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5 Tasks You Must Do Before Creating A Business Website

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Thinking of getting a website for your business? If so, it’s likely you will hire a designer to do it for you. However, there are some essential things you must do before getting started with the hiring process. It’s not as easy as handing over a domain and expecting a designer to come up with the goods from scratch. Here are some essential tasks you need to do that will ensure your site build is a success.

Draw up a to-do list

The first step in the process is to write up a to-do list for your designer or developer. You need to sketch out a list of all the pages you want on your site and give them examples of the look you are expecting. Consider font styles, color schemes and graphic design. You should also think about the layout of sites you like – as well as the overall user experience. The more information you can give them, the better the result. It’s also worth pointing out that you will save money – and time – by having concrete examples to share.

Be specific

Designers and developers can create fantastic websites. But they need guidance to what you are looking for if you want them to deliver. Have a good think about the specific features you want for your site – and also have a reason why they need to exist. You might have membership access, for example, or a calendar for events. But now is the time to consider if you need them or not. Nothing on your site should be superfluous, and everything needs a purpose.


Bring together your company info

Your next step is to bring together every vital piece of information that you have about your company. You should list all your services, for example, and draw up explanations and descriptions of any products you sell. Do you have a mission statement? Include that, too – as well as any consumer education materials and general contact information. Again, this is going to save you and your designer a lot of time.

Hire other services

Great website design is one thing, but your site will need much more than that. It’s a good idea to contact other services that you will need, too. A specialist web copywriter will be able to work with a designer to create more compelling offers. A professional photographer will be able to give you high quality, unique images for your site, so you don’t have to rely on stock photos. You should also check with the designer’s experience in SEO, too. It might be necessary to contact a specialist SEO firm to make sure your business can be found online.

Website creators

You should also think about the layout of sites you like – as well as the overall user experience. Also, think about the possibility of using a web creator to build your own website. Using a web creator is very easy. These tools are made to help non-technical people be able to create a website. With these tools, you can have a professional looking website within days, and much cheaper than any developer would cost to create a website for you. Take a look at the article, and give one of them a try.

Form a plan for the future

Finally, once your website is built, it’s essential to keep updating it with fresh content, new products, and seasonal offers. It is essential to have a plan for the future in mind, as it will help your designer come up with easy ways of letting you make these updates. Building the site is only the first part of the job – keeping it going, so it is relevant, has to be part of the bigger picture.


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Best Business Strategy for Maximum Impact

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Building a new modern company is really important these days. But it can also be quite difficult, and you may need some help. You’ve got to strategize your approach to business to get the best possible outcome and impact. Use the ideas on here to help you do the best you can for your company.



Nobody said you had to deal with all the ins and outs of business by yourself. In fact, often it is better to get help and support from as many sources as you can. If you want to strategize the perfect startup, you need expert advice. And that’s where business consultants come in. We all know the importance of understanding and improving our business models. But sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. And that’s why it’s so important to make sure you consult with the experts so you can make the right decisions.

Consider the Benefits of Outsourcing

There are so many things you need to use to help your company grow. And one of the strategies you should be implementing is the use of outsourcing. There are benefits and risks of outsourcing in whatever business you run. But, you need to weigh up why it’s important to use outsourcing as much as you can. Eventually, you’re going to want an efficient and streamlined business. One that can take on the modern world and come out on top and outsourcing is the best way of achieving that.


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Always Try to Be Ethical

It’s important to always make sure you’re ethical as a business. This is something you need to place a lot of value on. Customers are going to look at the way you do things and how you present your business. It’s important to have a look at other examples to help you with this. For instance, last year’s new story that was titled ‘Hampton Creek gets to keep Just Mayo‘ is a good example of the importance of honesty in business. Hampton Creek were told they had to make changes to their branding as they could no longer call their products mayonnaise. It can be costly and stressful to make changes like this, and they could even have lost their name. So it’s important to try to be ethical and honest. You also need to promote and preserve a positive business reputation to attract customers.

