Become Amazing At SEO And Learn My Effective Strategies

Become Amazing At SEO And Learn My Effective Strategies

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Traditional SEO is very difficult. Every website on the entire Web is competing with you to get that SEO traffic. To be completely honest with you, new sites don’t stand a chance to get any sort of significant traffic. SEO is definitely a long-term strategy. But in this article I will explain to you how to use SEO to give yourself a great chance to get a large scale of traffic.

Keyword Research Is Monumentally Important

One of the biggest reasons Google search is so coveted is that the people who search are telling you exactly what they need when they type their search into the search box. And if you can sell whatever they are looking for, you will get great leads who want what you have at the time that they are ready to consume whatever you are offering. It makes those leads convert very well. And all that starts with targeting the right keywords in searches!

Know Your Audience (Target Market)

You must know the kinds of clients that you want to attract. These are the people who would most likely buy from your business. So what you must do is create content that will rank for the keywords that will bring those types of customers to your business.

Build Links To Your Site

Since Google has become very sensitive to the quality of the links that point to your site, and how you get those links, my preferred way of generating links is through getting press coverage, and social media. Take a look at this article on how to get press coverage for your business for some ideas for how to get links.

You Have A Website, Right?

You should have a website if you are going to have a business. Here is a tutorial on how to create a high quality website for free, on your own, and even get a free domain name!

Create High Quality Pages

Google not only considers your overall site, but also each individual page in deciding whether to rank that page in the top-10 results of Google searches. To have a high quality page, it must cover the topic it is about in depth, and preferably use some rich media like videos, photos, or other embedded rich media.

And it is always good to have at least over 300 words on the page as well. But don’t just add text to fill space. Make the text helpful to the page overall. And the more text the better.

Off-Google SEO!

One winning strategy is to take your SEO efforts like keyword research, and use them on other large platforms where search is a big part of content discovery! There many such platforms. Just some examples are,, mobile app stores, YouTube, iTunes, and many others. All those platforms are much less competitive than Google SEO and you can more easily get traffic on those platforms!

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