Direct Marketing Ideas, Tips & Strategy

Direct Marketing Ideas, Tips & Strategy

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Direct marketing is a great methodology which gives me a chance to tie in many of the marketing themes about which I have been writing and creating videos. Those themes are choosing the right marketing platform to reach your target audience, measuring the results of your efforts with analytics, and having a deep understanding of your target market.

What Is Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has been around over one hundred years. I view it as a methodology and a philosophy rather than a specific strategy. Whatever your particular marketing technique may be, what defines direct marketing is that you go right to the consumer with your marketing message. That is why it is called direct marketing – because you go directly to the consumer. So the marketing medium does not matter. It can be email marketing, snail email, TV marketing, or various forms of online marketing. The core element that makes something direct marketing is that there is no middle man between the marketer and the consumer.

Why Direct Marketing Is So Effective And Powerful

The powerful thing about going directly to the consumer is that everything can be measured. Sometimes direct marketing is called direct response marketing because you are able to measure the response and engagement rate of the people to whom you are marketing.

And here is how to do online marketing to promote your affiliate website.

Once you are able to measure the results of your direct marketing efforts, you are able to calculate the cost to acquire each customer. That is really powerful because you can also calculate the lifetime value of a customer. And knowing those two numbers makes for an extremely powerful combination.

Understanding Lifetime Value Of A Customer (LTV)

Since you are able to measure the response of your marketing efforts, you are able to measure your customer acquisition costs. Knowing how much money it takes to acquire a customer is very powerful because there is also a way to measure how much profit each customer brings throughout their relationship with your business.

Here is a blog post with insights on how to understand marketing costs, and here is a video that should help to understand how to measure marketing costs.

And here is a video explaining what is the lifetime value of a customer (LTV) and how to measure the lifetime value of a customer.

And here is how to do online marketing to promote your affiliate website.

Once you understand the cost to acquire a customer and how much profit that customer will bring, based on how profitable various marketing campaigns are, you can easily decide whether you should increase those particular marketing efforts or decrease them.

Using Analytics To Measure Everything

By now we understand that we need to be incredibly vigilant about measuring everything that happens after our marketing campaign. The way to monitor what happened after our direct marketing campaign is by using various types of software analytics. Here is a video tutorial about the importance of using software analytics.

AB Testing Our Direct Marketing Efforts

One important point that marketers often overlook is the importance of AB testing your marketing efforts. AB testing is a way to test the response rate of particular efforts. It helps to maximize the results and decrease waste. Here is a video tutorial on how to do AB testing and why it is important.

How To Do Direct Marketing To Promote Your Business

The core concept behind direct marketing is that you should always be able to measure everything you do. That will help your marketing be more scientific. Measuring results will help you take out the guessing out of your overall strategy and decrease overall risks in your marketing efforts.

Even if you are not necessarily doing direct marketing, try to borrow the core concept of direct marketing, which is measuring and tracking everything, and use that concept in your marketing efforts.

Further Marketing Resources

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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