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Advice For Reaching New Customers

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Every business owner will want to reach as many new customers as possible each year. That is how you increase turnover and create a successful company. However, most people don’t know where to start when they’ve been doing the same things for decades. So, I wanted to offer some fresh information that should help you to keep with the times. Like it or not, we are living in the digital age. That is why you need to make use of the latest technologies and strategies. If you put the tips on this page to good use, your operation should go from strength to strength. Fail to pay attention, and you could lose out to competitors this year.


Improve your business website

Before you do anything else, you need to make an investment in your business website. Ideally, you should aim to alter your site slightly every twelve months. That helps to keep the design fresh and ensure you look professional. Try to simplify your pages as much as possible. People are going to look elsewhere if they have to work hard to find their desired products. Also, you’ll want to consider the services of an SEO expert. Specialists working in that industry know how to ensure your domain ranks in the best positions within search results. So, you just need to select your keywords and let the professionals take control of the process. You should notice a massive spike in traffic when their work is done.


Consider innovative marketing techniques

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box when it comes to promoting your brand. TV and radio adverts are not worth the money these days. You’d get much better results by putting your money on social media or something similar. You could even pay a professional to create videos that showcase your products or services. Post them on YouTube, and you’re sure to attract a lot of attention. Some company bosses also like the idea of developing publicity stunts. However, you need to be careful that you don’t get negative press attention. So, be smart, and ensure any tricks you try can’t backfire.


Pay existing customers to introduce friends

Paying your clients to introduce their friends to your company is a wise move. You just need to offer them a gift card or something similar. Whenever someone makes a purchase and references an existing customer, you reward that person. So, everyone who buys from your brand has an incentive to promote your firm as much as possible. Research shows that word of mouth recommendations are useful. So, design your scheme and push it as soon as possible. It could turn your business around.

You should now have some fantastic ideas about the best ways to reach new customers. As I said at the start of this article, you need to evolve if you want your company to remain profitable. People who continue to use worn out techniques will fail eventually. Technology is everywhere these days, and new advancements reach the market all the time. So, you just have to take advantage of that fact when promoting your brand.


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Using Statistics To Improve Sales Tactics

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It can be hard to think of new techniques to improve sales in an ever-complicated business world. The internet opens up more doors, but that means there are far more companies trying to squeeze through these windows of opportunity than ever before. If your business truly wants to succeed, it should be using statistics and data to make more informed decision about its existing and potential customers. Here are some pieces of advice to help your company achieve that.

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See what you’re doing well.

The best businesses in any and every industry are using data collected from their influence through the internet to improve their operations. If you’re monitoring and calculating your current influence over your existing client-base or how much engagement your marketing campaigns are getting, then you’ll get a clear look at what’s working for your business and what isn’t. This is a good starting point, as it’ll help your business streamline your sales process so as to keep the elements which are working well for you whilst trimming off all the fat which isn’t doing anything to grow your brand or reel in more customers.

Locate your existing clients.

One important way you should be using statistics to improve your sales tactics is to monitor how far your brand currently reaches. If you offer an online service, your influence might be scattered far and wide, but businesses relying on goods and services delivered on a more localised or national basis might benefit from this kind of data as it tells you where you’re achieving the greatest levels of interest from clients.

If there’s a better opportunity in another town or city to target a greater number of potential customers, based on your data, then perhaps an office relocation could put you in the heart of the hot spot and help your business achieve greater scales. It might seem like a dramatic reaction, but it doesn’t have to become a drastic decision; you could hire movers to help make the relocation smooth. Moving your physical office and employees somewhere new is worth it if you’re running low on steam, as a new location could propel your business to another level if it’s the right location. That’s why data is so helpful towards weighing up important company decisions.

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Give customers what they want.

Whether it’s your existing customers or potential new ones, nothing projects a professional company that stays ahead of the game more than one which can offer solutions to consumer problems before such issues have even been voiced. Using online statistics to offer customers the goods and services they want from your store before they even have to search for anything is a great way to impress them. You’ll be offering consumers a speedy, streamlined service which knows them better than they know themselves.

Essentially, data can be used for the benefit of customers, as well as the internal operations of your company. It doesn’t always have to be a secretive affair. Display what you know about your market, as consumers are always keen to choose a business which offers them exactly what they want before they even open their mouths to speak; it makes the experience more personal, in a sense, and makes things far easier for customers.

