Why Just Marketing By Posting On Facebook Is Insufficient

Why Just Marketing By Posting On Facebook Is Insufficient

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Many people who start their marketing efforts with Facebook don’t really have a concrete strategy. The extent of their strategy tends to be just making posts on their personal profile page or a Facebook business page, and hoping that their friends will like those posts and share them on their profiles, creating some virality. While friends want to help most of the time, they are often busy or don’t understand how badly you need and want your advertising to begin working. To the dismay of the entrepreneurs, typically only a handful of friends like and share people’s marketing messages.

But that isn’t even the major problem. The main challenge comes a few hours after you make all your planned posts and the few friends who share or like your post get done liking and sharing it. That problem is silence. Even it you post the same message again, that silence resurfaces shortly after that post as well. To solve this issue you need to create a real marketing plan, have a strategy for everything you do, and have correctly set expectations for the tactics you will be putting to action.

And that is really why the initial Facebook marketing strategy of “I will promote my business with business cards, flyers, word of mouth, Facebook and Twitter” is too limited. There is just no real strategy. It is an impulse answer. If you are serious about promoting and growing your business, you will need a marketing strategy that is far more effective. Your marketing strategy must be professional and savvy. And while I am on this topic I would also like to add that you must create a strong marketing plan during the planning phases of your business and not leave it to do after you’ve already launched your business.

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