Leave Room for Growth

It’s important to leave room for your business to thrive and grow. This means you shouldn’t pigeonhole yourself or restrict your opportunities. You need to have a clear focus, of course. But, this should not prevent you from exploring other areas of business and attracting other types of clients. It’s really important that you leave room for your business to grow and expand when the time comes. This is probably something you want to try to get into your business plan as much as you can.

When you’re trying to develop your startup, you need to consider the maximum impact. It’s important to get your business to a point where it can be successful all by itself. To do this, you’re going to need to strategize the approach you take to business and get it right.

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The Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing in your Software Startups

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Entrepreneurs in all industries have capitalized on the advantages of outsourcing software development roles, and the benefits can’t be understated. However, this low-cost option also features some inherent risks that are important to take into account, particularly at the onset of business procedures. Consider the following advantages and potential risks to determine your company’s best course of action.


From low-cost labor to short-term commitment advantages, there’s much to be said about securing a quality outsourced employee or team.


The merits of hiring a contract developer from a cost perspective are easily ascertained. Hiring in-house employees comes with its fair share of extra expenses, including benefits and insurance with a company like Zenefits, 401(k) payments, on-site equipment, and more. These are eliminated with outsourcing efforts. If planning on outsourcing to overseas countries, your salary payments are often cut substantially, with qualified developers and workers in foreign countries charging much lower rates for quality work.

Short Term Commitment

Say your startup has one major project to start with-hiring a full-time developer may cost you more in the long run, as you’ll be scrambling to find work for them once said project has been completed. Herein lies one of the greatest benefits of outsourcing: short-term commitment. This allows you to pick and choose developers based on skill set and background depending on the needs of any future projects that arise, without tying your company down to one developer who may have been perfect for the first assignment but less qualified for the subsequent projects down the line.

Easy to Source

Take a simple gander online and you’ll be inundated with freelancing developers looking for work and find a plethora of companies promising to put you in contact with skilled individuals to suit your needs. When hiring full-time employees, you may find your recruitment process is quite a bit longer. Quality developers are in demand, and many companies elect to have in-house individuals – this makes competition fierce. These developers know their value, and will push you to compete with other offers, which may or may not be a part of your budgetary capabilities.

Another issue to consider? Along with having the skill set you desire, a prospective in-house developer will also need to be a cultural fit, and many companies find these are mutually exclusive aspects. Using a trusted software outsourcing company like Accelerance can help you locate high-quality individuals quickly so you can begin your projects immediately.


While there are numerous benefits to be gained from outsourcing development for your startup, there is also the potential for mishaps that could cost you time, money, and productivity.

Communication Issues

There are bound to be more communication issues with an individual who’s working offsite.

Whether it be a language barrier or simple miscommunication through online correspondence, it can be easy to run into clarity issues. When large communication problems occur, it can upset the timeline of a project and lengthen development time, which can end up costing your company a great deal in the long run, especially if these communication issues continue.

Lack of Familiarity

When you have in-house employees, they’ll be more knowledgeable or quickly brought up to speed with your in-house network and IT systems. Because of this familiarity, they may be quicker to navigate problems and issues that arise. While an outsourced individual or team can learn various networks and system procedures, the time spent on this IT training may cost more in the long run.

Quality Assurance

Some companies have corrected this issue through the use of technology like Inflectra’s automated software testing. This technology runs testing at pre-selected intervals to ensure any bugs or glitches are caught immediately, allowing developers to quickly correct mistakes and keep any said project on track with the determined timeline. This can reduce the likelihood of developer error, avoid costly reworking issues further down the road, and help in-house managers keep an eye on the project during every portion of development, from conception to finished product.

Bottom Line

Choosing whether or not to outsource is highly individualized. As a startup, it’s important to begin your brand with quality output; high-quality products require skilled individuals.