Keep up with social media and Google trends.

Your business doesn’t just have to use its personal stock of data to make informed decisions about its future sales tactics. You can look at what customers are saying about your specific brand or brands like yours on social networks, but you can also look at popular, trending topics in a more general sense. It’s good to keep up with the overall market so as to make decisions based on the demands and interests of mass consumers.


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Succeeding as a wedding photographer in North Carolina

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I recently interviewed Nick Gillespie from Bluebendphotography. Nick is a wedding photographer in Ashville, North Carolina. Nicke was kind enough to answer some questions about getting into the wedding photography business, and how to succeed in it.

1) How did you get started in wedding photography?

When I was 14, I went to Yosemite with my family and fell in love with the photos in the gift shop. It’s silly, but that’s what got me started down this path. By the time I graduated high school, I had saved up enough money for a very used, but still working Mamiya 645 (professional level, medium format camera). I also had a dark room in my basement and a furious obsession for photography.

Throughout college I worked freelance for different local papers and small publications. When I was 24 I got my first job as a professional wedding photographer. I was lucky enough to apprentice under another photographer who had been photographing weddings for over a decade at that point. I learned how to be a wedding photographer and how to deal with clients. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without that experience.

2) What is the most exciting part of being a wedding photographer?

The most exciting thing for me about photographing weddings is the bride and groom portrait session. During the time that I get to photograph the bride and groom, I get to really exercise the creative part of me. I love all aspects of the day, but it’s during these 30 minutes or so that I really get to “do my thing.”

3) How do you promote your business?

Most of my referrals come from former clients and from other venues. I end up becoming friends with most of my clients and keeping in touch with them. Many of their friends end up seeing our work and then calling when they are getting married.

4) What was the hardest thing about starting?

The hardest thing about starting out was getting your foot in the door. It’s almost impossible to convince clients to let you photograph their wedding if you don’t have any portfolio. Luckily, my former employer was gracious enough to let me use my portfolio when I moved to Asheville, North Carolina and set up Blue Bend Photography.

5) What should new wedding photographers keep in mind when starting a photography business?

The biggest thing about going out on your own and shooting weddings is to remember that photographing the wedding is only one small part of the job. A much, much bigger part of the job is running the business and dealing with clients. If you aren’t business minded, you might want to consider working for another company.

6) What kind of venues do you prefer to shoot in?

We photograph weddings in all kinds of locations and venues. Over the last 7 or 8 years, though, most of our weddings have been in some kind of outdoor setting. Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular and Asheville is ideal for it. This area has endless mountain views, waterfalls, and mountain meadows. If you’re going to come to Asheville to get married, you might as well do it with a view!

7) What kind of clients are ideal for you?

Our ideal clients would be people that value the wedding and photography as much as we do.  The wedding is important. It is the start of a new life together and a very sacred bond. We believe that photography is also very important as a way to both relive the day, and also pass a legacy on to future generations. I have very often wondered what my Great Grandparents’ wedding looked like, or what my Great Great Grandparents looked like in general. What a wonderful thing to be able to pass on to future generations.

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Shouting Costs Nothing And Gets People Listening

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Despite what so many believe, starting your own company is easy. It’s getting people to know about it that is the hard part, especially nowadays where there is so much white noise to stand out from.

That is where problem number two comes in: how can you get your company seen and heard without spending huge sums of money to PR agencies to help you boost your marketing strategies?

Well, we have spoken to dozens of small companies that have shared their wisdom, experience, and tips on how to get noticed without spending big.

Know Which Social Media Suits Your Needs

We live in a world dominated by social media platforms, each of which has boosted opportunities for businesses to get themselves noticed. However, it is less about spreading yourself across all of these avenues and more about knowing which ones are going to be beneficial to your exposure. Facebook is pretty much a staple diet because that i the main source of searching for someone these days. After that, though, it depends on whether you offer a service or a product. Services should always have a LinkedIn, and maybe Twitter, whereas products should ensure they have profiles on Instagram and Pinterest.

Go With Paid Searching

Paid search marketing is one of the most effective ways to get yourself noticed, according to the experts. SEOJet teaches what to charge for SEO, and they explain that using avenues such as Google AdWords can be an effective means of testing online marketing strategies by driving traffic to your websites. They also suggest that new companies should test a variation of advertising groups to see which works best for their needs, starting with a budget that doesn’t exceed $10 a day.

