Out of the Ordinary Business Client Gifts

Out of the Ordinary Business Client Gifts

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Our business clients are some of the most important people in our lives, and we want them to know that in order to continue the (hopefully!) reciprocal relationship. Buying for these people, however, can be tricky. How big do we go? How small do we go? It can be a bit awkward to say the least. And the most important part is—no matter how big or small the gift—you want it to leave an impression. This person will likely think of this when it comes to renew your contract (or not!), so put some thought into it. Need some inspiration? Read on for tips on business client gifts that are out of the ordinary. If there were ever a time to go above and beyond, this would be it, don’t you agree?

Fancy Booze

Booze is a pretty solid choice for just about any gift but with a bit of extra thought, it can be even better as a business client gift. Of course, first and foremost—make sure you know that this person drinks. And, if possible, find out what he or she enjoys the most. Many men are into a premier scotch these days, but promotional wine bottles would be excellent as well. If your client is a serious oenophile, consider getting her a Wine of the Month membership. She’ll think of you every month as she cracks a delicious bottle of red or white.

A Subscription Service

These days, subscription services are going gangbusters, mostly because many of them have proved themselves to be top-notch. From food services like Blue Apron to clothing subscription services like Stitchfix and Fabletics (for workout lovers), these are all oh-so-haute. Toiletry lovers will go bananas for Birchbox, and they even have Birchbox for Men. Do you have a client who loves jewelry? Consider Rocksbox. It’s a rental jewelry service that will send you three pieces per month based on your style preferences. When you are tired of the item(s), mail it (or them) back to get your next round. If you find a piece you can’t part with, you can actually buy it a discounted price for members.


Many clients love to be wined and dined as a token of appreciation so, if you happen to have access to box seats at the Bulls game or executive level seats at the Rockies game, consider taking your favorite clients to a sporting event or even a night at the theater. You can use this as a night to discuss business here and there or, if this is simply a gift given at the holidays or on a birthday, give him the tickets to use at his discretion. Either way, this gesture could easily put you over the top the next time you’re vying for his business.

A Thoughtful Gift

This is probably the best kind of gift that you can give a client, as it comes from actual conversation. Particularly if you’re in sales, it’s crucial for you to take the time to really listen to your client. And, while much of the talk is probably about business, there’s a good chance you’ll learn a thing or two about her personal life as well. Did she mention she loves yoga? Get her a month of classes at a great studio. Does she have a photo of her family at Disney? Get her a Disney gift card or, if it’s within yours or your company’s means, an annual membership. Anything that shows that you’ve been paying attention could score you some serious brownie points and, let’s face it, that is the name of the game when it comes to client gifts.

A Gift Basket

Let’s be honest—this isn’t the most original idea and some gift baskets are decidedly lame. But incorporate the thoughtful gift we mention above and consider putting a gift basket together yourself. Throw in a bottle of wine you know this person will like, his favorite cheese and crackers, and some tickets to one of his favorite sporting events, and you basically have an all-encompassing and perfect gift. Or, go the office route; put together a basket filled with modern gadgets and artwork perfect for his or her desk. Find a plethora of sleek modern ideas at Touch of Modern.

Get a gift off this list for something that is out of the ordinary for your business client and watch your standings soar.

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