts. There’s no point companies investing their money on the latest computer equipment if it’s not making the life of the entrepreneur at least a little easier. And yet, many entrepreneurs think that the key to a successful startup is making sure that everybody in the office owns an iPad and the latest MacBook Air.

Here are some of the ways you can use tech to simplify your business and increase the time you have available to pursue new ideas.

Take Care Of Payroll And Insurance

Hiring a new person to your company is a legal and regulatory minefield. Many firms put off hiring new members of staff because it takes so much time. Others have to, and entrepreneurs spend many hours interviewing and collecting data on members of their team.

The Blue Diamond Gallery

Fortunately there are solutions, like JustWorks, that can automate things like payroll and benefits and insurance payments for colleagues. In a sense, the software acts like a traditional payroll service, but without the massive overhead of an entire department.

Speed Up Education

Learning a second language is fast becoming a necessity for the world’s international entrepreneurs. But the problem with traditional methods of learning a new language is that they can often take years. Now app companies like Smigin are investigating new ways of getting apps to teach people the basics of language. Instead of doing it how it is done in schools (which is boring, slow and ineffective over the long term) Smigin teaches language through interaction and games. The company behind the app says that they have found in their internal testing that gamification works a lot better than simple learning by rote.


The system helps build a knowledge of by only teaching participants the basics of the language and how it is structured. It doesn’t go off and teach learners about random words, like the word for “carbuncle.” Instead, it helps them to say whatever they want to say, and then leaves them to flesh out the rest of the language through their own experience.


Get Rid Of Paper Contracts

Keeping track of which paper contracts have just been signed and with whom can be difficult. What’s worse is not knowing when those contracts are up for renewal. Searching through filing cabinets and holding internal audits can take up a lot of valuable time – time that would be better spent elsewhere.



Now though, it is possible to get contract management software for any business which allows them to organize their contracts online and over the cloud. This has the potential to dramatically reduce labor costs, while also increasing accuracy. What’s more, it gives entrepreneurs much-needed insight and control over the contracts so that they are prepared when they need to renegotiate.

The ability for members of the team to collaborate on various contracts is important too. Often one member of the team will have insights and expertise that another does not.

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11 reasons to start a Software company that serves a niche

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A jack of all trades is usually the master of none. This is one extremely essential point which you should always have in mind in case you are looking forward to start a software company. Just so you are aware, in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is  essential that you approach the setting up of your company in the right way. One perfect way to do this is to consider starting a software company that serves a niche.

According to reports, setting up a business that serves a niche has proven to provide startups with an opportunity to launch successfully (this is something which you will most definitely need especially if you thinking of setting up a software company). In addition to the above, setting up a software company that serves a niche will also help make it easier to venture into major market segments in the rest of the world.

In case you are keen, you may have already noticed that many of the profitable and thriving businesses are usually those which serve a niche. Taking that into consideration, in the case of software development, below are 11 reasons you should seriously consider starting a software company that serves a niche. They include the fact that:

  1. You will be serving your target customers’ specific needs/interests – by being a niche software company, you will be able to properly serve or meet the interest of the particular sub segment of the market that you are targeting. You would be able to place emphasis on what it is that your customers value the most hence fostering growth.

  1. Compete favorably – just so you know, niche businesses are not entirely immune to competition particularly from large market players which access to a rather substantial resource base. Such being the case, in the face of stiff competition, your niche software company would be able to respond favorably for instance through the debut of higher quality products instead of resorting to cost cutting measures.

  1. Take care of employee welfare – you will be glad to learn that another common yet most notable trait of successful software niche companies is the fact that they are able to put in place labor relations and human resource policies which carter for the well being of staff hence focus is shifted towards fostering growth.

  1. Allows for the exploration of Growth Options – just so you know, once the niche software company would have grown, expect opportunities to come from a number of sources.

  1. E one would be free to join the company – by shifting focus to a particular niche not only would this allow you to join hands with other start ups, you will also have an opportunity to understand better e thing about their clients as well as their own businesses hence being able to make more informed decisions based on the data accessed as a result of this interaction.

  1. You won’t need to reinvent anything – as strange as it may sound, you would not need to focus on figuring out what has not yet been figured out by other successfully people who have ventured out on niche software companies.

  1. You will be able to provide cloud software provisions – a large majority of software companies usually provide custom software. This is extremely essential for you too when starting your software niche company since such provisions would allow you to come up with programs that would suit your exact necessities. Providing such will therefore help make you stand out.

  1. Communicative staff – according to reports, communicative staff is a highly coveted trait. You will be glad to learn that, you can easily achieve this having set up your own software niche company. This in the long run would help troubles shooting and possibly favorable management.