Bloggers Are The People To Approach

Another fantastic way to improve your ranking on search engines is to get online influencers – and bloggers – on your side, boosting your brand by getting mentions on their sites. When you are starting out, your biggest challenge is getting the word out. But by sending free samples to popular bloggers in your industry, not only will you see direct traffic emerge from link clicking, but you will see your SEO ranking improve. This is a cheap and effective name to create a buzz around your business and gains the seal of approval from established individuals with an established following.

Get Yourself Associated With Influencers

A lot of the time, influencers will be more than happy to blog about you. But this can be a one time offer. As such, it is worth getting yourself associated with them through persistence. This can be easily done by retweeting and favoriting tweets from influential people within the sector you operate. It could also be that you start to comment on every picture put up by certain Instagram stars. Both of these techniques will see curiosity get the better of their followers and see you start to gain a solid following of people that could be potential customers or clients. What’s more, it will cost you absolutely nothing.


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How to Make the Perfect First Impression

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The first impression, in the world of business, is just as important as, say, the guitar is to the world of music. A customer’s first impression of a business is the make-or-break factor when it comes to them deciding if they will in fact be bringing their business, and subsequently their money, your business’s way. A strong first impression on your and your business’s part will indicate to the potential customer that you are going to be strong enough, and capable enough, to deal with the issues or needs that they seek to bring to you. In this day and age, making the perfect first impression extends itself way further than merely having a strong handshake and the gift of the gab — there are a plethora of different platforms that you could, and should be optimising in regards to impression, and you can find a few of them below.

Always dress well to give a perfect impression of yourself13903383668_c592e7438e_b.jpg

Your first port of call in the venture of finding the perfect first impression should be your business’s online presence. A business’s website is this generation’s shop window: everything that a customer wants to see should be displayed on it, and displayed in a way that shows you off in the best light. You should have everything made easily accessible for anybody who visits it without having it become overcrowded. If you provide too many pages, it will become overbearing and confusing, which is why you should stick to the basics when making pages available: Home, Search, About us, Contact us, Privacy, and FAQs; the layout of your website should be simple and solid. Also, you should make sure that the site itself is always accessible. If a customer can’t access it because it has gone down, they are likely to become disgruntled and impatient which could then lead them to the site of your competitor’s, taking the profit that was earmarked for you to them in the process; not only this, but it could result in your business’s brand being tarnished to that customer for the future as well. This is why you should outsource the job of monitoring your site to services such as UptimeRobot, for instance, who will watch your site for any signs of status problems and then alert you to them instantly via SMS or email.

But it’s just all about your online presence, even in this digital age that we are in the midst of. You also have to make sure that you are physically showing yourself to be a business that is not only professional and capable, but also one that is willing to go the extra mile. A innovative way to do so is to provide potential customers with custom gift cards. Doing so shows that you are generous, in regards to the fact that you are willing to offer gift and reward systems; a big business, in regards to the fact that you can afford to make such cards (even though they are very affordable); and creative, in regards to the way in which you are attempting to portray your brand. Also, a gift card with your brand printed all over it is a way to ensure that you stay in a potential customer’s life, for as long as they keep the card, at least. Do your customers know enough about what you do? If they don’t, then providing them with lasting evidence of it is a good way to promote it.

So, if you want to make a good impression with your next customer, remember that it takes more than just a solid handshake: it takes a solid website, an innovative idea, and many other aspects! More suggestions on how to do so can be found here.

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Making Your Business Safe And Secure

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abus, brand, close-up

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A lot of businesses spend vast resources and time on making sure that their computer systems are as secure as possible. And, despite this effort, a lot of companies still feel the negative side of data loss or theft. A good example of this can be found in the old presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Leaks of private emails were released because the system that was used to hold them was insecure. Some people would argue that this cost Clinton the election, at least in part. So, it’s plane to see how critical it is that you secure your data. And, this post is going to be going through some of the ways that you can make this easier for yourself.

If you don’t keep your data secure, you are always at risk of it being stolen or lost. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is; anyone can be target. The people that perform these acts are usually opportunists. So, if they find a chance to get into your sensitive data; they’ll just do it. Along with this, the law in most places states that you have to protect certain types of data that you own. For example, information about your employees or customers should always be confidential. Unless they let you share the information.