If you find that this skill is lacking in outsourced employees, it may be in your company’s best interest to shell out more money for an in-house developer, at least at the onset of production. However, there’s much to be said about the benefits of hiring out-of- house developers; examine your company’s needs and goals, and consider whether a hybrid of in-house and outsourced employees would best suit your aims.

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60 Udemy course discount coupon codes, $10 each

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This is a full Udemy discounts and coupon code page. On this page you will find some fantastic Udemy courses and top discounts for these courses. If you are interested in any of the courses, click on the links to visit the Udemy pages for those courses. Each of the courses have a number of free preview lectures that you can watch before you decide on whether you want to use the Udemy discount offered for each course to enroll in the full course. Moving forward I will also have Udemy discounts for courses made by other prominent instructors.

Business Plan Course Discounts & Coupons

How to write a business plan - part of the full course on how to start a business (cheaper with this link if you just want to learn about how to create a business plan).

Business plan course Udemy discount code

How to start a business: step by step guide – this course is based on research of 300,000 entrepreneurs, and the questions they had when they were trying to start their businesses.

Business course udemy coupon code

How to find your business niche - helpful if you are trying to figure out what is a good business to get into


How to write a marketing plan - don’t start a business without having a very strong marketing plan for your business

Marketing plan udemy course coupon

Udemy Discount Codes And Coupons On Amazing Marketing Courses

Marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people - my most loved and most comprehensive course with 14 hours of tutorials on how to grow your business in MANY different ways. This is an epic marketing courses with over 13 hours of content and over 120 lectures on SEO, social media marketing, and many more ways to promote your business.

Marketing strategies course coupon

Smart and savvy SEO that really does get you traffic - I share strategies I used to grow my business to reach well over 1,000,000 people (this course is a part of the course with marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people).

Advanced social media marketing - learn how professional marketers approach social media marketing and how you can improve to actually get clients from it (this course is a part of the course with marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people).

How to get publicity for your business - get a lot of traffic, improve your reputation and branding, and get clients by getting publicity

Facebook marketing to increase engagement 1000% - get more clients from your Facebook marketing efforts. Conclusions from industry research and my own findings.

Twitter marketing strategies to raise engagement 1000% - strategies that work to get much more out of your Twitter marketing

Advanced Twitter marketing with automation – learn how to automate your account 95% and get more followers, traffic from Twitter, and leads for your business.

Local business marketing - if you have a local business, this course has a great collection of promotional strategies that really work

Event management and marketing - learn to put on successful events and use that as a channel to make money or grow an existing business

event marketing Udemy coupon

YouTube marketing - learn to rank videos on YouTube AND Google search. See how I got 1,000,000 views on YouTube for my channel.

Offline marketing - offline promotional strategies for your business that work


LinkedIn marketing - get leads and sales from the specific strategy outlined in this course

Personal branding on steroids - position yourself as a celebrity as a celebrity in your niche and get more authority, sales, trust and recognition

Link-building for SEO - top and creative strategies to get authoritative and relevant links for SEO, which is still the #1 way to get your website to rank highly in Google

How I got 50+ radio show and podcast guest appearances in one year – learn my strategies for getting publicity on the radio and on podcast shows every week. Reach thousands upon thousands of people and generate leads and sales with my strategies.

Business card marketing and networking – learn to promote your business with networking and business cards.


Promote your business with fliers – learn to promote your business by creating and passing out fliers the right way.

Flier marketing course coupon

Udemy Coupons And Discounts On How To Make Money Online And Raising Money

22 strategies to make money online - this course should pay for itself if just one of the strategies works for you. It is a great collection of strategies

How to make significant money on Fiverr - learn strategies from top sellers on Fiverr

Fundraising strategies to raise money for your business – part of the full course on how to start a business

Affiliate marketing - generate more income from home or add a revenue stream to an existing business. This course should quickly pay for itself.

