Difference Between Likes vs. Shares On Facebook And Twitter

Difference Between Likes vs. Shares On Facebook And Twitter

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As we alluded to earlier, there is a real difference between getting someone to like something vs. getting someone to share something on Facebook. Whatever the benefits of either of these actions may be, keep in mind that both of these are subject to Facebook’s algorithm in terms of the algorithm having the last say of how many people see that someone shared or liked something.

If an Internet user likes your Facebook business page for example, that will appear in the feed of their friends. But it won’t be very prominent because the like won’t be accompanied by a photo, and won’t take up much space on their feed, causing many people to gloss over it. The other benefit of having someone like something is that if they like your business or fan page, you will have a chance to reach them again with status updates. Of course, Facebook’s algorithm makes things difficult once again by limiting the number of people who see your business page’s status updates. So you may never be able to reach that person even if they liked your page.

On the other hand, if you get people to share your business on their Facebook feed, their friends will be more likely to see that share because it may be accompanied by a picture and a big headline. It is every business owner’s wish to get shared by people who have thousands of Facebook friends. Statistically, that is more realistic if your content targets a younger audience. If your content is non-entertainment and geared towards adults, when people share your content, they probably have only a hundred or two hundred friends. Of course, older adults have more buying power and higher attention spans which can make up for the lack of scale when adults share your content.

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