Is Your Small Business Missing These Crucial Things?

Is Your Small Business Missing These Crucial Things?

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There are so many things to think about when you start up a new business. And you might be so focused on what you’re selling that problems and issues that could jeopardize your success don’t become evident until later on. Here are some of the things you could be potentially missing out on as a new small business.


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A Fast Loading, Professional Website

First and foremost, every business (big or small) needs a website. Even if you use social media or an e-commerce site to generate your actual sales, your website is your main ‘base’ which links to everything else. When a customer is researching your brand, they will want to see a professionally made website which loads quickly and contains all of the information they need. If you currently have a cheaply designed site (or worse, no site at all) this is something to rectify immediately. Paying a website designer is your best bet here, so you get a professional and high quality finish.

A Card Reader

As a business owner you will need to be able to accept card as a form of payment from your customers. A credit card reader allows you to take secure payments in person, and transforms your iPad or smartphone into a card machine. It allows your business to grow and expand and means you’re not missing out on potential customers. Even if you mainly do business online, this is still an important thing that you could be missing.

An App

Many small businesses have not yet taken advantage of an app, and are missing out on the amazing things it can do for a company. When you have an app installed on the phones of your customers you can quickly send them notifications of things like offers. They can get up your information, read your website or contact you with just a click. Plus a good app makes your business look professional and reliable. Investing in a good app sets you ahead of your competitors, and will lead to more sales and profit for you.

Accounting Software

Keeping books manually is time consuming (or expensive if you’re paying someone to do it). There’s an unavoidable element of human error too. Accounting software will make light work of this, and ensure your records and accounts are done quickly and efficiently. They allow you to keep tabs on your cash flow, invoices and profit/ loss which is important to know if you want your business to succeed. Accounting software helps you to compile your business information in a concise and manageable way. Spend some time researching different programs and find one you’re comfortable with.

Properly Run Social Media Accounts

It is now accepted that social media is a vital part of running a business, not just an added extra. Having a good social media following can also show new customers that your brand is reputable and give them confidence in ordering from you. As your business grows, it’s likely you will need to employ someone to take care of your social media accounts full time. There they will be able to share information, run advertising campaigns, connect with customers and quickly and easily address any comments or concerns. Social media helps to build your brand and get your name out there.


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