Improve Your Website’s Experience: Make Your Ads Less Annoying

Improve Your Website’s Experience: Make Your Ads Less Annoying

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Hosting advertising on your website is an excellent way to make money from your content. Several types of site owner choose to have on-site advertising to help them earn money. It’s the primary form of income for sites such as blogs and online magazines and news sites. However, advertising can prove to be an annoyance for many visitors to your website. It could slow down the site’s performance or deliver irrelevant ads. Many people choose to use an ad blocker so that they don’t have to look at adverts when they’re browsing. If you want to make your ads better, try some of these techniques.

Go Beyond Single-link Banners

It can be tempting to make a lot of your adverts large and colorful banners. While these might be eye-catching, they can also be very annoying for some people. They might slow the site down and draw attention away from your content. Plus, there is only one link there, which doesn’t help you make the most of your advertising space. Another option is to consider using something similar to the Enzymic banners management tool. You can create a multi-link advert that advertises relevant content to your audience. It’s easy to create one without any design knowledge. Plus, t can provide useful information for your visitors.

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Sell Your Own Advertising Space

A lot of site owners start off using a pay-per-click ad system to display adverts on their site. However, these aren’t always the best choice for your website. They might deliver ads that are related to a visitor’s other browsing habits or your site. However, they can often appear to be random and different visitors will see different adverts. If you would rather select your ads, you might prefer selling advertising space yourself. Pick some places to put your ads and let brands know that you are selling the space. You can then filter the advertising to ensure it’s interesting to your visitors.

Make Sure Ads Don’t Slow Your Site Down

One of the biggest annoyances for people, when they’re browsing, is adverts that slow down sites. Not everyone has a super high-speed internet connection or browser. Too much advertising or the wrong type of advertising can mean that a page loads extremely slowly. People then turn to ad blockers so that they can remove adverts and speed up their browsing experience. You need to think carefully about the advertising you use to ensure it doesn’t ruin the overall experience of your site.

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Be Careful with Placement

Another thing to consider carefully is advert placement. Putting your ads in the wrong place can be annoying and make people leave your page straight away. Avoid putting too many ads at the top of the page, so the viewer can only see adverts when the page first loads. Overlay ads can be very annoying too, especially if they take up the whole screen. If the visitor can’t find the “close” button, they might just hit the back button instead.

The ads you put on your site can make or break your visitors’ experiences. Don’t put them off by going overboard.


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