  1. Dedicated customer support – this will allow you to sort out your problems in a professional and timely manner, keep in mind, there are certain vital technical problems which you would never handle on your own.

  1. Affordability – by focusing on a particular niche, you will be able to come up with   affordable prices for your customers which in turn would encourage growth.

  1. Give free demos –    besides allowing you to showcase your quality of work, giving out free demos will also allow you to establish the real capacity of your company.

Bottom line

E thing taken into consideration, taking advantage of the above mentioned tips serves as a guarantee to excel the software niche company that you would have set up.

By Taylor Ryan – head of Marketing at GenieBelt – easy-to-use construction platform.


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If You’re Not Streamlining Your Business, You’re Doing It Wrong!

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The modern market moves at a breakneck speed. It seems as though every year things get faster and faster and it can sometimes feel downright impossible to keep up. For many businesses, the pace is simply too fast to be able to keep up with, and they end up falling behind. If you want to avoid that happening to your business, then you’ve got to focus on one simple word: streamlining. If you’re not streamlining your business, you’re not running the kind of business that can be successful in 2017. It’s the only way to make sure that your business is as productive and efficient as it needs to be. With that in mind, here are a few parts of your business that you can easily streamline to make them run as smoothly as possible.



The general assumption with a lot of businesses seems to be that the best thing to do is simply to have as much marketing as possible. As if covering all the bases is going to be the most effective way to bring in customers. There are several problems with this approach. For one thing, it’s a huge waste of effort. Unless your product is something very special indeed, it’s never going to appeal to every demographic at once, and that means that you don’t need to market to every demographic. Instead, you should focus on your target customer and zero in on the most effective marketing strategies for them. Spreading your marketing out thinly like that is also going to end up diluting your message as you try to make it appeal to as many people as once. It’s far more effective to create an engaging marketing campaign directed at a specific set of customers.



Depending on the kind of business that you’re running, there could be a seriously large spectrum of complexity regarding your point-of-sale system. If you’re running a small retail store, then it’s likely that you’re not going to have many elements that need streamlining, but if things are a little more complicated than that, there are things that should be thinking about. For example, if you offer your customers a finance option of their purchases then you don’t want it to be incredibly complex for either you or them. A site like can provide you with an incredibly streamlined approached to consumer finance.



Look at your employees and ask yourself a simple question: does everyone have enough work to do? This might seem like a strange thing to ask, but it is important. Far too many businesses end up hiring too many people, and the workload is then spread too thinly. While this might not seem like such a bad thing initially, what ends up happening is that employees are far more likely to become bored and lose motivation when they don’t have enough to do. See if you can reduce your staff size down and offer more work to each employee. That way you reduce your staff costs and increase productivity in one fell swoop.

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Why Business Owners and Their Employees Need to Keep Learning

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If you’re a business owner, you need to find time to keep learning about your industry and how to run your business better. This can be a difficult task, especially if you work long hours and you’re always on the go. Even so, the benefits of continually learning are huge and you should consider spending time learning each week for the following reasons.

You Become a Better Business Person

When you learn new business skills and develop your existing skills, you become a much better entrepreneur. For example, if you complete an executive masters in business administration online program, your decision making skills, your planning skills, and all of your other business skills will improve dramatically.

However, some business owners will say they don’t have the time required to complete a course like this. Thanks to the latest online executive MBA courses available, this is no longer a problem because you can study wherever you want to study and at times that suit you.

A Business Becomes More Innovative and Efficient

Once you and your employees get into the habit of learning new things on a regular basis, you will all start to find better and more efficient ways to work. Better processes and work practices will become the norm and you and others in your business will always be on the lookout for other ways to create a much more productive workplace for all.

Your Business Becomes More Profitable and You Create More Revenue Streams

The success of a business is usually determined by the amount of profit it makes each year. The more knowledgeable you and your employees are, the smarter you will be with your company’s money. As well as this, you may find that there are other revenue streams you could be capitalizing on that will generate even more profit in your business and will allow your business to grow even bigger.

You Stay Ahead of Competition

Most industries are extremely competitive, so you need to find ways to keep ahead of the pack. If you and your employees are always aware of the latest news and developments that affect your industry, you will be in a much better position to react to future events. This approach prevents you from making mistakes and you will also be aware of possible opportunities that will arise down the line.

You Have a Better Work Environment

When you encourage employees to learn and invest in their education by sending them on regular training courses, it’s a clear sign that you respect them and want them to grow in your organization. This increases their loyalty to your company and it’s one of the best ways to retain more staff. Every employee is more likely to become better at their job and this in turn leads to more productivity and efficiency.

The more you and your employees are willing to learn, the more successful your organization becomes. If you can introduce a culture of learning by following the points above, you will start to see positive changes pretty quickly as your business become a more enjoyable, efficient and productive place to work in.


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