How to increase sales - a collection of sales tips and strategies that are sure to help you make much more money

How to make up to 1000% more money from customers – strategies to get your customers to have a longer lifetime relationship with your business, buy more products and services and spend more money with your business.

How to make money on Etsy - complete course on how to make your Etsy course a success, even if you don’t actually make your own products

How to sell with video - 5 different video formats that can help you sell more of anything

Udemy Discount Coupons On Mobile App Courses

Learn Android mobile app development - make your own Android apps or get a well paying job

How to create a successful mobile app business - (my best and most loved course) learn from my approach in which I got 1,000,000 app downloads and made it into a successful business.

Business Law Udemy Course Discounts

How to check for trademarks - make sure your business name, website or logo does not infringe on existing trademarks so you can be safe. Every business should do this, and this course saves money on not having to hire a lawyer

Business and start-up law - learn law associated with hiring, firing, online privacy, business registration, and more. US law only

Courses On How to Set Up Your Website

How to find a great domain name for your business - and even make money buying good domains and selling them

How to build a WordPress website in 1 day - yes, build your own basic website in just 1 day and get your business started

Course Discounts And Coupons On How To Write Books And Sell Them On Amazon And Kindle

How to write a book without writing a single word – especially if you have ideas and think you might not be a good writer or don’t have time to write.

How to become an Amazon best selling author - sell more books and improve your reputation and have something amazing to put on your resume

Course Discount Coupons On Other Entrepreneurship And Business Topics

How to find a voice that resonates with your customers – if you want your customers to like your business and engage with it, you need to approach them the right way. In this course you learn rather advanced strategies for doing that.

Basic business finances introduction – all entrepreneurs must understand these issues at least to some degree

Real estate careers – learn how to get into real estate, which is historically the best and most lucrative industry, consistently over many decades

How to improve your website’s usability and conversion – make more money without having to increase traffic by increasing conversion rates and usability throughout your website

How to start a WordPress plugins business – WordPress powers 20% of all websites online and this can be a very good and inexpensive business to get into

Bitcoin – learn about Bitcoin, which is one of the hottest online trends today

Software project management – learn how to correctly run and make your software projects more successful

Introduction to marketing – great if you are new to marketing

How to create ads that sell – learn about creating effective ads and headlines

Productivity tips for people starting a business but working a 9-5 job – squeeze more out of the time you have to work on your business

Entrepreneurship – I share my tips on what it took for me to become a strong entrepreneur

How to become a business coach – or any other coach and make money teaching people what you love doing

Masterminds – how to set up mastermind groups and make money from them

Free Udemy Course Coupons

How to get business help with Problemio business apps – 4-app series on fundraising, business planning, marketing and business ideas

Experiment with analysis on how to build a business in record time – learn to start an ecommerce business on Etsy, what mistakes to avoid and what to do right

Health And Fitness Course Discounts And Coupons

Boxing and kickboxing – learn how to do boxing for fitness and self-defense. Plus many beginner lectures recently added to help you get off the ground

How to improve at any sport – learn how to become faster, stronger, smarter and decrease chance of injury, especially if you have children playing sports

Calisthenics – complete body workout without the gym. Save thousands of dollars on gym fees by doing calisthenics

High intensity interval training (HIIT) – one of the most effective workout routines practiced today. I use this and it really works to give you a good cardio and muscle building workout that gets results

1-hour Yoga class – just like you would have at the gym, but at your own home, any time, and for only $10 instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the gym

How to lose weight – a basic no-frills course that gives you the information you need. Plus it includes my own case study of losing weight

How to become a personal trainer – if you ever wanted to become a personal trainer or make money helping others become healthier, this is the course for you

How to work up to doing a pull-up – learn how to work up to doing a pull-up, and then progress to doing many pull-ups.

Video Explaining all the courses and coupons and how these courses help people

Udemy Course Discount Android App

This is the link to the Udemy discount Android app.

