Navigating The Marketing Maze In 2017

Navigating The Marketing Maze In 2017

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When you start a new company, you will have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important is choosing how you are going to promote and market this new business idea. There are a lot of options to consider here. For instance, you might decide to market your business entirely offline. A choice that might be attractive if you have no interest in a global market. If you are focusing instead on local customers, there’s no real reason to get lost in the online world of promotion. That said online marketing can still be useful for offline companies. It can help you gain new support and also create a voice for your business online. But what are some of the other possibilities when marketing your company.

Social Media Marketing

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There are two ways social media can be used to market your business online. Social media is an option if you want to connect with customers directly, interact and engage. Using social media, you can ask them questions, promote ideas and request feedback that will help you decide which direction you should take your business. You can also use social media to promote content. By promoting content on social media, you can encourage shares. Shares, in turn, will boost the search ranking of your site and that will mean an increase in traffic and support. As such, it is an idea that is certainly worth considering. Indeed, many businesses now invest in the services of a full marketing manager that includes someone to direct social media.


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You might have already noticed that social media marketing is a part of SEO. You’ll find that when setting up your marketing campaign, all the little pieces connect and collide in some way. But when we’re talking about SEO we mean actually changing your site to boost the ranking. It’s become a little outdated this idea, mainly due to Google penalties. Penalties have made it more difficult to naturally optimize your site without being broken hit and hit hard. That said, SEO techniques can still be useful, particularly if you invest in a great service.

Paid SEO

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Of course, you can also think about paying directly for SEO. This means that you guarantee you get a sponsored position on the SERPs. As such, you can guarantee that customers will see your site. Whether or not they will click or buy a product once they enter is another matter entirely. An example of paid SEO is PPC. PPC Management: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide! Generally speaking, PPC can be incredibly useful if you know that once customers get to your site, they will buy or stick around. Essentially, if you can rely on your site design, you can use PPC and other paid methods of SEO.

Content Marketing

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That said, the most powerful form of marketing right now is content. Content allows you to create and formulate an idea around your business. The concept that you create can help you sell a product or a service. It can change your brand and boost customer interest. It is a unique and crucial form of marketing that you need to start using right now.

But which one wins out? Ideally, you should be using all these forms of marketing. But, if you have to pick one, content would be where your main focus should be in 2017.

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