Best NOOK Business Apps

Best NOOK Business Apps

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There are many great resources for business on the NOOK from Barnes & Noble. And in this article I will explain why the apps that I have created for the NOOK are not only the best business apps on the NOOK, but also the best business resource on the NOOK overall, including books. In the paragraphs below, I will prove to you why this is the case.

Overview Of My NOOK Business Apps

The apps cover the subject areas that entrepreneurs face most often, and find the biggest challenge with. Those subject areas are 1) business ideas 2) business planning 3) marketing and 4) raising money for their business.

So the apps come as a 4-app course, with each app focusing on one of those areas of difficulty. That gives people the ability to only get the app that covers the subject area on which they need to focus on, and not get the other information which would just make the app bulky.

How These NOOK Business Apps Help You

These Barnes & Noble NOOK business apps help you in 3 distinct ways. The first way these apps help you is that once you get the app, one of the features is that you are able to get live expert help from a real person. Most of the time, I am the one answering questions. And I am the guy you want to answer your questions because I have helped over 1,000 people and have seen over 25,000 business plans on my apps. Not only that, but I have started several businesses before. So very likely, I will be able to guide you. And once you get the app, you can ask an unlimited number of questions, which makes the apps extremely cheap for the service you get.

But that is just one of the ways in which these NOOK apps help you. The next way the apps help is by providing many tutorials on how to plan a business, get ideas, promote your business and raise money. That makes the apps very educational in nature. Together, the apps act as a small course.

And the third way the apps help is by providing you with tools to write a small business plan, marketing plan and a fundraising plan so that you can work on them any time and anywhere on your mobile device.

How To Get These NOOK Apps

Here is the NOOK business idea app.

Here is the NOOK business plan app.

Here is the NOOK marketing app.

Here is the NOOK fundraising app.

Video About The Apps

These NOOK business apps work just like the same apps on the Amazon Kindle. So here is a video about these apps on the Kindle. Just keep in mind that the exact same things can be said about these apps on the NOOK.

Want More Help Than Just On The Apps?

In addition to these Kindle business apps, I have written two business books, created eight online courses covering different business topics, and provide one on one business coaching and mentoring to give your business the support it needs to be a success.

One of my business books covers how to go from business ideas to starting a business. My other book focuses on marketing, and getting clients. Advertising and getting customers will be one of your main focus points once you start your business. The marketing book teaches you how to get great exposure for your business by leveraging cutting edge marketing strategies.

My eight business courses cover topics like business ideas, business planning, raising money, and starting a business. Some of my other courses focus on marketing. Specific marketing courses cover SEO, advanced social media, and affiliate marketing. Here is the link to learn more about the online business courses.

And if you would like one on one help, you are welcome to hire me as a business coach and mentor, and together we will create a strategy to make your business a success, and I will even help you execute parts of that strategy. Here is a page to learn more about my business coaching services.

Want to make your own mobile app? Check out my book on how to start your own mobile app business.

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