What Are The Benefits Of A Facebook Like?

What Are The Benefits Of A Facebook Like?

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In addition to accumulating Facebook likes in order to be seen as more of an expert, Facebook likes can be powerful marketing tools by giving you exposure to people who you may otherwise have never reached.

When someone likes your website or business page, that creates a notification that appears on the feeds of their friends. A typical Facebook user has hundreds of friends, and with one like they can give you a 1-time exposure to hundreds of people.

While that sounds great, keep in mind that since there is typically no photo associated with the action of liking something, the notification people see on their feeds that their friend liked something doesn’t take much space in their feed, and is therefore relatively obscure and harder to notice. That ultimately means less exposure for you. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm also sometimes decides to not show the fact that someone liked something to all their friends.

Acquiring a Facebook like used to be far more beneficial for businesses than it is now. Over time, Facebook has curbed the effectiveness of getting a like. Nevertheless, getting a like is still attractive because it can still help your business get exposure.

Facebook Likes vs. Shares

People are often not sure about the difference between likes and shares. A share is when someone reposts something on their own Facebook feed. That allows all their friends to see the full thumbnail photo and headline of whatever is being shared. A Facebook like  works in a similar way, but it appears less prominent on a person’s Facebook feed. The benefit of a like is that anything with many likes is seen as authoritative or prominent. For that reason, people often buy Facebook likes in order to boost their appearance on Facebook.

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