How To Make More Engaging Facebook Posts

How To Make More Engaging Facebook Posts

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Whether you use your personal Facebook profile to promote your business, or a Facebook business page or a fan page, the primary way to reach your friends and followers is to post updates. If your posts look appealing, they will get more engagement, and if your posts look bland and uninteresting, people will skip over them. Let’s focus on how to create more engaging and appealing Facebook updates.

First of all, you must use visuals. Beautiful and bright photos are some of the most effective tools to get a person to stop what they are doing, and give something a second look.

An equally important part of making a great Facebook post is the title of the article. Note that you will have two chances at getting the headline right. There is the headline of the article you may post and there is the actual Facebook status update that you write to go along with the article you are posting.

In many cases, you will be linking to your own content elsewhere. It might be your product pages or blog posts. Make sure that the titles of those pages are compelling because those titles appear in larger font sizes and are more visible. The other part of the title is the commentary that you add to your post. Use that to make a personable and genuine comment, further convincing people to check out the link on which you want people to click.

The copywriting in order to create great headlines is somewhat outside the scope of this piece of writing, but here is a tutorial on copywriting that should immediately increase your headline writing skills.

Another thing you can do to increase the visibility and potential reach of your post is to use a hashtag in your post. Hashtags are common topics combined with the syntax of adding a # symbol at the beginning of that popular topic. For example, since my products are intended for businesses, some of the hashtags I use are #marketing #startups #entrepreneur #business and many similar ones. Hashtags won’t make a tremendous difference, but it will be a nice small addition to your current reach.

Another clever thing you can do to help your Facebook updates get more exposure is to mention people by name in your posts. The people who you mention will see that you mentioned them, and if there is anything flattering about them in your post, they will likely like it and comment on it. That will give you exposure to their friends. Don’t mention just anyone. While you can mention your friends, try to also mention people who have large numbers of friends or people with whom you want to network for one reason or another.

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Here is a video about my book on Facebook marketing for business.

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