Google Plus marketing: How to promote your business with Google Plus And Google Hangouts

Google Plus marketing: How to promote your business with Google Plus And Google Hangouts

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In this tutorial I discuss how to promote your business with Google Plus. Google Plus has two interesting features. The first feature is Google Hangouts and the second feature is Google authorship (edit: Google authorship is now defunct actually). Since this video was made, Google authorship has been stopped by Google so let’s only focus on Google hangouts because they are great.

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Here is how I promote and market my business with Google hangouts. First, you can record the Google hangouts and then post those videos on your YouTube channel. That can give you a lot of great content for your YouTube channel. This will help you get more people to discover your channel and eventually your business that you are trying to promote.

As an example of how rapidly social media marketing is evolving, one way people used to promote their business with Google Plus marketing was something called authorship. People would sign their names to articles and associate their names with their Google Plus accounts so that their accounts can grow authorship authority. For the last few years Google pushed the authorship idea, but in recent weeks they declared that the authorship initiative is dead. The hangouts feature is still available and going strong. I myself use the Google Hangouts feature to promote my business by interviewing guests using hangouts. The interviews go right to my YouTube channel, and I am able to promote the YouTube video with the interview on YouTube, which is a fantastic place to promote things.

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