My Android app that provides Udemy course discounts and coupons just launched. I will continue to work on the app to bring you a bigger and bigger selection of Udemy course discounts and coupons so that you can leverage elearning to improve your career, make more money, or simply have a healthier or happier lifestyle.

There are over 20,000 courses on Udemy, and you can learn just about anything on Udemy. What this app will do is find coupons and discount codes for more and more Udemy courses, and bring you Udemy course discounts for up to 97% OFF the regular price, and some coupons to make the courses free.

This app will help you make your continuing education affordable and enjoyable because the courses are all video-based courses. Since the courses are almost entirely video, it will take you a much shorter amount of time to learn something from the course instead of learning it from a book. And since this app gives you very steep discounts, your learning experience will also be much cheaper than even some books, and much cheaper than hiring a coach.

Go ahead and download our Udemy discounts and coupon codes app, and begin your journey to learn anything.

This version of the app is the alpha release. The alpha release contains disconts and coupons on 25 Udemy courses including:

- Discounts and coupons on marketing courses on SEO, social media with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and publicity
- Discounts and coupons on health and fitness courses on boxing, kickboxing and calisthenics
- Discounts and coupons on entrepreneurship courses that teach people how to write a business plan, how to start a business, business law, and other entrepreneurship concepts.
- Discounts and coupons on software development courses like Android software development and programming with mobile app marketing
- Discounts and coupons on philosophy online course

In the next versions of the apps we will add more online course categories to have Udemy course discounts on additional types of courses like the development category on Udemy. Within that category, some of the online courses cover topics like design, web development, mobile apps, game development, database programming, software testing, software engineering, development tools, and courses on ecommerce.

Another category of elearning courses we hope to bring you soon are discount coupons on more business courses. Some of the subcategories in the business course category are: finance, entrepreneurship, business communication, management, business strategy, sales, operations, business and startup law, data, analytics, home business, human resources and real estate.

Another Udemy course category is office productivity covering software from Apple, Google, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and other software from Fortune 500 companies.

Another Udemy course category is personal development. Some of the course discounts and coupons that we will bring you will be on personal development, leadership, productivity, personal finance, relationships and parenting courses, happiness, career development, religion, spirituality, personal brand building, happiness, self esteem, stress management and motivation.

Another Udemy course category where we plan to add coupons to bring you great discounts is the marketing category. The marketing category includes sub-categories with courses on digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing course that cover the biggest social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and others courses like business branding, analytics, marketing automation, marketing introduction and fundamentals, public relations, advertising courses, video marketing and mobile app marketing courses, content marketing, non-digital marketing, growth hacking, and affiliate marketing.

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Business strategy: strategies to beat competition, find growth, business modeling. strategic planing

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In this video tutorial I go over a number of business strategies to find growth for your company, defend it from competition as much as possible, create a good business model, and to do smart strategic planning to help your company grow and prosper long term.

The first strategic planning concepts I discuss is something that many entrepreneurs as me about, and that is about how to protect your business idea from people who will simply copy and steal it. Experienced entrepreneurs tend to be less concerned with protecting their ideas and more concerned with finding growth for their companies. Nevertheless, having defensive strategies is still important. There are some common defensive strategies like signing an NDA (non disclosure agreement), or filing patents or trademarks to protect various parts of your company’s intellectual property. Of course, another important thing to consider if you want to protect your intellectual property is to simply surround yourself with people whom you can trust. That typically goes a long way.

Other strategies in the video have to do with marketing and finding business growth opportunities. I also discuss strategic planning. If you create a good plan during the initial phases of your company, you increase the chances of success in a large way. A part of the strategic planning you have to do can be SWOT analysis where you consider the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of your plan. You must make sure that all the major elements of your business play well together. Let me explain what I mean by that. The major elements of your business are product or service creation, marketing, and the ultimate finances of your company. Your strategic planning and overall strategy must account for these major elements to align. That means that you should be able to create a high quality product or service, find effective promotion and marketing channels, and do all that in a way that is profitable. If you can do that and scale it, you have yourself a nice business.