Ideally, it’s best to have all of the data that your company stores secure. This will ensure that you avoid any threats. And, you won’t lose any of your data. The way that you secure different types of data can vary, though. For some information, it may not matter if someone steals it. But, it would matter if the data was deleted. So, in this case, you’d want to have a backup to secure the information. But, if you wanted to secure your website; you’d need to have it hosted on secure server with the right scripts. This can make it very difficult for everyday business owners to make sure that they get this sort of work done. And, it can make it intimidating, too.

So, the best way to solve this is through getting some help. Usually, when it comes to security, it’s not worth leaving to yourself; if you’re inexperienced. Most people will struggle with this sort of work. And, it will take years to master the skills that you need to make informed decisions. Professional help in the field can come in many forms. First, you’ll want to talk to a consultant. They will be able to help you choose exactly what you do with the data. From there, you may also need help with something like colocation server or backup company. IT services like these should always be researched and chosen carefully. Even if something if more expensive; it doesn’t always mean that it’s better.

Hopefully, this will give you the information you need to inspire you to start working harder on your information security. Business can be a rough line of work. And, it gets harder when you have to deal with issues with the data you use everyday.


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Do Your Customers Know Enough About What You Do?

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Customers are the means as to which any business manages to keep afloat, drive forward, and prosper. Without customers, it is obvious that a business will not be able to maintain its presence on the market, and will end up having to close, go bankrupt or struggle along until all the finances have been used up. Therefore, it is important that any business appeals to the right customers and does a lot of promotion, advertising and marketing to allow products, items or services to be seen, understood and wanted. If a business does not promote any of its wares, then there is a very good chance that customers will not understand what the business is about and are highly unlikely to be interested in finding out more about the business, let alone use its services or invest in products or items. We all know that store, for example, that we pass every day which has no promotions in the front windows, has products on display which are outdated and irrelevant to the needs of today, and has no signs to tell us what it is selling. Every time we pass, there is not a single customer inside. If that store promoted itself properly, then it would be a different story and we would know all about what it offers and what it is aiming to achieve.


Picture source

Whether a business is based online or not, an essential aspect of allowing a business to be noticed and promoted efficiently is through the medium of the web. Everyone uses social media these days, and we have all seen the promoted posts for businesses; not everyone appreciates these sponsored posts but a lot of people do click on them meaning that the business has been noticed through promotion. When people search online for products, it is common that they do not steer away from the first page of the search engine’s results, and to achieve a front page presence on a search engine, a business will need to do a lot of background work with SEO, PPC and other internet based groundwork. It is also important to get your advert on that search engine just right, and Clicteq could be a good site for you to visit to gain knowledge of how to do this. Customers like to read in depth descriptions to ensure they are getting their money’s worth, so ensure that you take the time to do this.

In any type of business, it is important that customers or clients are fully aware of what the business offers. State clearly what you can offer customers, and describe your products or services in great detail. This not only shows customers exactly what it is that they may be investing in, but it also shows them that the business knows precise information about what it offers. This means that the business has the potential to come across as professional and will offer customers good value for money – meaning the business earns a good profit just through promoting itself in the right way.

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You’ll Find This Business Idea Very APPetizing

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You have probably already guessed that we’re talking about development. We think if you research online you’ll find a lot of articles that tell you how to market and make a success out of an app. But they’ve skipped a step here because app development isn’t as simple as most people think. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a very cool and exciting business opportunity. But to pull it off you will need to be at least slightly computer savvy and have some tech skill. Otherwise, you’ll be getting someone else to do all the work. And while the end result might be the same, it won’t really be your business or your product.

Credit Source

What’s Appening Underneath the Surface

When you look look at an app you probably think it looks like a very simple application or piece of software. We promise you it isn’t. There’s a difference between an app that is easy for customers to use and an app that is easy to develop. In fact, most developers find it quite difficult to create apps that are consumer friendly. It does take a certain degree of skill. The skill in question is coding. While there are so called, app creators available online, using one of these is going to give you a cookie cutter application. It’s going to look like hundreds of others already on the market. The most popular apps look and feel original. To create one of these, you need to think about learning to code.

Coding will allow to create something completely fresh and exciting. It can take up to a year to get all the skills down you need to code effectively. But it will be worth it if the end result is an app like nothing else on the market.

