The Biggest Customer Complaints (So You Can Avoid Them)

The Biggest Customer Complaints (So You Can Avoid Them)

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‘The customer is always right’ is pretty much the oldest adage in business, but in today’s impatient and fast-moving society, in some ways, it is truer than ever. So, if there is anything you can do to avoid customer complaints, you should be aiming to do this wherever possible. The first step is to actually know what the issues are in the first place, which is what we will be covering in this article.

Not Having an Issue Resolved Straight Away

Customers are more likely to go elsewhere if you don’t take steps to resolve their issues first time around. So, that is why it is so important to determine the most obvious causes of complaint that customers have and take steps to put in place standard procedures. As well as this, you can better train your staff members to deal with any issues, as well as ensuring their customer interaction is top-quality.

Slow Service

People seem to have less time on their hands than ever before, and with so much competition out there, they are more likely to go elsewhere at the drop of a hat. So, if you can increase your customer response time, you give yourself a natural edge ahead of your competition. Putting in measures like an alarm management system can help in this regard. And this is why many companies have dedicated staff members who deal with everything regarding social media.

Impersonal Staff Members

We have mentioned this briefly, but increasingly, customers are expecting to receive a personalised service that is tailored to their needs. Though automated systems are convenient, they don’t provide individual service. People want to feel like their business really matters to your company and you care about their needs.

Treating Modes of Contact Differently

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People use social media as a way of contacting customers because it is simple. You should treat customers who contact you in this way the same as the ones that call or email your company. After all, if a customer walked into your store to make a comment or complaint, you wouldn’t just turn away and ignore them. This is exactly what you are doing if you don’t treat social media users well.

Unfair Service

If there is one thing that people tend to hate above anything else, it is the feeling of being treated unfairly. Therefore, you should be doing everything you can to treat all customers equally. It is easier than ever for customers to speak to each other, and if they find that they aren’t being treated easily, this could be very damaging to the reputation of your business.  

Customer service is more important than ever in the age of the internet, and you need to continually rethink your strategy to come up with new ways to give your clients the level of service that they expect and deserve. These points should give you a good starting point from which to develop an effective customer strategy.

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