More business strategy tips or make money online

50 ways to make money online:

How to make money on Etsy:

25 ways to make money on Udemy:

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How to find technical co founders with FounderDating and AngelList talent

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In this video tutorial I explain how to find a technical co founder on AngelList by using the AngelList talent feature, and also by using a service called founder dating.

Here is my Amazon author page with the 6 books I wrote and check out my full course on how to learn Android development on your own so you don’t have to depend on technical co-founders.

Both of these sites can help you find a great start-up co-founder or that coveted technical co-founder. Give these sites a try, and remember that it is very difficult to find a great business partner at first. You have to put a tremendous effort into your search for a great technical co founder. Good luck!


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How to choose a software development agency or freelance developer

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In this video tutorial I explain how to hire a software development agency or a freelance software developer.

Or avoid all the nightmares of hiring developers and spending money on them, and take my Android app development course.

The main problem is that they all tell you that they are great before you start working with them. I have never known a freelance software engineer or a software development agency that tell their potential clients that they are bad. Of course they don’t. They all tell you about how great they are. And you only find out the truth after you hire them and pay them money.

The way to find out if they are good is actually obvious. You need to get recommendations from real past customers of theirs. Sometimes it isn’t very easy to find them or to get a response from them. But any reputable agency should have many clients and so should software engineers whom you might hire as freelancers.

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Freemium: use elements of freemium business model generate buzz, win customers & beat competition

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In this video tutorial I explain what is the freemium business model, and how to use either the full version of it or elements of the freemium business model in order to grow your business.

And check out my full book on how to start a business and also my video-based online course on how to start a business.

First let me explain what it is. It is a method of doing business on the web where you give something away for free (notice most websites are either fully free or mostly free) in order to get a mass of people to come to their sites and become regular visitors or users. Once people become regular visitors or users, the next part of the freemium business model dictates that there should be some way to make money from those people. The strict definition is of the freemium business model is that something basic is given away for free, and something more complex or valuable is then upsold to the people who are using the basic product. Hence the name of this concept is the combination of the words free and premium. But you don’t necessarily have to sell things to make money. The most common revenue model online is the ad revenue model. With ads, you make money from your website visitors without necessarily forcing them to buy anything.

The advantage of this approach is that you get a mass of people who come to get something for free. And while they are interacting with your product, you get to be able to show them additional marketing and sales messages in hopes of converting them to paying customers. This is the beauty is the freemium business model. Additionally, you get to take the people who come to your business in order to get something for free, and have them not come to your competitors, which helps to suffocate them and decrease their sales while increasing your sales.

More business tutorials

50 ways to make money online

25 affiliate marketing tips:

How to become a good entrepreneur:

How to write a good business plan:

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Premium pricing strategies: how to charge more money for products and make people want to buy

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In this video tutorial I explain how you can position your sales approach in order to be able to charge a higher price and make more sales.

And check out my full book on how to start a business and also my video-based online course on how to start a business.


That strategy is to make people desire your product by making them imagine and feel how great their life will be after they get your product. If your product is something very bland and regular, people might not get excited about it enough to pay a premium price or buy a product in a large quantity. But if people begin to want and desire your product because they envision how great it will make their life or improve their life, they will pay a higher price, and buy more of the product. So it is up to how you position the product, and present it.

More business tutorials

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Platform based pricing strategies: how to price your products on Amazon, app stores, or other commerce stores

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In this video tutorial I explain how to choose a price for your product depending on what platform, technique, or website it is sold on.

And check out my full book on how to start a business and also my video-based online course on how to start a business.

Selling products on Udemy, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, your own website, or many other webstes requires different pricing strategies that make sense within those particular websites.

Each website or platform has different types of users or shoppers who behave differently, and who have different expectations of product quality. Additionally, your competition is different everywhere. Sometimes you have a lot of competition, and sometimes you have very little.

More business tutorials

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How to write a good business plan:

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