Now That’s Apptastic

Your app is going to be great if you make sure you are using a fantastic hosting platform. You can find out more by exploring app services or cloud services for hosting. It does depend on what type of model you want to use here. With the right hosting application, you can make sure that your application can be changed and adapted through development and on into production. For instance, you can completely A-B testing on the application. With A-B testing, it’s possible to find out if there are any little details about your software that is going to vex customers. If there is you can change it and maximise the performance of your app on the market.

Did We Appen To Forget Something?

Yes, we did, and that’s making sure your target market does exist. You do need to avoid creating something that’s too niche that won’t appeal to everyone. For instance, you might design an app that lets hotel owners check the reviews of their business. Cool, but wouldn’t it be better to design an app that allows all businesses to check information like this. Do that, and you’ll find yourself with a massive customer base to sell too. That is exactly what you want.

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Turning a Blog Into a Business

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Blogging has become an incredibly lucrative business thanks to the advent of internet advertising and promotion campaigns. You can turn blogging into seven-figure salary businesses if you know what you’re doing, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. For all the flak that bloggers get for churning out horrible re-written content that doesn’t have much value, there’s no doubt that it can be a profitable business venture if you know how to make it work.

In this brief guide, we’ll be exploring some of the main ways you can monetise your blog. Whether you’re a novice writer or an experienced blogger that’s having a hard time making money from their hard work, this guide is for you.

Image Source

Anyone can start, few succeed

First, you need to understand that a very small percentage of blogs will actually become profitable, let alone make you a seven-figure salary. Blogging is a business that anyone can start, but it’s also extremely difficult to turn into a profit without a lot of hard work and dedication. This is because blogging income relies almost exclusively on your reputation and your audience, both of which take a considerable amount of time to build and there aren’t many ways to invest money in order to speed up that process. In a sense, blogging is perhaps one of the slowest businesses to get started, but it’s certainly a profitable and fun one should you be able to break into the industry.

Picking a topic

One of the problems with blogging as a business is your content. If you start a blog about something popular, then you can get a lot of views and it has the potential to become a profitable venture, but you’re going to be dwarfed by other businesses and bloggers who have been writing about popular subjects for a much longer time. This is another reason why it’s difficult to get started with a blogging business.

The best topics to pick are profitable ones that are trendy and relevant. Websites such as Google Trends are perfect for discovering what search terms are currently trending. There are plenty of graphs that show the popularity of various search terms and if they are currently growing or declining in popularity. This can help you greatly when picking a popular topic to write about, but this isn’t a representation of how much money you will get from advertising.

Pay per click is the most popular method of advertising for businesses. They pay websites a set amount every time someone clicks their links, and the price varies depending on how much each company is willing to pay. For instance, the search term “3D printing” could be worth more per click than a general term such as “music”. The more niche your subject is, the more businesses are willing to pay for each click. There are tools such as WordStream that offer analytical services to see how much businesses are willing to pay for their advertising. However, it’s not free so you may want to consider if the investment is worth it.

Alternatively, you could just pick a topic that you are passionate about. Picking a subject that you know about is arguably the best way to grow a blog because you already know a lot about it, you can create unique and original articles, and you don’t have to worry about studying a specific field just because it’s profitable and you don’t have to hire writers either. The more comfortable you are with your writing, the easier it will be to churn out fun and original content that will gain traction and build up a reader base.

Image Source

Promoting your blog

Once you’ve decided a topic, it’s time to start thinking about how you should go about advertising your blog. Unlike traditional businesses, paying for advertising and promotional campaigns isn’t as effective as slowly building up a reputation with social media and optimising your website for exposure.

The first thing to get in order is optimisation. A website needs to be discoverable and the only way to do that is to optimising it so that search engines have an easier time finding it, but also to be higher in search rankings. There are some basic SEO principles that every aspiring blogger should understand. For starters, you need to create original content and write about things in your own style. Copying other articles word for word or stealing different formats doesn’t sit well with Google and you run the risk of being blacklisted.

You also need to remain consistent with your topics. If you start changing your theme on a regular basis or swapping website designs, then Google lowers your ranking temporarily as a defensive measure against people who abuse their search algorithms. This means you need to focus on specific subjects and specialise in them instead of posting random blogs about various topics in an attempt to attract a wider audience. For example, if you start writing a blog about video games, then you don’t want to suddenly write a review about your favourite musical artists unless it has something to do with video games.

