How To Promote Visual Products Using Photos

How To Promote Visual Products Using Photos

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Facebook (and Instagram which Facebook purchased) are great for sharing visual content regardless of whether you are promoting things on your personal Facebook page or your business page. People love browsing cool photos. Photos take only seconds of time needed to invest in them (no reading necessary and load time is fast), and good photos provide people with a nice positive moment which is worth the few seconds that were needed to produce that moment. This justifies a few more seconds of investment, and if the other photos are equally engaging, you can get that person browsing your photos for a while, which also makes them likely to like or share some of those photos, giving the photos some virality, and in turn, more exposure for your business if your Facebook page or website URL is easily navigated to after browsing those photos.
Some content is naturally visual. Such content is sports, food, general entertainment, funny or inspiring pictures, and other similar types of content. If your business doesn’t necessarily have products or services that are naturally visual, you can make them visual by taking beautiful or professional photos that will appeal to people. Almost any kind of content can be made to be visual as long as you put care into creating great photos.

One example I like to give is a client I had whose business had to do with some technical electrical engineering green technology that was too boring and geeky for 99% of the population including myself. I would never have thought that this would be a product that can be marketed with visuals since most regular consumers don’t really understand what the product does or how it does it. But I was wrong. The client found amazing electrical wiring photos that electrical engineering enthusiasts would geek out on, and posted them on Facebook and Reddit to electrical engineering groups. Those photos ended up getting re-shared and going viral to eventually reach a total of about 10,000 views.

I would never have thought that would happen before this company successfully pulled this off. But after having seen this work, I am convinced that almost any product or business can be made at least somewhat visual, and be promoted as compelling visual content that does well on Facebook and Instagram.

One caveat that I do want to point out is that even though many people love to browse photos, and it is possible to get many people to share cool photos online, those people are usually not in any kind of a shopping mode. They are just browsing photos. That makes it very difficult to convert people browsing photos to actual buyers of something unless those photos are of a particular product being used in some way that would make them want to have that product.

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