Handling search engine optimisation on your own can be troublesome and time-consuming which is why services such as exist. Many third-party companies can help you with SEO if you’re unsure about the basic strategies or if you simply don’t have time to work on it yourself. However, this is going to become an expensive investment over time, so make sure you count this into your budget.

Image Source

Making money

Now we get to the juicy part—actually making a profit.

The first method people use to monetize their blogs is to place advertisements on their website. Services such as Google AdWords pay you for every click and the number of impressions (views) that your adverts get. The amount you’re paid depends on how popular the keywords are or how much the client is willing to pay for advertising. The income from advertising is low until you start to get thousands of readers, so it’s a slow process but it’s guaranteed income as long as you have people visiting your website.

The second method is to use affiliate links. When you write a review for a product, it’s customary to place a link where the reader can buy it or look for more information. Most of the time, these will link to a website such as Amazon or a specific store, but you can actually sign up for an affiliate marketing program and get Amazon to pay you a cut whenever someone buys a product through your links. The cut is usually a couple of percent and you can’t use underhanded methods to get people to click those links. There are many rules and regulations involved, but it’s a great way to get additional income if you do regular products reviews.

Thirdly, you can do paid sponsorships. Some companies will approach you with an idea if you have a lot of viewers. They will usually ask you to advertise one of their products or services on your website and they’ll pay you for your time. You have to disclose that you’re working with the company or else it could open you up to a lot of criticism and hate, and it’s not really an option for aspiring bloggers but instead, a way to get some extra money if you already have a popular blog.

Lastly, we have crowdfunding. People all over the world are more than willing to pay for content they enjoy, and thanks to services such as Patreon, it’s now possible for people to pay you for your creative work. You sign up for a Patreon account, set up a page, and then you can link to it on your blog and tell people that if they want to support you, they can do so by registering for a monthly subscription. What you give them in return is up to you (you don’t have to give anything if you don’t want to) and you can set the pricing.

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Online Businesses Anyone Can Start

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If you want to break off the restrictive environment of the home and the authority of a boss, then starting a business from home might just be the right path for you. However, working for yourself doesn’t mean having to come up with a brand-new idea every single time. Instead, you might want to consider these out-of-the-box, self-employment opportunities.

Picture Credit

Buy and sell

It’s one of the simplest things to do on the internet and one of the most profitable if you’re able to do it right. Buy and sell businesses operate through eBay, Amazon and a ton of other ecommerce sites. They’re all about identifying items at a premium and finding the opportunity to sell them at a profit, even if it’s a little profit. Doing this is better helped by having an expertise in some areas of product, from knowing the retail price to knowing the value for the average consumer of that product. Profiting in buying and selling is all about volume. No single product is going to make you a grand. You need to have an organized system of finding, buying, selling, and delivering to work on a bulk scale. But once you do organize that, the money practically makes itself.

Use your words

If you have a passion of any sorts, then the internet is the best place to express that. Whether it’s an intense knowledge and insight on an area or industry or a lifetime of valuable tips, a blog can be the perfect way to spread the word. And yes, you can get paid to blog. Guest posting and affiliate marketing are two easy ways to monetize it early. But as the brand of a blog soars, so do the extra revenue options. Bloggers have made money from offline events and online webinar appearances, from influencer marketing, and even from selling their own books. It takes time to build that presence, but it can make you plenty of money when you have it.

Make use of that camera

If you have a passion for taking photos of your everyday, then there’s money to be made from that, too. Plenty of blogs, sites, and businesses want high-quality photos without having to pay for them. And there are other businesses and sites that are willing to provide them. You can help by selling them your stock photography. The higher quality your images, the higher the prestige of the site that will buy them and, of course, the more you can get for them.

Work in offices across the world

If you’re good at admin but you just can’t stand staying still in one work environment, then you don’t have to let your skills go to waste. There are businesses of all kinds and sizes that could use your organizational skills to help improve their productivity and streamline their business. If you become a virtual assistant, you can market your skills to business owners of all kinds, helping them tackle big projects or simply get on an even keel when their workload is too much for them to handle.

These business ideas might sound like a breeze to you, but as with any business, they take work. There are no get rich quick schemes. Instead, there are tried-and-tested ideas that can become tremendously profitable if you’re willing to put the work in with them. For a lot of people, that’s still a lot better than chafing in a work environment they can’t stand for a boss they don’t like.

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